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My Beloved Episode 33 – The one with moving homes & a hauted house

My Beloved Episode 33 – The one with moving homes & a hauted house
Aired in the UAE on 29th March 2012

The buyer comes out to see what all the commotion is about.  She asks Elsa, “Bakit kayo nagkakagulo sa bahay ko?” Sharina tells her, “Di sila ang may-ari ng bahay na yan, ako!”  She is the real owner of the house.  The buyer can’t do anything about it, she has already completed the transaction with Elsa.  “Nag-issue na ako ng tseke.”  She adds that if they continue making a racket, she is going to call the cops, showing the title already transferred to her name.

Junic sees them and he shouts, albeit uselessly, “Kina Monica yan!”  He tries to take the title, and he did, to the surprise of the new homeowner.  Junic bangs the gate, scaring her even more.  She runs away telling Elsa she is cancelling her cheque.

Elsa is pissed off that her buyer is gone.  She screams at the sisters, “Lumayas kayo!” Go away.  But Sharina stands her ground, “Di kami aalis.  Bahay ko yan!”  We’re not leaving and that is my house.

Elsa cuts her off, “Na binigay mo sa akin, bilang kabayaran ko sa pagpapalaki ko sa inyo.”  That you gave to me as payment for raising you and your sister.  She shoos them away and there is nothing they can really do but leave. [Eh kasi nagpaloko kayo jan sa tiyahin ninyong bruha!  Kesa nag-away sana kayo, never kayo nagtiwala jan…alam nyo naman dahil since bata pa kayo ganyan na yan, nagpakatanga kayong dalawa, ayan napala nyo!]

Roan and Benjie are together [again?  May something na kayo ha? Hehehehehe] and he is telling the guide that he doesn’t want to marry Emie but he is worried that Emie will really go through with aborting the child. 
Ginella asks her mother, “Paano na yan, umalis yung buyer?”  Elsa shrugs, “Hanap na lang ng iba.”  Ginella is now doubtful, fearing the ghost, “Paano kung ganon, ulit,” Referrering to the weird occurences.  “Yung multo…”

Elsa reassures her, there are no ghosts. “Nagpapaniwala ka jan sa mga multo, walang multo.”

Junic is there, angry that they sent the sister away.  “Walang multo ah.”  He is determined to drive them out if he can help it.  He makes the rocking chair move which scares Ginella but doesn’t have an effect on Elsa, telling her daughter that it was only the wind that made the rocking chair move. “Hangin lang yan.”

Junic tries again, this time knocking the chair over. “Hangin pala ah!  Ayan, gawa pa ba ng hangin yan?”
Elsa was the first to run, leaving a scared Ginella behind screaming, “Wait mommy!”

Roan takes him to the limbo place called “kawalan” [nowhere, nothing] where all unborn children go.  They cannot go to hell because they did not do anything bad having been unborn, but neither can they go to heaven because they have not been baptised yet.  Benjie remembers that as Arlan, he had taken some babies into this place.  He finds this place repulsive and wouldn’t want his own child [well Benjie’s] to end here.  He has a hard decision to make.

Monica is now at a loss where to go, asks her sister, “Saan tayo pupunta?”  Sharina tells her they should go ask for help, “Hingi tayo ng tulong.”  Monica thinks Sharina wants to go and ask Benjie for help, “Kanino?  Kay Benjie na naman?”

Sharina stops and faces her sister, “Ano ang pangako ng ate?  Di ba di na tayo hihingi ng tulong sa kanya?”  What did I promise you?  We are no longer going to have anything to do with him.

Monica is still doubtful, “Paano kung si Benjie mismo ang lumapit sa iyo?”  What if Benjie himself comes and offers help to you?

And just like that, Benjie is actually there.  He calls her, “Sharina…”

This pisses off Sharina who really wants to forget him and move one.  She tells him, “Di ko alam kung saan ka nagmana ng kakulitan mo.  Ang kulit mo!”  I don’t know where you got your perseverance, but you’re starting to annoy me.

But Benjie has other matters to say, “Nagpunta kang ako dito para magpa-alam.”  He just came to say goodbye.  He adds, “Ikakasal na kami ni Emie.”  He is marrying Emie.

Sharina is certainly in pain and shock but hides it, “Eh di masaya.”  She smiles, her fake smile, pretending to be happy for Benjie.

He asks her, “masaya ka ba talaga?”  Are you really happy?  He asks her why she is afraid to admit her true feelings, sensing she is hiding somethig.  But Sharina puts on a brave front and nods even her voice cracks a bit, telling Benjie she is truly happy for him and Emie.

Benjie looks down, defeated.  He says nothing more but goodbye, “paalam” and walks away. 
As soon as he leaves, Sharina releases the tears.  Monica is at once at her sister’s side, “Ate?”  But Sharina brushes her tears away and tells Monica not to worry about her, “Di mo ko kailangan isipin.  OK si ate.”  She is fine.  But Monica tells her, that she knows, her sister is not OK.

Pepay and Benjie share a moment.  Pepay asks, “Kala ko ba kuya, mahal mo si ate Sharina?”  Confused why he is marrying Emie when he is in love with Sharina.  Benjie’s voice sounds hollow, empty.  “Ayaw niya sa akin.  Di kami para sa isa’t isa.”  She doesn’t want me.  We are not meant for each other.

Pepay makes an observation, “Eh di naman kayo bagay ni ate Emie. Bakit kayo papakasal?”  Emie and Benjie do not look suited for each so why are the getting married.

Benjie echoes what Lola Inday, Rico, Gimo even Roan is telling him all this time, “Pakakasalan ko si Emie dahil yon ang tamang gawin.”  I am marrying Emie because it is the right thing to do.

Lola Inday overhears this last bit of their conversation and is happy to know her grandson has had a change of heart.  Emie who is with Lola Inday hears it too.

Lola Inday, “Totoo ba ang narinig ko?  Pakakasal ka na kay Emie?”  Did I hear it correctly, that you are marrying Emie?

Emie goes to sit beside Benjie, “Di mo pagsisisihan ang desisyon mo.”  She tells him he won’t ever regret his decision to marry her.

Desa and Lucy help Monica and Sharina with their stuff.  Monica is still worried about her sister and asks her, “Ate OK ka lang?”  Sharina couldn’t hide it any longer, she starts to cry.

Lucy mistakes it for the pain of losing their home.  “Sa akin man gawin yan ng tiyahin ninyo, iiyakan ko din.”  Had your aunt done to me what she did to you, I’d cry too.

Desa comes nearer to Sharina and asks her, “Sharina, sino ba ang iniiyakan mo?”  Who are you really crying about?

Sharina tells her about Benjie.  How he appraoched her to say goodbye.  “Nasasaktan ako.  Kahit gusto ko silang awatin pero di ko magawa.  Nasasaktan ang damdamin ko, di ko kaya.  Nagtatapang-tapangan lang ako.”  She hugs Desa who feels sorry for her friend.  Sharina is hurting about Benjie and Emie getting married.  In fact, what she really wants to do is stop them from getting married but she knows that for them to tie the knot is the right thing to do.  Still she can’t help being hurt and despite the brave front she puts, she is about to give up inside.

Gimo meets up with Benjie glad to know his friend is going through with marrying Emie.  Benjie is being a bit sarcastic telling Gimo he is doing it because it is the right thing to do not because he is in love with Emie.  Gimo gets angry with his attitude and threatens to kill him if he backs out on his responsibilities to Emie.  “Bakit ka pilosopo?  Tandaan mo, tutuloyan talaga kita pag tinalikuran mo si Emie.”  Benjie doesn’t back down, telling Gimo he is not longer part of the gang and thus has no say over him and Emie. “Kala ko ba wala na tayo?  Anong pakialam mo sa amin ni Emie?”  [I suspect Gimo is the real father of Emie’s baby]

Monica and Sharina are going to temporarily stay at Desa’s.  Both sisters are thankful to her.  She tells them she considers them family anyway.  “Hindi na kayo iba sa akin.”  Sharina adds what they need to do now is find out how they can get back Nay Lily’s house from Elsa and Ginella.

Nelson arrives [how does he know where to  find them?]  He tells the ladies that he’s been to their old home to find only Elsa and Ginella there and Elsa told him they no longer live there.  He helps them with their things.

Nelson tells Sharina that he has a friend at the city hall and will ask for his help to see if there’s any way they can get back their property again.  He adds that if Elsa did something illegal, perhaps it’s a loophole to get the house back.

Monica asks Nelson about his earlier decision to go away and get a vacation.  Nelson admits he can’t leave Sharina.  Monica helpfully puts in, “Wala na sila ni Benjie.”  Sharina and Benjie broke up giving Nelson a new reason to hope, “Totoo Sharina?”  He asks her with a smile.

Grace asks Rico about his kuya’s wedding and wants to come along asking him to take her.  Rico thinks it’s a bad idea.  She is supposed to be in hiding.  But Grace feels really bored and asks him that she’s proven to him that she won’t snitch him out. But Rico is firm; no he will not allow it.

Nelson is back from consulting with his friend and the sisters are excited to hear the news.  Unfortunately, Sharina herself signed that she is transferring the property to her aunt.  “May pirma ni Sharina ang authorization letter.”  So Unless Elsa herself decides to change it, the property legally belongs to her now.  [Hay, basahin muna kasi ang isang dokumento bago pirma nang pirma!  Read the fine print!]

Ginella is still afraid of ghosts and decides to spen the night with her mother in the same room.  Elsa complains “Ang laki-laki mo na, natatakot ka pa sa multo.”  Ginella is too old to be scared of monsters and ghosts.

Junic switches off the lights causing mother and daughter to scream!  Ginella begs her mother, “Alis na tayo dito, minumulto tayo ni teacher Lily.”  Suspecting the ghost of Lily is haunting them for what they did to Sharina.  But Elsa’s greed is stronger than her fear of ghosts, “Eh papaano, di natin napakinabangan ang bahay na ito.”  She feels bad that they won’t even make something out of the house that they now own.

Desa wants her friend to be happy and urges her to go find someone else to love to forget about Benjie.  She tells her, “Turuan mo ang sarili mong mahalin si Nelson.”  Teach yourself to fall for Nelson.

Sharina thinks about Benjie, she is at the bell tower making her own goodbye.  “Paalam Benjie.”  Benjie is at the church too, on his way up the bell tower.  He is about to go up when a church volunteer tells him they are about to close and besides he cannot go up as they are going to clean the tower.  He walks out and looks up the tower again.  He asks, “Pumupunta ka pa kaya sa tagpuan natin, Sharina?”  Do you still go to your meeting place?  He looks away in time when Sharina comes out.  She has just come down from the tower!

Sharina doesn’t look Benjie’s way.  A group of churchgoers passe between them and when Benjie looks that way he sees only a throng of people.  When the crowd disappears, Benjie turns around again but Sharina is no longer there.  They did not even see one another.  [heart-wrenching pakshet!]

Rico and Grace keep up their pretense.  He says goodbye to Grace, more sweetly when Lizette appears.  Lizette comments it’s good that Rico finally decided to leave, he and Grace spend more time flirting than Grace doing household chores.  She orders Grace to iron a dress that she had just ironed.  Grace knows their ruse is getting to Lizette.  [But at her expense?]

Elsa and Ginella ask the sisters to come back and live with them.  Monica doesn’t want to do it but Sharina convinces her to go back.  Besides the house is a legacy to her from Nanay Lily and if they are in the house, they may find a way to get it back from Elsa’s clutches.

Emie and Benjie attend a marriage seminar.  Benjie’s heart is not really in it and it shows.  After a while, he decides to leave.

Nelson visits Sharina at their old place, “Bumalik pala kayo.”  They returned as requested by the evil mother-daughter witches.  Sharina adds that she cannot just leave the house with all its memories of Lily and herself.  She did literally grow up here too.  Nelson asks for Sharina to give him anotehr chance at courting her.

Grace tells Rico that Lizette is really giving her a hard time, proof that she is really jealous and would probably admit it soon.  Rico, thinking only of Grace’s sake tells her they can stop if Lizette is making her life miserable.  Grace denies it telling Rico they must wait till Lizette admits her feelings for Rico then they can reveal that they were just pretending.

Lizette overhears them, “Ano?  Di talaga kayo?”  What?  You’re not really together?

Nelson hugs Sharina who tries to hug him back.  Benjie sees them in this embrace.

Abangan:  Benjie wants to end his life; will he commit suicide?


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