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My Beloved Episode 32 – The one with the preggy Emie

My Beloved Episode 32 – The one with the preggy Emie
Aired in the UAE on 28th March 2012

The doctor gives Emie some medicines to help with her pregnancy and also advises her how to ensure that the baby and her do not get stressed.  She looks happy and beams at Sharina as she says, “Siguro naman narinig mo ang sinabi ng duktor.  Alam mo na ba kung sino ang ama?”

Sharina has a clear idea who the father is, “Si Benjie.”  Emie nods and asks her to give up Benjie for the sake of the child. “Ibalato mo na sa akin si Benjie alang-alang sa magiging anak namin.”

Sharina insists, “wala na kami” that she and Benjie no longer have any relationship but Emie isn’t convinced knowing how madly in love Benjie is still with Sharina so she asks her to tell that to Benjie herself. 

Roan and Benjie are together.  Benjie is obviously turning to Roan for his problems this time he is telling his ex-colleague about his love troubles with Sharina and how complicated it is with so many people and circumstances always in their way like this recent development of Emie being pregnant. 

Roan tells Benjie to be responsible and to do the right thing.  Benjie insists he will support and be responsible for his love child but all he asks is that Sharina and him be together.  He claims he can take all of life’s trials so long as Sharina is by his side.

Roan tells him maybe, being apart from the woman he loves is part of  his punishment.  Maybe going through all feelings from joy to pain to anguish is part of his being human. 

Benjie reasons, if this is going to be the case, being apart from Sharina…then what else is there in life. “Ano pa ang silbi ng buhay?”

Roan reminds him that he can’t get all that he wants.  And adds that maybe, he and Sharina are not meant for each other.

Sharina and Monica still at the hospital.  Monica notices something is wrong with her sister and asks, “OK ka lang?  May problema ba kay tiya Elsa?”  Thinking Sharina had another disagreement with their aunt.

But Sharina says no, admitting it’s actually Benjie that’s on her mind.  Monica asks her, “Ginugulo ka ba niya?”  Is he harrassing you?  Sharina tells her sister about Emie and her current state and Benjie being the father.  She admits her pain and regret that she had to fall for him, “Dapat noon pa iniwasan ko na siya.”  She should have avoided Benjie and shunned his affections before.

Lizette is happy for her sister.  “Magkaka-baby ka na.  Magkakatuluyan na kayo ni kuya Benjie.”  Emie chides her for her advice before about moving on and forgetting about Benjie.  Lizette admits that she is quite envious about her sister’s relationship turning roses for once.  Emie asks about her and Rico and she tells her, “May iba nang jowa si Rico.”  Rico already has a new girlfriend or what she thinks is his girlfriend, as Grace and Rico are only pretending to get Lizette to feel jealous.

Benjie finally turns up at home making Lola Inday really happy as she and Emie have great news.  “Umuwi ka na sa wakas!  Kanina Kanina ka pa hinihintay ni Emie.  May magandang balita siya para sa iyo.”

Benjie has a one track mind, thinking any good news has to involve Sharina. So he asks, “Andiyan si Sharina?”  Thinking Emie did go and have a talk with Sharina like he asked her to.

“Tungok!” Lola Inday hits him on the head, “Hinde.  Buntis si Emie.”  Obviously, Lola Inday is pleased to be a great-grandmother.

Benjie is in denial, “Hindi totoo yan.”  And makes a backward step.  Emie confirms it, telling him he can ask Sharina as she was there when the doctor told her.

Rico visits his pretend girlfriend Grace and asks her is she likes the chocolates she is eating because they are on loan.  “Utang yan.”  Grace doesn’t care and eats with gusto.  Rico is a bit worried, “Parang di nagseselos si Lizette.”  Lizette does not seem affected.  Grace assures him that she eventually will.  “Umpisa lang yan.” Since they just started their pretense in about a day or so.

Lola Inday asks the shocked Benjie for his reaction. “O ano, natulala ka na riyan?”  Emie pushes for marriage, “Gusto ko sana magpakasal tayo  bago lumaki ang tiyan ko.”  Before she shows, she wants her and Benjie to be married. [Shotgun marriage much?]

Lola Inday insists that Benjie owns up to Emie. “Panagutam mo.”  But he doesn’t want to.  “Ayaw ko, dahil hindi ko siya mahal.”  He doesn’t love Emie.  He walks away.

Lola Inday tries to cheer Emie up telling her she has thought of something, “May naisip akong paraan.”    She asks Emie to take good care of her great-granchild, “Basta alagaan mo lang yang baby.”  Lola Inday makes pretty weird noises to Emie’s tummy, saying, “Kamukha ko siguro yan” maybe the baby will take after me.  Emie finds it weird but smiles at the elderly woman.

Desa and Sharina are having some snacks and Desa notices how her friend seems to be sadder than usual.  She tells Sharina that she should be happy as she now knows the truth.  Sharina admits to her that she is hurting inside.  Desa urges her to forget about Benjie.

Sharina, “Alam ko na yon ang dapat gawin pero di ko magawa.  Nahihirapan ako, nasasaktan ako.”  She knows that forgetting about Benjie is the right thing to do, but she is still suffering, she is still hurting.  When she found out Emie was pregnant, it hurt even more.  She admits she shouldn’t be reacting this way but still she can’t help what she feels.

Tikyo is with Benjie and as a friend, he tells Benjie not to worry so much about Emie’s pregnancy.  He parallels this to smoking, “Parang yosi lang yan, kung ayaw mo, wag mo!”  That being reponsible for a child is like smoking, if you don’t want it, then you don’t.  He tells Benjie that he can own up to it, support it but he doesn’t have to marry Emie if he doesn’t want to.

Gimo arrives and overhears their conversation and seems shock to know that Emie is pregnant. “Buntis si Emie?”  [Duda ko si Gimo ang ama ng dinadala ni Emie, strong duda ko lang talaga!]  To Benjie he says, “Kahit wala ka na sa tropa, di mo pwedeng takbuhan ang responsibilidad mo.  Panagutan mo si Emie.  Ako ang makakalaban mo kung di mo ginawa yon.”  Even if you are no longer part of the gang, you have to take responsibility and own up to Emie.  I will be your enemy if you do not be responsible for Emie.

Benjie goes to see Sharina at the hospital.  She asks him why he is still there when he should be with his pregnant girlfriend.    “Nabuntis mo si Emie.”  Sharina says it like an accusation to Benjie.  Monica is inside the room and can hear their conversation.

Benjie insists, almost implores for Sharina to accept him.  “Sharina di ko siya mahal.  Ikaw pa rin ang mahal ko.” 

Sharina gives Benjie a loud, hard slap on the face.  “Ang kapal ng mukha mo!  Binuntis mo na si Emie tapos sasabihin mo na ako pa din ang mahal mo?”  How could you make one woman pregnant and them promise another your love?

Sharina gives Benjie a different scenario, “Ano ang gusto mo mangyari?  Na OK tayo?”  What if she was Emie?  “Paano kung nabuntis mo ako, iiwan mo rin ako?”  Benjie swears this will never happen.  But Sharina tells him, “Babae din ako.  Kung ako si Emie, masasaktan din ako.”  She is a woman too and knows what pain Emie is going through right now.  She advises Benjie to go to Emie and be a man.  “Ibigay mo na ang pagmamahal mo sa kanya.”

Sharina goes into Monica’s room and cries.  Benjie leaves.  It does feel like this is really the end for them.

Monica pretends to be asleep.  She knows how painful this must be for her sister. [Aba himala, nagkaroon bigla ng konsensiya at concern ang self-centered na si Monica!  Baka dahil sa pagkakabagok ng ulo sa rumaragasang sasakyan…di kaya?]

Grace and Rico put on the sweetness as Lizette is there.  The feed each other chocolates as they call each other sweet nothings.  Lizette can’t take it anymore so she asks, “tapos na kayong magharutan?  May pasok akong maaga bukas.”  Are you done flirting?  She reminds Grace she’s got to go to school early tomorrow and she has to prepare her uniform for her.  She tells Grace to go to sleep and Rico to go home.

Rico is frustrated as he thinks Lizette is not reacting the way they planned at all but Grace tells her what they’re doing is actually working.  Lizette doesn’t have school the next day, it’s a holiday but the fact that she’s telling them to stop means she’s getting jealous.  Rico finds this interesting.

Benjie is remembering his last talk with Sharina.  She told him, “Naging girlfriend mo siya so imposibleng di mo siya mahal.  Ibuhos mo na lang sa kanya ang pagmamahal mo.  Kailangan ka niya at ng magiging anak nyo.”  She, referring to Emie, was your girlfriend once so it’s impossible that you don’t love her, or have feelings for her.  Give her your love.  She needs it and so will your child.

Then he recalls what Roan said, that maybe him and Sharina are not meant for each other.

Monica feels really guilty for her sister’s failed relationship and while Sharina sleeps, Monica cries asking for forgiveness from Sharina. “Naging makasarili ako kasi pinagbawal ko ang relasyon nyo ni Benjie.  Pero sana maintidihan mo ko.  Kasi pag nakikita ko si Benjie, naalala ko na kinuha niya asawa ko sa akin.”  She selfishly asked Sharina to leave Benjie but asks her sister to understand that Benjie took her fiance away from her. [asawa nang asawa itong si Monica eh!  Di pa nga kinakasal ano asawa sa kama? Patay dapat maimpyerno kayo ni Junic kasi bawal yon di ba?  At saka dati tapang-tapang mo may palayas-layas ka pa, ngayon guilty effect ka jan?  loka-loka ka nga, selfish na echoserang lukaret!]

Lola Inday has a serious talk with Benjie about Emie.

Lola Inday, “Di mo pakakasalan si Emie?”  So you aren’t going to marry Emie?

Benjie, “Pwede naman po yon di ba?”  That’s possible, right?
Lola Inday, “Pwede, kung gusto mong tularan ang walang hiya mong ama.  Sumama sa ibang babae, iniwan ang nanay ninyo, iniwan kayo.”  Possible if you want to be like your good-for-nothing father who ran away with another woman leaving your poor mother, leaving you all.

Benjie will not do that, “Susuportahan ko naman po.”  I will support them.

Lola Inday has heard that same line before, “Narinig ko na sa ama mo yan, kumulubot na ang balat ko, tumanda na ako, ni singkong duling walang natanggap mula sa tatay niyo.  Yan ba ang gusto mong tularan? Mag-isip-isip ka nga!”  She’s grown old and gray and still no support from their father, not one penny.  Is that what you want to do as well?

Rico takes his turn to confront Benjie.  “Totoo ba na ayaw mo panagutan si ate Emie?”  Is it true that you don’t want to marry Emie?

Benjie is just being honest.  “Di ko siya mahal.”  I don’t love her.

Rico lands him a punch, “Eh sira pala talaga ang tuktok mo eh!”  You’re really crazy.

Benjie wants to know why his brother is angry.  “Rico, bakit?”  Rico asks if he has already forgotten what happened to them.  “Nakalimutan mo na ba nung iwan tayo ni itay?  Gusto mo ganun mangyari sa anak nyo ni ate Emie?” 

Rico said their life changed a lot.  They were poor before but at least they were happy.  Then their father ran away with another woman abandoning their mother and them.  “Nagkaleche-leche ang buhay natin.  Natigil tayo sa pag-aaral.  Si Lola nag-hweteng may pambili lang ng gatas kay Pepay.  Natuto tayong magnakaw dahil na rin sa kahirapan.”  They had to stop school.  Lola Inday entered the dangerous illegal game that is hueteng so they have money to buy milk for Pepay.  They learned to steal to have money. 

Rico continues, “Sinabi mo noon na hindi ka tutulad kat itay.  Asan na yung pangako mo?”  You swore that you weren’t going to be like our father.  Where is that promise now?

Sharina talks to the nurse, asking if she can take her sister home.  They still have some bills to settle with the hospital and the nurse says she will ask if it’s alright to release the patient.  Nelson comes and volunteers to pay for the remaining bills.  Sharina is hesitant, “nakakahiya na sa iyo Nelson.”  She feels they already owe him a lot.  But Nelson insists, he wants to help  Monica who is also his friend, “Kaibigan ko din si Monica.  Huwag ka nang mahiya, tanggapin mo na lang.”  He coaxes Sharina to accept his help.  Sharina has really no other choice.  [Naku Sharina if you don’t want Nelson, akin na lang sha! Hehehehhe]

The sisters took a tricycle ride home and Monica is thankful that Nelson helped them pay for her hospital expenses.  Sharina admits she was reluctant at first but had no other choice but to accept Nelson’s help.  “Nahiya nga ako pero kinapalan ko na ang mukha ko.  Isasangla ko na lang itong bahay ni Nanay Lily.”  She is more than ever determined to mortgage the house to pay for her growing debts.

Monica sees some boxes outside the gate and asks who they belong to.  Elsa and Ginella meet them at the gate.  Mother and daughter have bags and Monica thought they are finally leaving her and Sharina in peace but was shocked at what they heard. 

Ginella tells them it’s their stuff.  “Sa inyo ang mga gamit na yan.  Ayaw bilhin ng bagong may-ari ang mga basura ninyo.  Binenta na namin itong bahay.”  We’ve sold the house and those are your things.  The new owner didn’t want them.

Benjie goes to see Emie who asks him, “Ano pakakasal ka na ba sa akin?”  Are you going to marry me?

Benjie still does not want to do it and asks Emie to set him free, “Pakawalan mo na ako.” 

Emie asks if he was crazy and says she can’t do that. “Naloloko ka na ba?  Di ko magagawa yon.”

Benjie slaps her with the truth, “Si Sharina ang mahal ko.”  He doesn’t love her.  He loves Sharina.

Emie makes him choose.  “Gusto mo si Sharina?  Sige, doon ka sa kanya.  Pero kalimutan mo na itong anak mo dahil kung di mo ako pakakasalan, ipalalaglag ko ang bata.”  Go back to Sharina but forget about your child because if you will not marry me, I will have it aborted.

Elsa reasons with the two sisters who seem to be in shock at what Ginella revealed.  “Bayad sa utang nyo.”  She show them the title that is now in her name.  Sharina asks, “Paano ninyo nagawa ito?”  How could you do this? 

Elsa tells her, “Ikaw mismo ang pumirma.”  Flashback to Sharina signing a document that Elsa asked her to sign. 

Sharina couldn’t believe it, she was duped by her own aunt. “Niloko nyo ko tiya Elsa.”  Elsa insists, it’s payment for her raising them. “Bayad nyo ito.  Sinisingil ko lang kayo.”  Showing them a notebook with all the expenses she had put down, over 1 million pesos worth of taking them in and raising them.

Monica is angry so she tears the title.  Ginella tells her she can tear that as it’s only a copy.  They still have the original.  This angers Monica more who attacks Ginella.  She fights back and Elsa and Sharina do their best to stop the two.  [Ang bad nung dalawa at in fairness, nag-tuos talaga siya sa notebook ng lahat ng gastos eh di nga nya pinag-aral yung dalawa, pinagtrabaho pa niya si Sharina at di naman nadagdagan yung rent nya sa bahay nung pinatuloy nya sila, paano umabot sa 1 million yon?  Eh maningil kaya si Sharina ng sahod bilang katulong sa bahay, assistant sa ukay-ukay, car wash girl, atbp?  Kaloka itong si tita Elsa, mukhang pera talaga.]

Abangan:  Benjie marries Emie?  Really?

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