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My Beloved Episode 34 – The One with the Failed Suicide

My Beloved Episode 34 – The One with the Failed Suicide
Aired in the UAE, 30th March 2012

Sharina breaks away from Nelson’s embrace and he apologises, “Sorry Sharina, nabigla lang ako.”  He adds that he is just so happy that he is giving him another chance.

Benjie sees them embrace and feels sad.  Sharina sees Benjie and asks Nelson if they can go inside, “Tara pasok na tayo sa loob.  Doon na tayo mag-usap.”  They can talk better indoors.  After a while, Benjie leaves.

Lizette caught Grace and Rico and asks, “Ano di talaga kayo?  Ano ba’t parang naputulan kayo ng dila?”  The two can’t respond at first and Lizette laughs saying it’s like their tongues have been cut.  Grace recovers and asks, “Di ba obvious na kami?” getting really extra sweet to Rico and kisses the young man.

This angers Lizette saying, “Che!  Ikaw Grace puro ka kalandian at ikaw Rico, ang cheap mo!  Nakikipag-date ka, dito pa sa bahay ko!”  She storms off in a huff leaving the two a bit flustered.  Grace apologises for kissing Rico, “Sorry sa kiss.”  Rico jokes that Grace really wanted to kiss him and just needed an excuse.”Ikaw, gusto mo naman talagang maka-isa sa akin.”

Lola Ingga?  [I thought all the while that she is Lola Inday!] Lola Ingga is angry at Benjie for leaving Emie alone at the marriage seminar.  Benjie says that he had no plans of leaving Emie there, alone but he just had something, he just needed to be sure of something first.

Emie suspects what that something is, “Sharina na naman!” and snaps at Benjie who tells her that Sharina is no longer in his life, “wala na si Sharina sa buhay ko,” remembering her embrace with Nelson.  Benjie walks out promting Emie to call after him, “Benjie!”

Monica is happy for her sister accepting Nelson again and giving him a second chance.  She adds that Nelson is definitely better than Benjie.

Sharina asks her is she still loves Junic.  Monica stops and replies, every day.  “Araw-araw, naaalala ko ang mga kalokohan namin.”  She adds that sometimes she remembers the happy times she spent with Junic whilst other times, she recalls the sad.  She cries or laughs depending on what she recalls.  Then she realises this must be the same feelings her sister is having for Benjie and asks her if she still has feelings for the rogue.

Sharina is honest with Monica this time, “Gusto ko kalimutan si Benjie pero nahihirapan ako.  Alam ko na di siya nararapat para sa akin.  Andyan si Nelson di ba?  Pero bakit ganon?  Hindi ko maturuan ang puso ko na mahalin si Nelson?”

Benjie is on a bridge facing deep, murky waters.  He tells the heavens, “Ayoko na maging tao.”  He doesn’t want his human life anymore.  He asks, “Ilang parusa na ang ibinigay mo sa akin?”  How many punishments has he had so far.  He is ready to jump.  Calling on the skies above he says, “Kunin nyo na ang kaluluwa ko!  Kunin nyo na ang lahat ng gusto nyo.  Pero wag lang si Sharina.”  He starts to cry.  “Ayoko na.  Hindi ko na kaya.  Suko na ako!”

He makes a decision, “Huwag lang si Sharina.”  He lets go of the rails and falls into the water.  Emie saw everything and jumps after Benjie.

Junic is watching Monica watch the rain fall.  It’s a heavy downpour and Monica comments, “Kanina pa di tumitigil ang ulan.  Siguro nakikiramay ang langit kay ate.”  The rain isn’t letting up, like the skies are crying along with Sharina.

Junic uselessly argues, “Walang kinalaman ang ulan sa ate mo Monica.”  To which Monica almost is spot on when she imagines speaking to her lost love, “Alam ko sasabihin mo, walang kinalaman ang ulan kay ate.  Pero naaawa ako sa ate ko.  Gusto ko kalimutan nya na si Benjie.”  Then it dawns on Monica, “pareho lang kami magmahal.”  When they love, it runs deep.  Not even parting, not even death can dim the fires once lit.  She tells Junic, “Ikaw nga mahal ko pa rin.”  Then wonders what she could do to help her sister forget about her one, true love.

Emie, super preggy Emie that she is rescues Benjie from drowning himself.  [Ang galing ni Emie ha?!] She drags him along the waters and pushes him up to land.  “Benjie?  Benjie!”  Emie tries to wake him.  It works, Benjie comes to.  Emie sighs but shows Benjie she is upset about what he did, “Ano ba?  Buti na lang sinundan kita.  Talaga bang gusto mong magpakamatay o talagang nahulog ka lang?” 

Benjie isn’t sure about being rescued, he wanted to die. “Anong ginawa mo?  Papaano?”  [Yeah even I was surprised how Emie is such a life –saver!]

Emie tells him, “Noon pa, pinangako ko na sasamahan kita.”  She tells him she will never leave him, instead will face his burdens like they were her own and join him. [awwws Emie, true love ka talaga kay Benjie, but who is the real father of your child? I bet it’s Gimo.]

Emie takes Benjie home, gives him hot milk, dries him up.  She really shows him that she cares for him and will take care of him no matter what.  Benjie recalls what Roan said, “May mga bagay na sadyang hindi itinakda.” 

Benjie thinks, “Kung hindi si Sharina, ikaw ba iyon Emie?  Ikaw ba ang babaing nakatakda para sa akin?”  Questioning whether Emie is the one meant for him and not Sharina.

Elsa and Ginella are in a hurry to leave the house, they’ve sold it again!  Monica tells her sister to let them go but Sharina insists on knowing who the new owner is.  Monica smiles, telling Sharina she doesn’t need to know who the new owner is.  Revealing that it is Sharina.

Nelson arrives, telling Sharina that he bought the house and named it after Sharina.  Now she really is the true owner of Lily’s old home.  [Kayaman naman ni Nelson at katanga talaga ni Sharina for not taking care of the paperwork before, eh di sana di na sha nagka-utang na loob kay Nelson at di na sha nagulangan ng hayop nyang pinsan at tiyahin! ]

At the wedding seminar, Emie looks happy while Benjie is not. 

Meanwhile Nelson and Sharina go on a date.  Sharina seems happy but only on the outside.  Nelson touches her hand.  She pulls back, thinking about Benjie.  This is not missed by Nelson who also knows Sharina well.

Emie and Benjie go to an ukay-ukay to choose their wedding garb.  Benjie seems stoic, not really into what they are doing while Emie is excited and makes some suggestions for Benjie to wear.

Nelson is at the workshop, he hurt himself.  Sharina comes to his rescue and sees that he has carved a wood with her face.  She is genuinely touched knowing Nelson really cares for her.
Sharina and Nelson are out on a date again and she mentions his injury from when he was carving, “Masakit pa ba yang sugat mo?”  Nelson shakes his head, no.  “Di na masyado.”

Sharina chastises him a bit, “Ikaw naman kasi, di ka naman manlililok.” [Yeah and we know another man who isn’t a manlililok who is trying hard to be! ]

Nelson tells her that he wanted to give her something that he made himself.  Sharina knows she owes Nelson a lot and tells him.  “Dami ko nang utang sa iyo.”

Nelson tells her that he owes her whatever happiness that he feels.  Then, as if collecting on the debt that Sharina admits she owes, he asks for her hand in marriage!  He promises her that she’ll be happy with him.  He kneels and pulls out a ring.  [Ay ang bilis ni Nelson!  Carpe diem talaga!]

Sharina is silent, obviously caught off her guard.  He prods her, “Nararamdaman ko na di mo pa tuluyang nakakalimutan si Benjie.”  He asks her to agree, beg really, to marry him and he promises he will make her forget about him.  Then seeing his offensive move is only making Sharina shrink back, he changes tactics, “Pero kung ayaw mo, mauunawaan ko.”  He adds this time getting into sorry puppy-mode , that he won’t take it against Sharina if she says no.

This seems to work, prompting Sharina to admit, she is lucky she has him.  “Napaka-swerte ko nakilala kita.”

Nelson  doesn’t really beat around the bush, he senses victory as he goes for the kills, “Oo o hindi lang ang hinihintay kong sagot.”

Sharina doesn’t disappoint, “Oo Nelson, tinatanggap ko.  Magpapakasal ako sa iyo.”  She smiles and they hug.  Nelson is ecstatic but as soon as her face is hidden from Nelson, we see Sharina in tears.

Emie and Benjie together.  Emie says that according to her doctor, one more month to go before they know the sex of the baby.  She asks Benjie, “Ikaw Benjie, ano ang gusto mo, babae o lalaki?”

Benjie shrugs saying he doesn’t care.  He feels sullen of late and adds, “Di ko kontrolado ang anak natin.”  Somehow complaining of losing control of his own life and wants as well.

Emie stops and tells him, “Buti na lang masaya ako kung hindi papatulan talaga kita.”  Benjie isn’t aware how hurtful his words are to Emie, “Bakit may nasabi ba akong masama?”

Any further argument is forgotten as Lola Ingga comes yelling, “Good news, sa susunod na linggo na ang kasalang bayan!”

Emie smiles, excited about her wedding to Benjie while Benjie looks like he is about to be hanged to death.

Monica notices how Sharina is reacting to all her wedding preparations as well commenting, “Ate ikaw lang ang ikakasal na hindi masyadong masaya.”  Monica notes how Sharina is so calm and somewhat uncaring about the whole thing.

Sharina insists, “Masaya ako.”  She is happy.  Monica challenges her to convince herself.  Sharina stops her pretense and tells Monica truthfully, “Magiging masaya din ako Monica, kasi alam ko na mahal ako ni Nelson.”

Monica tries to cheer up her sister telling her not to be sad, assuring her Nelson loves her.

Sharina and Nelson went to see the parish priest to make final preparations for the wedding.  The priest tells them all is set and expects to see them the next day for the actual wedding.

Sharina looks up at the bell tower.  Nelson cuts her reverie, offering to drive her home.  She insists that  Nelson go ahead as she has forgotten something at the parish office.

Nelson insists he will wait but Sharina reminds him of his stag party, “Mauna ka na, di ba may stag party pa kayo ng barkada mo?”  Nelson acquiesces, “Oo nga pala ano.”  He kisses Sharina and goes.

Grace and Rico are still pretending but Grace seems to enjoy it, apparently falling for Rico.  They are very loved up in the sofa when Lizette enters.  She asks them, “Gusto nyo ng popcorn?”  Rico innocently agrees, “Meron?  Pahingi!”  But Lizette stomps to the TV and switches it off.

She yells at the pretenders, “Gusto nyo gawing sinehan itong bahay ko!”  Rico asks her why she turned it off.  She asks if they are the ones paying her electric bills.  Grace tries to stop the two from arguing, telling Rico, “Hayaan mo na lang Rico, nagseselos lang yan.”

Lizette denies she is jealous, “Di ako nagseselos!”  This seems to challenge Rico and asks her, “Wala?”   Lizette is adamant, “Wala talaga!”

Rico grabs Grace who is only too happy to comply to Rico’s pretense but then he kisses her and Grace wishes their kisses are for real.  Lizette watches, shocked, seething in jealousy, afraid to admit the truth.

Sharina goes up the bell tower as if saying her own goodbyes to a once happy place for her.  Benjie is there too, making his own farewells.  Sharina stops, “Benjie?”  He turns around and his face lights up, happy to see Sharina, “Sharina.”

He goes to her but she hesitates, he says, “Araw-araw akong pumupunta rito, umaasa na pumunta ka dito.  Sinagot na ang panalangin ko.”  He hugs her, missing her so.

But Sharina hardens herself for what she is about to say, “Hindi ako nagpunta rito para makipagbalikan sa iyo.  Ikakasal na ako kay Nelson bukas.”   She is marrying Nelson tomorrow.

Abangan:  Overnight at the Bell Tower.

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My Beloved Episode 33 – The one with moving homes & a hauted house

My Beloved Episode 33 – The one with moving homes & a hauted house
Aired in the UAE on 29th March 2012

The buyer comes out to see what all the commotion is about.  She asks Elsa, “Bakit kayo nagkakagulo sa bahay ko?” Sharina tells her, “Di sila ang may-ari ng bahay na yan, ako!”  She is the real owner of the house.  The buyer can’t do anything about it, she has already completed the transaction with Elsa.  “Nag-issue na ako ng tseke.”  She adds that if they continue making a racket, she is going to call the cops, showing the title already transferred to her name.

Junic sees them and he shouts, albeit uselessly, “Kina Monica yan!”  He tries to take the title, and he did, to the surprise of the new homeowner.  Junic bangs the gate, scaring her even more.  She runs away telling Elsa she is cancelling her cheque.

Elsa is pissed off that her buyer is gone.  She screams at the sisters, “Lumayas kayo!” Go away.  But Sharina stands her ground, “Di kami aalis.  Bahay ko yan!”  We’re not leaving and that is my house.

Elsa cuts her off, “Na binigay mo sa akin, bilang kabayaran ko sa pagpapalaki ko sa inyo.”  That you gave to me as payment for raising you and your sister.  She shoos them away and there is nothing they can really do but leave. [Eh kasi nagpaloko kayo jan sa tiyahin ninyong bruha!  Kesa nag-away sana kayo, never kayo nagtiwala jan…alam nyo naman dahil since bata pa kayo ganyan na yan, nagpakatanga kayong dalawa, ayan napala nyo!]

Roan and Benjie are together [again?  May something na kayo ha? Hehehehehe] and he is telling the guide that he doesn’t want to marry Emie but he is worried that Emie will really go through with aborting the child. 
Ginella asks her mother, “Paano na yan, umalis yung buyer?”  Elsa shrugs, “Hanap na lang ng iba.”  Ginella is now doubtful, fearing the ghost, “Paano kung ganon, ulit,” Referrering to the weird occurences.  “Yung multo…”

Elsa reassures her, there are no ghosts. “Nagpapaniwala ka jan sa mga multo, walang multo.”

Junic is there, angry that they sent the sister away.  “Walang multo ah.”  He is determined to drive them out if he can help it.  He makes the rocking chair move which scares Ginella but doesn’t have an effect on Elsa, telling her daughter that it was only the wind that made the rocking chair move. “Hangin lang yan.”

Junic tries again, this time knocking the chair over. “Hangin pala ah!  Ayan, gawa pa ba ng hangin yan?”
Elsa was the first to run, leaving a scared Ginella behind screaming, “Wait mommy!”

Roan takes him to the limbo place called “kawalan” [nowhere, nothing] where all unborn children go.  They cannot go to hell because they did not do anything bad having been unborn, but neither can they go to heaven because they have not been baptised yet.  Benjie remembers that as Arlan, he had taken some babies into this place.  He finds this place repulsive and wouldn’t want his own child [well Benjie’s] to end here.  He has a hard decision to make.

Monica is now at a loss where to go, asks her sister, “Saan tayo pupunta?”  Sharina tells her they should go ask for help, “Hingi tayo ng tulong.”  Monica thinks Sharina wants to go and ask Benjie for help, “Kanino?  Kay Benjie na naman?”

Sharina stops and faces her sister, “Ano ang pangako ng ate?  Di ba di na tayo hihingi ng tulong sa kanya?”  What did I promise you?  We are no longer going to have anything to do with him.

Monica is still doubtful, “Paano kung si Benjie mismo ang lumapit sa iyo?”  What if Benjie himself comes and offers help to you?

And just like that, Benjie is actually there.  He calls her, “Sharina…”

This pisses off Sharina who really wants to forget him and move one.  She tells him, “Di ko alam kung saan ka nagmana ng kakulitan mo.  Ang kulit mo!”  I don’t know where you got your perseverance, but you’re starting to annoy me.

But Benjie has other matters to say, “Nagpunta kang ako dito para magpa-alam.”  He just came to say goodbye.  He adds, “Ikakasal na kami ni Emie.”  He is marrying Emie.

Sharina is certainly in pain and shock but hides it, “Eh di masaya.”  She smiles, her fake smile, pretending to be happy for Benjie.

He asks her, “masaya ka ba talaga?”  Are you really happy?  He asks her why she is afraid to admit her true feelings, sensing she is hiding somethig.  But Sharina puts on a brave front and nods even her voice cracks a bit, telling Benjie she is truly happy for him and Emie.

Benjie looks down, defeated.  He says nothing more but goodbye, “paalam” and walks away. 
As soon as he leaves, Sharina releases the tears.  Monica is at once at her sister’s side, “Ate?”  But Sharina brushes her tears away and tells Monica not to worry about her, “Di mo ko kailangan isipin.  OK si ate.”  She is fine.  But Monica tells her, that she knows, her sister is not OK.

Pepay and Benjie share a moment.  Pepay asks, “Kala ko ba kuya, mahal mo si ate Sharina?”  Confused why he is marrying Emie when he is in love with Sharina.  Benjie’s voice sounds hollow, empty.  “Ayaw niya sa akin.  Di kami para sa isa’t isa.”  She doesn’t want me.  We are not meant for each other.

Pepay makes an observation, “Eh di naman kayo bagay ni ate Emie. Bakit kayo papakasal?”  Emie and Benjie do not look suited for each so why are the getting married.

Benjie echoes what Lola Inday, Rico, Gimo even Roan is telling him all this time, “Pakakasalan ko si Emie dahil yon ang tamang gawin.”  I am marrying Emie because it is the right thing to do.

Lola Inday overhears this last bit of their conversation and is happy to know her grandson has had a change of heart.  Emie who is with Lola Inday hears it too.

Lola Inday, “Totoo ba ang narinig ko?  Pakakasal ka na kay Emie?”  Did I hear it correctly, that you are marrying Emie?

Emie goes to sit beside Benjie, “Di mo pagsisisihan ang desisyon mo.”  She tells him he won’t ever regret his decision to marry her.

Desa and Lucy help Monica and Sharina with their stuff.  Monica is still worried about her sister and asks her, “Ate OK ka lang?”  Sharina couldn’t hide it any longer, she starts to cry.

Lucy mistakes it for the pain of losing their home.  “Sa akin man gawin yan ng tiyahin ninyo, iiyakan ko din.”  Had your aunt done to me what she did to you, I’d cry too.

Desa comes nearer to Sharina and asks her, “Sharina, sino ba ang iniiyakan mo?”  Who are you really crying about?

Sharina tells her about Benjie.  How he appraoched her to say goodbye.  “Nasasaktan ako.  Kahit gusto ko silang awatin pero di ko magawa.  Nasasaktan ang damdamin ko, di ko kaya.  Nagtatapang-tapangan lang ako.”  She hugs Desa who feels sorry for her friend.  Sharina is hurting about Benjie and Emie getting married.  In fact, what she really wants to do is stop them from getting married but she knows that for them to tie the knot is the right thing to do.  Still she can’t help being hurt and despite the brave front she puts, she is about to give up inside.

Gimo meets up with Benjie glad to know his friend is going through with marrying Emie.  Benjie is being a bit sarcastic telling Gimo he is doing it because it is the right thing to do not because he is in love with Emie.  Gimo gets angry with his attitude and threatens to kill him if he backs out on his responsibilities to Emie.  “Bakit ka pilosopo?  Tandaan mo, tutuloyan talaga kita pag tinalikuran mo si Emie.”  Benjie doesn’t back down, telling Gimo he is not longer part of the gang and thus has no say over him and Emie. “Kala ko ba wala na tayo?  Anong pakialam mo sa amin ni Emie?”  [I suspect Gimo is the real father of Emie’s baby]

Monica and Sharina are going to temporarily stay at Desa’s.  Both sisters are thankful to her.  She tells them she considers them family anyway.  “Hindi na kayo iba sa akin.”  Sharina adds what they need to do now is find out how they can get back Nay Lily’s house from Elsa and Ginella.

Nelson arrives [how does he know where to  find them?]  He tells the ladies that he’s been to their old home to find only Elsa and Ginella there and Elsa told him they no longer live there.  He helps them with their things.

Nelson tells Sharina that he has a friend at the city hall and will ask for his help to see if there’s any way they can get back their property again.  He adds that if Elsa did something illegal, perhaps it’s a loophole to get the house back.

Monica asks Nelson about his earlier decision to go away and get a vacation.  Nelson admits he can’t leave Sharina.  Monica helpfully puts in, “Wala na sila ni Benjie.”  Sharina and Benjie broke up giving Nelson a new reason to hope, “Totoo Sharina?”  He asks her with a smile.

Grace asks Rico about his kuya’s wedding and wants to come along asking him to take her.  Rico thinks it’s a bad idea.  She is supposed to be in hiding.  But Grace feels really bored and asks him that she’s proven to him that she won’t snitch him out. But Rico is firm; no he will not allow it.

Nelson is back from consulting with his friend and the sisters are excited to hear the news.  Unfortunately, Sharina herself signed that she is transferring the property to her aunt.  “May pirma ni Sharina ang authorization letter.”  So Unless Elsa herself decides to change it, the property legally belongs to her now.  [Hay, basahin muna kasi ang isang dokumento bago pirma nang pirma!  Read the fine print!]

Ginella is still afraid of ghosts and decides to spen the night with her mother in the same room.  Elsa complains “Ang laki-laki mo na, natatakot ka pa sa multo.”  Ginella is too old to be scared of monsters and ghosts.

Junic switches off the lights causing mother and daughter to scream!  Ginella begs her mother, “Alis na tayo dito, minumulto tayo ni teacher Lily.”  Suspecting the ghost of Lily is haunting them for what they did to Sharina.  But Elsa’s greed is stronger than her fear of ghosts, “Eh papaano, di natin napakinabangan ang bahay na ito.”  She feels bad that they won’t even make something out of the house that they now own.

Desa wants her friend to be happy and urges her to go find someone else to love to forget about Benjie.  She tells her, “Turuan mo ang sarili mong mahalin si Nelson.”  Teach yourself to fall for Nelson.

Sharina thinks about Benjie, she is at the bell tower making her own goodbye.  “Paalam Benjie.”  Benjie is at the church too, on his way up the bell tower.  He is about to go up when a church volunteer tells him they are about to close and besides he cannot go up as they are going to clean the tower.  He walks out and looks up the tower again.  He asks, “Pumupunta ka pa kaya sa tagpuan natin, Sharina?”  Do you still go to your meeting place?  He looks away in time when Sharina comes out.  She has just come down from the tower!

Sharina doesn’t look Benjie’s way.  A group of churchgoers passe between them and when Benjie looks that way he sees only a throng of people.  When the crowd disappears, Benjie turns around again but Sharina is no longer there.  They did not even see one another.  [heart-wrenching pakshet!]

Rico and Grace keep up their pretense.  He says goodbye to Grace, more sweetly when Lizette appears.  Lizette comments it’s good that Rico finally decided to leave, he and Grace spend more time flirting than Grace doing household chores.  She orders Grace to iron a dress that she had just ironed.  Grace knows their ruse is getting to Lizette.  [But at her expense?]

Elsa and Ginella ask the sisters to come back and live with them.  Monica doesn’t want to do it but Sharina convinces her to go back.  Besides the house is a legacy to her from Nanay Lily and if they are in the house, they may find a way to get it back from Elsa’s clutches.

Emie and Benjie attend a marriage seminar.  Benjie’s heart is not really in it and it shows.  After a while, he decides to leave.

Nelson visits Sharina at their old place, “Bumalik pala kayo.”  They returned as requested by the evil mother-daughter witches.  Sharina adds that she cannot just leave the house with all its memories of Lily and herself.  She did literally grow up here too.  Nelson asks for Sharina to give him anotehr chance at courting her.

Grace tells Rico that Lizette is really giving her a hard time, proof that she is really jealous and would probably admit it soon.  Rico, thinking only of Grace’s sake tells her they can stop if Lizette is making her life miserable.  Grace denies it telling Rico they must wait till Lizette admits her feelings for Rico then they can reveal that they were just pretending.

Lizette overhears them, “Ano?  Di talaga kayo?”  What?  You’re not really together?

Nelson hugs Sharina who tries to hug him back.  Benjie sees them in this embrace.

Abangan:  Benjie wants to end his life; will he commit suicide?


My Beloved Episode 32 – The one with the preggy Emie

My Beloved Episode 32 – The one with the preggy Emie
Aired in the UAE on 28th March 2012

The doctor gives Emie some medicines to help with her pregnancy and also advises her how to ensure that the baby and her do not get stressed.  She looks happy and beams at Sharina as she says, “Siguro naman narinig mo ang sinabi ng duktor.  Alam mo na ba kung sino ang ama?”

Sharina has a clear idea who the father is, “Si Benjie.”  Emie nods and asks her to give up Benjie for the sake of the child. “Ibalato mo na sa akin si Benjie alang-alang sa magiging anak namin.”

Sharina insists, “wala na kami” that she and Benjie no longer have any relationship but Emie isn’t convinced knowing how madly in love Benjie is still with Sharina so she asks her to tell that to Benjie herself. 

Roan and Benjie are together.  Benjie is obviously turning to Roan for his problems this time he is telling his ex-colleague about his love troubles with Sharina and how complicated it is with so many people and circumstances always in their way like this recent development of Emie being pregnant. 

Roan tells Benjie to be responsible and to do the right thing.  Benjie insists he will support and be responsible for his love child but all he asks is that Sharina and him be together.  He claims he can take all of life’s trials so long as Sharina is by his side.

Roan tells him maybe, being apart from the woman he loves is part of  his punishment.  Maybe going through all feelings from joy to pain to anguish is part of his being human. 

Benjie reasons, if this is going to be the case, being apart from Sharina…then what else is there in life. “Ano pa ang silbi ng buhay?”

Roan reminds him that he can’t get all that he wants.  And adds that maybe, he and Sharina are not meant for each other.

Sharina and Monica still at the hospital.  Monica notices something is wrong with her sister and asks, “OK ka lang?  May problema ba kay tiya Elsa?”  Thinking Sharina had another disagreement with their aunt.

But Sharina says no, admitting it’s actually Benjie that’s on her mind.  Monica asks her, “Ginugulo ka ba niya?”  Is he harrassing you?  Sharina tells her sister about Emie and her current state and Benjie being the father.  She admits her pain and regret that she had to fall for him, “Dapat noon pa iniwasan ko na siya.”  She should have avoided Benjie and shunned his affections before.

Lizette is happy for her sister.  “Magkaka-baby ka na.  Magkakatuluyan na kayo ni kuya Benjie.”  Emie chides her for her advice before about moving on and forgetting about Benjie.  Lizette admits that she is quite envious about her sister’s relationship turning roses for once.  Emie asks about her and Rico and she tells her, “May iba nang jowa si Rico.”  Rico already has a new girlfriend or what she thinks is his girlfriend, as Grace and Rico are only pretending to get Lizette to feel jealous.

Benjie finally turns up at home making Lola Inday really happy as she and Emie have great news.  “Umuwi ka na sa wakas!  Kanina Kanina ka pa hinihintay ni Emie.  May magandang balita siya para sa iyo.”

Benjie has a one track mind, thinking any good news has to involve Sharina. So he asks, “Andiyan si Sharina?”  Thinking Emie did go and have a talk with Sharina like he asked her to.

“Tungok!” Lola Inday hits him on the head, “Hinde.  Buntis si Emie.”  Obviously, Lola Inday is pleased to be a great-grandmother.

Benjie is in denial, “Hindi totoo yan.”  And makes a backward step.  Emie confirms it, telling him he can ask Sharina as she was there when the doctor told her.

Rico visits his pretend girlfriend Grace and asks her is she likes the chocolates she is eating because they are on loan.  “Utang yan.”  Grace doesn’t care and eats with gusto.  Rico is a bit worried, “Parang di nagseselos si Lizette.”  Lizette does not seem affected.  Grace assures him that she eventually will.  “Umpisa lang yan.” Since they just started their pretense in about a day or so.

Lola Inday asks the shocked Benjie for his reaction. “O ano, natulala ka na riyan?”  Emie pushes for marriage, “Gusto ko sana magpakasal tayo  bago lumaki ang tiyan ko.”  Before she shows, she wants her and Benjie to be married. [Shotgun marriage much?]

Lola Inday insists that Benjie owns up to Emie. “Panagutam mo.”  But he doesn’t want to.  “Ayaw ko, dahil hindi ko siya mahal.”  He doesn’t love Emie.  He walks away.

Lola Inday tries to cheer Emie up telling her she has thought of something, “May naisip akong paraan.”    She asks Emie to take good care of her great-granchild, “Basta alagaan mo lang yang baby.”  Lola Inday makes pretty weird noises to Emie’s tummy, saying, “Kamukha ko siguro yan” maybe the baby will take after me.  Emie finds it weird but smiles at the elderly woman.

Desa and Sharina are having some snacks and Desa notices how her friend seems to be sadder than usual.  She tells Sharina that she should be happy as she now knows the truth.  Sharina admits to her that she is hurting inside.  Desa urges her to forget about Benjie.

Sharina, “Alam ko na yon ang dapat gawin pero di ko magawa.  Nahihirapan ako, nasasaktan ako.”  She knows that forgetting about Benjie is the right thing to do, but she is still suffering, she is still hurting.  When she found out Emie was pregnant, it hurt even more.  She admits she shouldn’t be reacting this way but still she can’t help what she feels.

Tikyo is with Benjie and as a friend, he tells Benjie not to worry so much about Emie’s pregnancy.  He parallels this to smoking, “Parang yosi lang yan, kung ayaw mo, wag mo!”  That being reponsible for a child is like smoking, if you don’t want it, then you don’t.  He tells Benjie that he can own up to it, support it but he doesn’t have to marry Emie if he doesn’t want to.

Gimo arrives and overhears their conversation and seems shock to know that Emie is pregnant. “Buntis si Emie?”  [Duda ko si Gimo ang ama ng dinadala ni Emie, strong duda ko lang talaga!]  To Benjie he says, “Kahit wala ka na sa tropa, di mo pwedeng takbuhan ang responsibilidad mo.  Panagutan mo si Emie.  Ako ang makakalaban mo kung di mo ginawa yon.”  Even if you are no longer part of the gang, you have to take responsibility and own up to Emie.  I will be your enemy if you do not be responsible for Emie.

Benjie goes to see Sharina at the hospital.  She asks him why he is still there when he should be with his pregnant girlfriend.    “Nabuntis mo si Emie.”  Sharina says it like an accusation to Benjie.  Monica is inside the room and can hear their conversation.

Benjie insists, almost implores for Sharina to accept him.  “Sharina di ko siya mahal.  Ikaw pa rin ang mahal ko.” 

Sharina gives Benjie a loud, hard slap on the face.  “Ang kapal ng mukha mo!  Binuntis mo na si Emie tapos sasabihin mo na ako pa din ang mahal mo?”  How could you make one woman pregnant and them promise another your love?

Sharina gives Benjie a different scenario, “Ano ang gusto mo mangyari?  Na OK tayo?”  What if she was Emie?  “Paano kung nabuntis mo ako, iiwan mo rin ako?”  Benjie swears this will never happen.  But Sharina tells him, “Babae din ako.  Kung ako si Emie, masasaktan din ako.”  She is a woman too and knows what pain Emie is going through right now.  She advises Benjie to go to Emie and be a man.  “Ibigay mo na ang pagmamahal mo sa kanya.”

Sharina goes into Monica’s room and cries.  Benjie leaves.  It does feel like this is really the end for them.

Monica pretends to be asleep.  She knows how painful this must be for her sister. [Aba himala, nagkaroon bigla ng konsensiya at concern ang self-centered na si Monica!  Baka dahil sa pagkakabagok ng ulo sa rumaragasang sasakyan…di kaya?]

Grace and Rico put on the sweetness as Lizette is there.  The feed each other chocolates as they call each other sweet nothings.  Lizette can’t take it anymore so she asks, “tapos na kayong magharutan?  May pasok akong maaga bukas.”  Are you done flirting?  She reminds Grace she’s got to go to school early tomorrow and she has to prepare her uniform for her.  She tells Grace to go to sleep and Rico to go home.

Rico is frustrated as he thinks Lizette is not reacting the way they planned at all but Grace tells her what they’re doing is actually working.  Lizette doesn’t have school the next day, it’s a holiday but the fact that she’s telling them to stop means she’s getting jealous.  Rico finds this interesting.

Benjie is remembering his last talk with Sharina.  She told him, “Naging girlfriend mo siya so imposibleng di mo siya mahal.  Ibuhos mo na lang sa kanya ang pagmamahal mo.  Kailangan ka niya at ng magiging anak nyo.”  She, referring to Emie, was your girlfriend once so it’s impossible that you don’t love her, or have feelings for her.  Give her your love.  She needs it and so will your child.

Then he recalls what Roan said, that maybe him and Sharina are not meant for each other.

Monica feels really guilty for her sister’s failed relationship and while Sharina sleeps, Monica cries asking for forgiveness from Sharina. “Naging makasarili ako kasi pinagbawal ko ang relasyon nyo ni Benjie.  Pero sana maintidihan mo ko.  Kasi pag nakikita ko si Benjie, naalala ko na kinuha niya asawa ko sa akin.”  She selfishly asked Sharina to leave Benjie but asks her sister to understand that Benjie took her fiance away from her. [asawa nang asawa itong si Monica eh!  Di pa nga kinakasal ano asawa sa kama? Patay dapat maimpyerno kayo ni Junic kasi bawal yon di ba?  At saka dati tapang-tapang mo may palayas-layas ka pa, ngayon guilty effect ka jan?  loka-loka ka nga, selfish na echoserang lukaret!]

Lola Inday has a serious talk with Benjie about Emie.

Lola Inday, “Di mo pakakasalan si Emie?”  So you aren’t going to marry Emie?

Benjie, “Pwede naman po yon di ba?”  That’s possible, right?
Lola Inday, “Pwede, kung gusto mong tularan ang walang hiya mong ama.  Sumama sa ibang babae, iniwan ang nanay ninyo, iniwan kayo.”  Possible if you want to be like your good-for-nothing father who ran away with another woman leaving your poor mother, leaving you all.

Benjie will not do that, “Susuportahan ko naman po.”  I will support them.

Lola Inday has heard that same line before, “Narinig ko na sa ama mo yan, kumulubot na ang balat ko, tumanda na ako, ni singkong duling walang natanggap mula sa tatay niyo.  Yan ba ang gusto mong tularan? Mag-isip-isip ka nga!”  She’s grown old and gray and still no support from their father, not one penny.  Is that what you want to do as well?

Rico takes his turn to confront Benjie.  “Totoo ba na ayaw mo panagutan si ate Emie?”  Is it true that you don’t want to marry Emie?

Benjie is just being honest.  “Di ko siya mahal.”  I don’t love her.

Rico lands him a punch, “Eh sira pala talaga ang tuktok mo eh!”  You’re really crazy.

Benjie wants to know why his brother is angry.  “Rico, bakit?”  Rico asks if he has already forgotten what happened to them.  “Nakalimutan mo na ba nung iwan tayo ni itay?  Gusto mo ganun mangyari sa anak nyo ni ate Emie?” 

Rico said their life changed a lot.  They were poor before but at least they were happy.  Then their father ran away with another woman abandoning their mother and them.  “Nagkaleche-leche ang buhay natin.  Natigil tayo sa pag-aaral.  Si Lola nag-hweteng may pambili lang ng gatas kay Pepay.  Natuto tayong magnakaw dahil na rin sa kahirapan.”  They had to stop school.  Lola Inday entered the dangerous illegal game that is hueteng so they have money to buy milk for Pepay.  They learned to steal to have money. 

Rico continues, “Sinabi mo noon na hindi ka tutulad kat itay.  Asan na yung pangako mo?”  You swore that you weren’t going to be like our father.  Where is that promise now?

Sharina talks to the nurse, asking if she can take her sister home.  They still have some bills to settle with the hospital and the nurse says she will ask if it’s alright to release the patient.  Nelson comes and volunteers to pay for the remaining bills.  Sharina is hesitant, “nakakahiya na sa iyo Nelson.”  She feels they already owe him a lot.  But Nelson insists, he wants to help  Monica who is also his friend, “Kaibigan ko din si Monica.  Huwag ka nang mahiya, tanggapin mo na lang.”  He coaxes Sharina to accept his help.  Sharina has really no other choice.  [Naku Sharina if you don’t want Nelson, akin na lang sha! Hehehehhe]

The sisters took a tricycle ride home and Monica is thankful that Nelson helped them pay for her hospital expenses.  Sharina admits she was reluctant at first but had no other choice but to accept Nelson’s help.  “Nahiya nga ako pero kinapalan ko na ang mukha ko.  Isasangla ko na lang itong bahay ni Nanay Lily.”  She is more than ever determined to mortgage the house to pay for her growing debts.

Monica sees some boxes outside the gate and asks who they belong to.  Elsa and Ginella meet them at the gate.  Mother and daughter have bags and Monica thought they are finally leaving her and Sharina in peace but was shocked at what they heard. 

Ginella tells them it’s their stuff.  “Sa inyo ang mga gamit na yan.  Ayaw bilhin ng bagong may-ari ang mga basura ninyo.  Binenta na namin itong bahay.”  We’ve sold the house and those are your things.  The new owner didn’t want them.

Benjie goes to see Emie who asks him, “Ano pakakasal ka na ba sa akin?”  Are you going to marry me?

Benjie still does not want to do it and asks Emie to set him free, “Pakawalan mo na ako.” 

Emie asks if he was crazy and says she can’t do that. “Naloloko ka na ba?  Di ko magagawa yon.”

Benjie slaps her with the truth, “Si Sharina ang mahal ko.”  He doesn’t love her.  He loves Sharina.

Emie makes him choose.  “Gusto mo si Sharina?  Sige, doon ka sa kanya.  Pero kalimutan mo na itong anak mo dahil kung di mo ako pakakasalan, ipalalaglag ko ang bata.”  Go back to Sharina but forget about your child because if you will not marry me, I will have it aborted.

Elsa reasons with the two sisters who seem to be in shock at what Ginella revealed.  “Bayad sa utang nyo.”  She show them the title that is now in her name.  Sharina asks, “Paano ninyo nagawa ito?”  How could you do this? 

Elsa tells her, “Ikaw mismo ang pumirma.”  Flashback to Sharina signing a document that Elsa asked her to sign. 

Sharina couldn’t believe it, she was duped by her own aunt. “Niloko nyo ko tiya Elsa.”  Elsa insists, it’s payment for her raising them. “Bayad nyo ito.  Sinisingil ko lang kayo.”  Showing them a notebook with all the expenses she had put down, over 1 million pesos worth of taking them in and raising them.

Monica is angry so she tears the title.  Ginella tells her she can tear that as it’s only a copy.  They still have the original.  This angers Monica more who attacks Ginella.  She fights back and Elsa and Sharina do their best to stop the two.  [Ang bad nung dalawa at in fairness, nag-tuos talaga siya sa notebook ng lahat ng gastos eh di nga nya pinag-aral yung dalawa, pinagtrabaho pa niya si Sharina at di naman nadagdagan yung rent nya sa bahay nung pinatuloy nya sila, paano umabot sa 1 million yon?  Eh maningil kaya si Sharina ng sahod bilang katulong sa bahay, assistant sa ukay-ukay, car wash girl, atbp?  Kaloka itong si tita Elsa, mukhang pera talaga.]

Abangan:  Benjie marries Emie?  Really?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Beloved Episode 31 – The One with the Feng Shui

My Beloved Episode 31 – The One with the Feng Shui
Aired in the UAE last 27th March 2012

Sharina asks Benjie, “Ibig sabihin hindi ikaw si Benjie, ikaw si Arlan?”   He nods, hoping Sharina will see the truth.  “Naparusahan ako, ginagamit ko lang ang katawan ni Benjie.  Isa akong sundo.”  He explains how this came to be.

Sharina looks as if she’s getting it, “Kaya mo ba nakikita si Junic?”  Is that how he can see dead people like Junic?  Benjie nods again, “Oo.”  Getting somewhat excited that Sharina understands him.

But no.  Sharina tells him, “Eh sira ka pala eh!”  Not buying his explanation. 

But Benjie urges her to understand, “Nung muntik kang ma-rape, nung sa bus, nung naaksidente ka, nandun ako, ako ang nagligtas sa iyo!”

Monica’s bestfriend Lucy is back who doesn’t waste time reprimanding her, “Pumunta lang ako ng probinsiya pagbalik ko, ganyan ka na!”  Monica blames what happened to her on Benjie and her sister [Kaloka ang kakitiran ng utak nitong si Monica!]

Desa is quick to defend Sharina [buti ba tong si Desa], telling both girls that Sharina has cut off any ties she has with Benjie.  She ended their relationship for Monica’s sake. 

Monica is determined to make Benjie pay for all that he has done, especially for killing Junic.  Junic seconds the motion even if no one can really hear him, “Huwag kang mag-alala Monica, pagbabayarin natin siya.”
Sharina has had enough of Benjie’s lies and tells him so, “Tama na.  Tigilan mo na ang panloloko mo sa akin.”

Benjie insists, “Totoo ang sinasabi ko.”  He is telling the truth.  The elevator is back on and the door opens.  Sharina leaves but looks back on Benjie, telling him she will pay for whatever expenses he had shouldered for Monica but adds “Huwag ka nang pagpapakita sa akin.”  Never show yourself to me again.

Lizette asks Emie when she is going to get married with Benjie but Emie looks doubtful that is ever going to happen.  “Puro na lang Sharina.”  Lizette tells her sister that if Benjie isn’t interested in her anymore, then maybe it’s time she gives up on him too.   Emie doesn’t want to give up on Benjie just yet and tells Lizette she’d better go to work instead of talking to her and getting more despressed with her suggestion.

Rico arrives.  He overheard what Lizette was saying to Emie and asks her, “Ako ba pinaparinggan mo?”  Lizette doesn’t care much for Rico and tells him, “Eh ano naman ngayon sa iyo?”  So what?

Rico tells Lizette he is finally giving up on his chance of him being his girlfriend.  He knows that is what she wants, “Yon naman ang gusto mo di ba?”  Lizette doesn’t seem to know what she really wants, actually.

Sharina tells Monica that she is indeed going to pay back Benjie so they don’t owe him anything.  Monica asks Sharina to avoid Benjie.  Sharina tells her she’s ahead of her, “Pinutol ko na ang ugnayan naming dalawa.”  Monica sees Benjie and calls him, “Narinig mo yon?”  Then he screams at him, “Umalis ka na, di naman kailangan ang tulong mo, umalis ka na!”  But Benjie enters Monica’s room, Sharina and Junic alert, ready to defend Monica.

Monica continues her verbal attack on Benjie, “Ano bingi ka, di mo narinig sinabi ng ate ko?”  Are you deaf?  Didn’t you hear what my sister said?

Benjie speaks, “Wala akong kasalanan.”  He is innocent.  “Di ba naniniwala ka na nakakausap ko si Junic?”  Asks Monica is she believes he can talk to Junic.

Sharina wants Benjie to leave them all in peace and tells him to stop. “Benjie tama na.”

Benjie tries to get closer but Junic stops him.  He tells the spirit, “Padaanin mo ako Junic.”

Monica gets angrier, “Ginagamit mo pa si Junic, di mo naman talaga siya nakikita!”  [Di ba dapat matuwa ka may nakakakita kay Junic?  Di ba sabi mo pa noon, parang anghel kausap mo when you talk to Benjie?  Ano na amnesia ka na rin?]

Benjie wants to say more but then decides to leave.

The three girls are talking about the recent scene with Benjie.  Desa is impressed about Benjie’s version, “Kumpleto pa sa detalye ha!”  She asks, “Kung sundo siya, bakit siya nandito?”  Sharina tells them, according to Benjie, “Naparusahan daw siya.”  He is here because he was punished.

Tikyo and Benjie are together.  Tikoy drinks but Benjie is just depressed.  Sad that Sharina doesn’t believe him.

Desa tells Sharina it’s a good thing she decided to avoid Benjie when she did as he appears like he’s not right in the head.  She stops and notices how sad Sharina is, guessing right that her friend still has feelings for Benjie.

Sharina hides her true feelings telling Desa she loves her sister and whatever it was she had with Benjie, that is all in the past.

Benjie can’t understand one thing about love, you love someone but you are not happy.  Tikyo tells him love is like a hold-up scene.  “Kahit magkasundo na ang holdaper at yung hohold-apin, di pa tapos. May pulis pa.  Si Monica ang pulis sa inyong dalawa ni Sharina.”  He tells Benjie he needs to settle things with the police for him and Sharina to be happy.  [Parang may sense na wala lang yung advise ni Tikyo!]

Lizette asks Grace if she has a boyfriend.  Grace says she has none.  Lizette comments that she and Rico seem to be getting closer, “Panay kasi landian nyo ni Rico.”  Tells Grace she and Rico had been flirting often.

Rico arrives with a bouquet of flowers.  Lizette smiles asking Rico she thought he’d given up on her but taking the flowers anyway.  Rico explains the flowers aren’t for her, they’re for Grace.  He tells Lizette that he and Grace have decided to be together, seeing that they get along well.  Lizette gives back the flowers, looking shocked as Rico hands the bouquet to a smiling Grace.

Benjie is leaving again when he sees Lola Inday.  She seems to have given up on him, letting him do what he wants. “Bahala ka.”  Junic catches up with Benjie, knowing where he is headed to, Junic tries to stop him, “Ayaw mo talaga tigilan sina Monica” he punches Benjie who doubles over in pain.  

Benjie tries to explain, “Junic alam kong alam mo ang tungkol sa aming mga sundo.  Kaya di ako ang pumatay sa iyo.”

Junic stops. Thinks. [weh, makitid lang din pag-iisip nitong si Junic, tanga nga ito eh!]

Junic tells Benjie, “Ikaw ang pumatay sa akin Benjie!  Anong sundo?  Isa kang tao!”  [Di ba nagkakasala ang mga espiritong mapagbintang sa iba?  Sunugin nyo nga sa impyerno itong si Junic para mag-meet sila ng killer nya na si Benjie.  Di nga nya nakita ang pumatay sa kanya kung maka-akusa kala mo star witness! Gago ka Junic, tanga pa!]

Benjie explains, “Nilagay lang ako sa loob ng katawang ito.”

Junic, stubborn, “Isa kang kriminal!”

Benjie, “Di ako kriminal.”  Junic, “Tigilan mo na sila!”

Monica talks to the doctor who is checking her vitals.  “Doc Ok na pakiramdam ko, pwede na ba ako umuwi?”

The doctor tells her he needs one more day to make sure everything is OK.  Monica is worried they may not be able to pay for all the bills.  Lucy suggests “Baka pwedeng utangin?” 

Sharina assures Monica not to worry about the bills. She will go when the doctor says it’s OK for her to go.  She goes out of the room to contact her aunt Elsa.

But Elsa’s number seems to be off or not answering which worries Sharina.  “Saan na ba itong si Tita Elsa?”
Elsa and Ginella are actually at her home, waiting for the buyer to arrive.  The buyer comes with a companion, Elsa asks, “Magkakabayaran na ba tayo?”  But the buyer says she is not yet ready to pay.  
First she wants the house to be checked by a Feng Shui expert, referring to her companion.   The buyer comments, “Baka malas kaya nagmamadaling ibenta.”  Maybe the house is bad luck that is why they are in such a hurry to sell it.  [They in a hurry alright but not because it’s bad luck but because it’s not their property in the first place!]

Elsa acquices to the buyer’s request.  Ginella asks why she agreed, maybe they will discover the ghost in the house.  Elsa says it’s OK, the person is a Feng Shui expert not a spiritist. 

Monica talks to Junic, “Patawarin mo ako kung di ko pa rin nabibigyan ng hustisya ang pagkamatay mo.” 
Mikal, Junic’s sundo returns and asks him if he is ready to go.

Junic says no, “Kailangan pa ako ni Monica.” 

Mikal says he cannot force him to come but there is only a certain amount of time before Junic can go, after that, he will remain a wandering soul in the mortal world. [Wow may due date naman pala, hoy Junic, wala ka namang silbi jan, lumayas ka na, pampagulo ka lang eh!]

Junic to Monica, “Gagawin ko ang lahat para protektahan ka.”

Ginella sees Sharina coming and panics, calling her mother.  Sharina notices the car outside their gate and asks if they have a visitor.  Mother and daughter are at a loss.   What to say?

Sharina repeats, “Tita sino po ba ang bisita ninyo dyan?”  Curious about Elsa’s visitor.  Elsa pulls her out and signals Ginella to go in.  Ginella pulls the buyer into the house again.

Elsa tells Sharina it’s one of those people she owes money from.  She asks about her other neice.  Sharina tells her she needs to get the title of the house so she can get a loan from the bank.  Elsa says she’s on her way to the city hall to get it.

Benjie talks to Roan.  He complains that no one believes him.  He tells the guide that he needs something to convince them that what he is saying is true, that he is Arlan and not Benjie.  Roan reminds him he is now Benjie. 

Benjie gets upset telling Roan not to call him Benjie.  He is Arlan.  But Roan calmly reminds him that Arlan is no more.  He is now Benjie.

Emie arrives at Lola Inday’s looking for Benjie but the old woman tells her she hasn’t seen her grandson since the night before.  Lola Inday shares that Sharina’s sister had an accident so Benjie is probably there.
Emie asks which hospital.  Pepay is surprised and asks, “Dadalaw po kayo?” Curious if Emie is going to visit Sharina’s sister.  Emie replies, “Di ako ganoon ka desperada.”  [Honga, desprada lang plain and simple]

Emie stalks the hospital looking for Sharina and finally see her.  Sharina tells her off, making sure she knows she and Benjie had broken up.  But Emie is looking for a fight, telling Sharina she must tell that to Benjie and make him leave her alone.  There’s a bit of a struggle, Sharina pushing Emie away for her to stop attacking her.  “Tama na!” 

Emie falls and sees herself bleeding.  “Anong ginawa mo sa akin?  Bakit ako dinudugo?”  She demands of Sharina who tries to help her.   [Di ka nga desperada, style mo lang bulok Emie!]

Sharina tries to help her up, “halika na kailanga matingnan ka ng doktor.” [Bait talaga ni Sharina!]

The doctor check Emie who panics asking if she’s got cancer or will she die [overly dramatic ka ha!]  But the doctor assures her none of that is going to happen.  “Di ka mamamatay.  May baby ka lang.”  Sharina’s expression changes, knowing who is the possible father.  Emie looks pleased, “Bunti po ako?”

Abangan:  Benjie seems to want to end his life?

My Beloved Episode 30 – The One with the Good Samaritan

My Beloved Episode 30 – The One with the Good Samaritan
Aired in the UAE on 26th March 2012

Desa now suspects something fishing going on with Tita Elsa.  “Paano nangyari na wala sa tiyahin mo ang titulo?  Importanteng dokumento yon, di pwedeng mawala!”  How can Elsa just leave an important document like that? 

Sharina has no clue, “ewan.”  Desa smells something, “Baka niloloko ka na ng tiya Elsa mo.”

Sharina tells her since they were young, she took them in.  If she wanted to do them harm, “sana noon pa,”  she could have done it long ago.  [Hay Sharina, never trust your aunt! Di ba dapat kilala mo rin sha after all this time?]  Desa still cannot shake off her bad vibes, “Kunukutiban ako.”

Benjie talks to the nurse about Monica and asks for Sharina but she’s not there.  Mr. Kwan sees Benjie and asks why he is there.  Benjie shares he’s there to see a friend.  It happens that Mr. Kwan owns the bank and since Benjie returned his bag untouched, he will pass on the good deed by making all the expenses of Benjie’s friend, free of charge!  This makes Benjie very happy and he thanks Mr. Kwan for this kind and generous gesture. [aws, see how good deeds get repaid?  Kaya every-all maging good na tayong lahat!]

Sharina is at her wits end and still she doesn’t know where on earth is she going to get the money to pay the hospital.  Desa suggests she talks to father and ask help from the church.  Or maybe ask Nelson?  But Sharina doesn’t want to ask any favors from Nelson.  “Nakakahiya na kay Nelson, ang dami ko nang atraso dun.”

Benjie appears wanting to tell Sharina the good news about Monica and how he got Mr. Kwan to waive all bills but she immediately screams at him to leave and calls the guards to take him away. 

Sharina and Desa go to the cashier.  Sharina asks the lady if she could get  an extension of the payment due for her sister and Desa adds that they will surely pay, it’s just that they do not have any money right now.  The cashier ask who the patient is and checks.  She tells them all bills for Monica has been paid. 

Desa, “Baka dumating si Nelson…”  But the cashier tells them the one who paid isn’t named Nelson.  It’s Benjie Castor.  Sharina is shocked, “Si Benjie?”

Desa goes to guilt-trip Sharina, “Pinagtabuyan mo, pinahuli sa guard, pero siya pala tumulong para makabayad dito sa ospital.”

Sharina now realises why Benjie approached her, “Kaya nya ako gustong kausapin.”  Sharina is now confused and asks Desa, “Bakit ganoon, kahit ipinagtatabuyan ko siya, di siya sumusuko.  Bakit ganoon?”
Desa tells her, “Alam mo na siguro ang sagot diyan.  Mahal ka ni Benjie.  At nararamdaman ko na mahal mo din siya.”

Sharina tries to harden her heart, reminding herself that all this wouldn’t have happened if not for Benjie in the first place. “Si Benjie ang dahilan ng lahat ng ito.”

Desa looks at the bright side, maybe if Monica finds out that Benjie helped them pay the bills, she will forgive him.  Sharina hopes for the same outcome, “Sana.”  She is caught in the middle between Monica and Benjie but she is sure that if she were to pick one, she will choose Monica over anyone.

Monica stirs, wakens.  Sharina hugs her.  Both sisters in tears.

Benjie is at the bell tower.  He recalls how Sharina was angry at him, calling him a liar and a con man.  He also remembers himself as Arlan, when he was a guide.  He recalls how he felt sorry for Sharina when she almost got raped.  Then he remembers their kiss and his punishment.  He feels confused.  Then he sees an old mirror and looks at it.  “Bakit sa dinami-dami ng katawang mapapasukan, kahit ito pa?  itong katawang ito na pumatay kay Junic?  Bakit ikat pa?” 

He points at his reflection on the mirror, “Ikaw si Benjie.  Di ako si Benjie, ako si Arlan!”  Then he gets an idea, “Ako si Arlan.”  He recalls how Sharina has a portrait of him when he was still Arlan.  He leaves quickly.

Junic is thankful that Monica is now awake.  He tries to touch her and Monica actually felt it.  She tells her sister, “Ate parang may humawak sa mukha ko.  Naramdaman ko mainit.”  She felt something warm on her face.

Sharina dismisses it, telling her that she just might feel hot after being in bed for so long.  Junic tries to butt in, “Ako yon!”  But no one hears him.

Sharina tells her sister how she was so worried about her and how she promised that if Monica wakens, she will shower her sister with love and attention.  “Di mo lang alam kung gaano ako nag-alala sa iyo.  Sabi ko sa sarili ko, kapag nagising ka na, babawi ako sa iyo.”

Sharina apologises to her sister too.  “Monica, patawarin mo ang ate ha?  Di totoo na di kita mahal dahil mahal na mahal kita.  Huwag ka na magalit sa ate ha?”

Monica also apologises to her sister, “Di naman ako nagalit, nagtampo lang.  Wala na yon, dahil alam ko na mo ko pababayaan.  Saka ate, sorry.  Sorry naglayas ako dahil nasaktan ako at sa ate, ang laking gastos nito, pasensya ka na.”  She admits the operations must have cost Sharina all her money so she apologises for that too.

Desa butts in “Huwag ka na mag-alala Monica, bayad na lahat, binayaran na ni Benjie.”

Monica gets upset hearing his name, “Si Benjie?”  She cannot possibly accept this. “Baka isipin non, bayad na rin siya sa mga kasalanan niya sa akin.”  She asks Desa and Sharina how they could allow this to happen, “Bakit ninyo pinayagan? Di naman kayo nag-iisip…” [Tanga ka Monica, paano sila magbabayad eh dahil sa kakadrama mo napuslitan na kayo ng mag-ina!]

She tries to remove her tubes and wants to go home, “Uwi na lang ako, ayaw ko na dito.” [Buti pa nga mamatay ka na, kakainis ka!]

Sharina tries to stop her.  Telling her to stop what she’s doing. [Desa kasi eh, you and your big mouth!]
Benjie caught up with Sharina asks her if they could talk.  Sharina tells him she knew about his deed, paying for Monica’s bills.  She wants to know how much was the total bill so she can pay him back. 
Benjie tells her there is no need but she insists.  She will pay him as she does not want to owe him anything. “Ayaw kong magkaroon ng utang na look sa iyo.”

Sharina goes inside the elevator.  Benjie follows her.  She tells him to stop following her. “Huwag mo akong susundan dahil tapos na tayo.”

The elevators goes but suddenly, the lights go off.  When the emergeny lights come on, Sharina is hugging Benjie. [ahahahay!  Well, yan ba ang tapos na?]

Elsa is talking to a woman who is going over Sharina’s house.  They agree on payments and would settle everything the next day.  Ginella asks who the woman was and Elsa tells her that woman is buying the house.  Ginella asks why they are selling the house.

Elsa explains, “Kung dito pa rin tayo titira, baka may habol pa ang magkapatid.  Ibenta na lang para walang habol.”  Then adds, “Bumili na lang tayo ng bagong bahay.”  Mother and daughter smile evil smiles.

Sharina takes her hand off Benjie’s chest, explains, “Pasensiya na, natakot kasi nasira ang elevator.”  Benjie tells her maybe the elevator broke down to allow them a chance to be alone and talk.

Sharina comments that at this point it seems she has no other choice but to have that talk.

Benjie gets straight to the point, “Sharina, di ako ang pumatay kay Junic.”  He tells her, “Di ako si Benjie, ako si Arlan.”

He asks her if she remembers the night she almost got raped, “Andon ako dahil isa akong sundo.”

Sharina asks, “Ikaw si Arlan?”

Abangan:  Sharina’s house got sold!

My Beloved Episode 29 – The One with the Bag of Money

My Beloved Episode 29 – The One with the Bag of Money
Aired in the UAE on 23rd March 2012

Sharina couldn’t believe it, all her money gone!  Her aunt Elsa withdrew the money from the bank but she got robbed, or so she says, but her tears and panic-ridden face convinces the trustful Sharina even if Desa is still skeptical about the whole deal.

Desa, “Papaano nangyari na na-hold-up kayo?”  Asks how Elsa got robbed.

Elsa tells her story, “Paglabas ko ng banko, may lalaking sinundan ako, may dalang baril”  She said she tried to fight him off but he took the money anyway.  “Pasensha ka na, napunit ang damit ko kasi nanlaban ako.”  Sharina tries to calm down her aunt, “Tama na tita Elsa.  Iniisip ko na lang po yung operasyon ni Monica.”  Elsa tries to act more believably, saying, “Nanginginig pa ako sa takot.”  She is still shivering from fear [echos!].

Sharina talks to the nurse if it’s possible to proceed with the operation.  She’ll make a promisory note acknowledging that she is responisble to pay for all expenses to the hospital. 

Back at home, Ginella and Elsa count the money they withdrew from Sharina’s bank account.  [Di naman nahold-ap, silang mag-ina ang hold-aper!  Sa impyerno bagsak nyo, sige pakasaya lang kayo!]

Ginella comments, “Tanga-tanga talaga ni Sharina.  Ang daling maniwala na nanakawan kayo.”

Elsa replies, her acting was convincing.  Ginella laughs along ang adds, “Madaling mauto sina Sharina at Monica.  Ang dami na nating pera!  Di ko na kailangan magtrabaho.” 

Elsa adds, “Malapit na lang, magkakaroon na rin tayo ng sarili nating bahay.”

[Haller Ginella, magkano lang pera ni Sharina na naharbat nyo?  Daling ubusin nyan, kelangan mo pa rin mag-work, eh ikaw pala ang tatanga-tanga eh!]

Benjie tries to borrow money from a loan shark but the man does not agree telling him he is not employed and thus won’t be able to make payments.  Gimo arrives and they talk.  Gimo asks about Sharina’s sister, whether she did have an accident.  Benjie admits and adds he needs money for the operation.  Gimo invites him to join their operations, they need one more man.  Benjie is hesitant, telling Gimo what they are doing is bad, “masama yon.”  Gimo gets offended telling him he used to do it before. “Huwag ka mangmalinis Benjie.”  He continues to tell Benjie that it’s better to be able to put food on your family’s table “Di masama ang pakaining mo ang pamilya mo.”

The baddies check out the bank.  Their target is a certain Mr. Kwan.  Benjie hesitates but Gimo gets tough.  Rico is happy to see his brother with them, “Buti nagbago isip mo at sumama ka.”  Benjie admits, if not for Monica he won’t do this, “Kung di lang dahil kay Monica, di ko gagawin ito.”  Everyone is now in position.  Benjie is clearly nervous and prays, “Diyos ko, patawarin niyo ko.  Ginagawa ko lang ito para kay Monica.”  Asking for forgiveness at what he is about to do, he swallows hard and tries to concentrate at the task at hand.

Sharina is worried about her sister wishing out loud for Monica to get better.  Desa is there too and apologises for not being able to help her friend financially being strapped for cash herself.  Sharina decides to mortgage her house, the one she inherited from Lily, to cover all expenses from Monica’s operation.  Desa asks her how she can do it, it’s the one thing Lily left for her.  Sharina admits it is hard but she’d rather lose the house than lose her sister, “Mawala na ang lahat, huwag lang ang kapatid ko.”

Hospital alarm goes off, nurses rushing and someone yelling code blue.  Sharina wonders, “Ano na kaya nangyayari sa kapatid ko?”  How is Monica doing?

The baddies begin their attack on Mr. Kwan.  Gimo and Tikyo punches Mr. Kwan and his companion and take the bag of money passing it to Rico.  Rico runs and after a few blocks passes it to Benjie.  Benjie hides while a back security guards runs after Rico.  The man has a gun and giving up on chasing Rico, looks around the area, searching for any signs of the baddies.

The security passes by Benjie’s hiding place but he does not see the nervous Benjie crouching with the bag of money in his arms.  Benjie is able to walk away with the bag soon as the man goes past him.

Gimo and the others are back at the hideout.  Gimo is already counting his eggs, “Tiba-tiba tayo sigurado!”  certain they have hit the big time with this one.  Rico adds he’d be able to finally buy the cellphone that Lizette wants and had been asking from him.  Also he will have money to give Lola Inday and Pepay. 

Benjie is walking with the bag, confused whether to return it or to take it to the agreed hideout with the baddies.  He passes by a man selling street food who is starting the cooker running with gas.  Benjie see the flames and remembers his trip down to hell with Roan. 

Tikyo gets impatient, saying Benjie is taking too long to get there.  Rico volunteers to wait for his brother outside, “Padating na yon.” Telling everyone Benjie is on his way.

Tikyo goes to Gimo and asks him, “Kala ko ba ayaw mo na kay Benjie?  Bakit sinama mo pa rin?”  Gimo made it clear that after several mistakes from Benjie’s part, he will never include him in the gang again.  Tikyo is curious why Gimo still included him on this one.

Gimo gives a sheepish smile.  “Panabla lang natin si Benjie.  Kung magipit tayo sa pulis, si Benjie ang ituturo.  Di rin natin papartihan, makaganti man lang tayo sa gagong yon!”  So the truth comes out, Gimo is still upset with Benjie.  He is using Benjie as scapegoat in case they got caught and he has no plans of giving Benjie his cut in this deal.

Sharina is worried about her sister.  Desa calms her, telling her, “May awa ang Diyos.”  God is merciful.  But Sharina seems to be at the end of her faith.  She questions, “Awa?”  She dares to ask where is God when her father died, when Monica got hurt?  All she did wrong was fall in love and she has to suffer through all these?  She has put and end to that already.

Benjie returns to the bank.  The guards stop him at the entrance but Mr. Kwan recognises his bag and asks the guards to let Benjie in.  “Bag ko yan ah, papasukin nyo.”

Benjie enters and apologises to Mr. Kwan. “Pasensiya na po sir, sa inyo ho ito”  He hands the bag to the owner.  The security asks him how he came by the bag.  Benjie gives a vague answer, “Iniabot lang ho sa akin.”

Mr. Kwan opens the bad and counts the money.  He tells the guards everything is there, the money is complete.  “Kumpleto ang pera ko.”  To Benjie he says, “Nagkamali ako, may natitirang mabubuting tao pa sa mundo.”  He offers to give a reward for Benjie’s goodness but Benjie, feeling guilty already for being part of the gang who took his bag, declines.  He says, “Di dapat gantihan ang ginawa ko dahil ginawa ko lang naman kung ano ang tama.”  He tells the rich man, if he wants to repay him for his good deed, he should just pay it forward, do another good deed for someone.  Benjie leaves.

The nurse tells Sharina that her sister is OK.  Elated at the good news, Sharina prays and asks for forgiveness for the harsh things she said earlier. 

The baddies are getting impatient, it’s taken too long for Benjie to arrive and they are aleady suspecting he ran off with the money. “Saan na ba yung kuya mo?”  Gimo asks Rico.  Benjie arrives.  Gimo asks where the bag is, “Asan ang maleta?”  Benjie tells the truth, “Sinoli ko dun sa Mr. Kwan.”  Everyone is shocked, even Rico who asks, “Ano?!  Sinoli mo yung pera?”  

Gimo thinks Benjie took the money for himself, “Sinolo mo yata eh!  Asan ang pera?”  He demands Benjie give them the money.

Benjie repeats what he said, “Sinolo ko na nga eh!”  Then begs his friends to stop this lest they all end up in hell.  “Ano gusto nyo, sa impyerno tayo lahat bumagsak?  Itigil na natin ito.”

Gimo is incensed, he puts a knife on Benjie’s neck.  “Eh kung paunahin na kita sa impyerno?”  What if I make you go there earlier?  Rico is scared for his brother’s fate.

Gimo pushes Benjie away, apparently their friendship still means something to him.  He accuses Benjie of screwing up all their operations, “Lahat ng lakad namin, nabubulilyaso dahil sa iyo!”  He wants to attack Benjie again but Tikyo stops him. 

Benjie reasons all he is doing is to save them all, “Lahat ng ginawa ko, para sa inyo.”

Tikyo can sense the tensions rising and asks everyone to “Chill, relak lang.”  Gimo gets even angrier at Benjie’s reasoning saying he wants to end Benjie’s right there and then, “Tutuluyan ko na talaga ito!”

But Rico intercedes for his brother, “Ibalato mo na sa akin ito.”  And Tikyo tells him to keep calm.  “Relak ka lang, pag napatay mo si Benjie, dagdag problema pa yan.”  Adding that if he kills Benjie, that’s another offense and additional problem for him.

Gimo leaves with the rest of the gang save for Rico who stays with Benjie.  Benjie thanks his brother, “Salamat.”  But Rico lashes out on him, “Ano ba talaga ang problema mo?  Na may amnesia ka?  Sana di na lang kita naging kapatid!”  What’s your problem?  That you have amnesia?  I wish you weren’t my brother.  He leaves in anger.

Benjie finds himself in church, praying.  “Diyos ko, ang hirap pala maging tao.  Ang daming tuksong nakapaligid sa iyo.  Minsan di ko na alam ang tama at mali.”  He laments how difficult it is to be human.  How everywhere, temptation abounds that at times, he no longer knows which is right or wrong. 

He prays for Sharina and Monica.  “Tulungan nyo po si Monica.  Ayaw kong makitang nasasaktan si Sharina.  Kayo na po ang bahala kay Monica.”

Sharina is praying the rosary.  Desa comes and gives her coffee.  Sharina shares, “Habang lumilipas ang oras, di ako mapanatag. “  Monica is still undergoing surgery and she fears for the worst.  What asks what if the operation wouldn’t be successful, what’s going to happen to her? 

Desa tries to stop her from being too negative.  Complaining she is getting Sharina’s negative vibes and feeling low herself,”Tigilan mo na ang pagiging negative, nahahawa na rin ako.”

The doctor comes and tells them the operation was successful.  “Nakuha na ang blod clot.”  Making both Sharina and Desa sigh with relief.  The doctor adds, “Sedated pa ang pasyente pero after a few hours, magigising na.”  Monica is asleep as she had been sedated but should awake after a while.  Sharina is clearly happy to hear this news and so is Desa.

Sharina, “Magiging OK na si Monica!”  Desa, “See love ka pa din ni Lord.”  Sharina, “Salamat sa Diyos.”

Sharina wants to give flowers for Monica and is now decided to proceed with the mortgage of Lily’s house telling Desa that Nanay Lily will understand, it’s for her sister.

Rico is still upset with his brother and is at Lizette’s and Emie’s telling Grace all about it.  Grace tries to take his mind off his anger and tells him to taste what she cooked.  “Huwag ka nang magtampo sa kuya mo.  Tikman mo ang luto ko, pag nasarapan ka, mawawala ang tampo mo.”  Rico tastes it and Lizette arrives seeing the two looking closer than ever with Grace feeding Rico.  Lizette gets upset. 

Rico thinks it is still about the i-phone and tells Lizette not to get upset, he’ll do something about it.  Lizette tells him, how can he get her her an iphone when he seems to be preoccupied with something else.  She walks away huffing.

Rico blames his brother for all this but Grace sees through Lizette’s drama. “Di iphone, shempre ikaw.”  Rico doesn’t get it.  “Niloloko mo ba ako?”  Grace explains, Lizette acts that way because she is getting jealous. “Feelings yan, kasi may gusto siya sa yo!”  Then she gets an idea, “Pagselosin natin?”  She will help Rico get Lizette by making Lizette jealous.  She adds that Rico helped her before, now she wants to help Rico.

Sharina is at home.  She tells Elsa and Ginella the good news about Monica but both do not seem interested much less happy at all.  Sharina asks her aunt if she could get the title of the property back.  Elsa lies telling her the documents are still at the city hall and it would take a bit of time to collect it as processing takes a few days.  Sharina is disappointed but remains trustful of her aunt.  She tells her, “Sige maghahanap na lang ako ng ibang mauutangan.”  She’ll just have to find another means to get the money for the hospital.

As she leaves, Ginella asks her mom, “Di ba nasa iyo ang titulo?”  Elsa nods in agreement but she can’t show the new title to Sharina as it now shows that she is the owner of the property.  She managed to change the name from Lily to hers, not Sharina’s!  Ginella reads and smiles.

Abagan, Arlan blames Benjie.  They are now one and the same so should be funny ;)