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My Beloved Episode 34 – The One with the Failed Suicide

My Beloved Episode 34 – The One with the Failed Suicide
Aired in the UAE, 30th March 2012

Sharina breaks away from Nelson’s embrace and he apologises, “Sorry Sharina, nabigla lang ako.”  He adds that he is just so happy that he is giving him another chance.

Benjie sees them embrace and feels sad.  Sharina sees Benjie and asks Nelson if they can go inside, “Tara pasok na tayo sa loob.  Doon na tayo mag-usap.”  They can talk better indoors.  After a while, Benjie leaves.

Lizette caught Grace and Rico and asks, “Ano di talaga kayo?  Ano ba’t parang naputulan kayo ng dila?”  The two can’t respond at first and Lizette laughs saying it’s like their tongues have been cut.  Grace recovers and asks, “Di ba obvious na kami?” getting really extra sweet to Rico and kisses the young man.

This angers Lizette saying, “Che!  Ikaw Grace puro ka kalandian at ikaw Rico, ang cheap mo!  Nakikipag-date ka, dito pa sa bahay ko!”  She storms off in a huff leaving the two a bit flustered.  Grace apologises for kissing Rico, “Sorry sa kiss.”  Rico jokes that Grace really wanted to kiss him and just needed an excuse.”Ikaw, gusto mo naman talagang maka-isa sa akin.”

Lola Ingga?  [I thought all the while that she is Lola Inday!] Lola Ingga is angry at Benjie for leaving Emie alone at the marriage seminar.  Benjie says that he had no plans of leaving Emie there, alone but he just had something, he just needed to be sure of something first.

Emie suspects what that something is, “Sharina na naman!” and snaps at Benjie who tells her that Sharina is no longer in his life, “wala na si Sharina sa buhay ko,” remembering her embrace with Nelson.  Benjie walks out promting Emie to call after him, “Benjie!”

Monica is happy for her sister accepting Nelson again and giving him a second chance.  She adds that Nelson is definitely better than Benjie.

Sharina asks her is she still loves Junic.  Monica stops and replies, every day.  “Araw-araw, naaalala ko ang mga kalokohan namin.”  She adds that sometimes she remembers the happy times she spent with Junic whilst other times, she recalls the sad.  She cries or laughs depending on what she recalls.  Then she realises this must be the same feelings her sister is having for Benjie and asks her if she still has feelings for the rogue.

Sharina is honest with Monica this time, “Gusto ko kalimutan si Benjie pero nahihirapan ako.  Alam ko na di siya nararapat para sa akin.  Andyan si Nelson di ba?  Pero bakit ganon?  Hindi ko maturuan ang puso ko na mahalin si Nelson?”

Benjie is on a bridge facing deep, murky waters.  He tells the heavens, “Ayoko na maging tao.”  He doesn’t want his human life anymore.  He asks, “Ilang parusa na ang ibinigay mo sa akin?”  How many punishments has he had so far.  He is ready to jump.  Calling on the skies above he says, “Kunin nyo na ang kaluluwa ko!  Kunin nyo na ang lahat ng gusto nyo.  Pero wag lang si Sharina.”  He starts to cry.  “Ayoko na.  Hindi ko na kaya.  Suko na ako!”

He makes a decision, “Huwag lang si Sharina.”  He lets go of the rails and falls into the water.  Emie saw everything and jumps after Benjie.

Junic is watching Monica watch the rain fall.  It’s a heavy downpour and Monica comments, “Kanina pa di tumitigil ang ulan.  Siguro nakikiramay ang langit kay ate.”  The rain isn’t letting up, like the skies are crying along with Sharina.

Junic uselessly argues, “Walang kinalaman ang ulan sa ate mo Monica.”  To which Monica almost is spot on when she imagines speaking to her lost love, “Alam ko sasabihin mo, walang kinalaman ang ulan kay ate.  Pero naaawa ako sa ate ko.  Gusto ko kalimutan nya na si Benjie.”  Then it dawns on Monica, “pareho lang kami magmahal.”  When they love, it runs deep.  Not even parting, not even death can dim the fires once lit.  She tells Junic, “Ikaw nga mahal ko pa rin.”  Then wonders what she could do to help her sister forget about her one, true love.

Emie, super preggy Emie that she is rescues Benjie from drowning himself.  [Ang galing ni Emie ha?!] She drags him along the waters and pushes him up to land.  “Benjie?  Benjie!”  Emie tries to wake him.  It works, Benjie comes to.  Emie sighs but shows Benjie she is upset about what he did, “Ano ba?  Buti na lang sinundan kita.  Talaga bang gusto mong magpakamatay o talagang nahulog ka lang?” 

Benjie isn’t sure about being rescued, he wanted to die. “Anong ginawa mo?  Papaano?”  [Yeah even I was surprised how Emie is such a life –saver!]

Emie tells him, “Noon pa, pinangako ko na sasamahan kita.”  She tells him she will never leave him, instead will face his burdens like they were her own and join him. [awwws Emie, true love ka talaga kay Benjie, but who is the real father of your child? I bet it’s Gimo.]

Emie takes Benjie home, gives him hot milk, dries him up.  She really shows him that she cares for him and will take care of him no matter what.  Benjie recalls what Roan said, “May mga bagay na sadyang hindi itinakda.” 

Benjie thinks, “Kung hindi si Sharina, ikaw ba iyon Emie?  Ikaw ba ang babaing nakatakda para sa akin?”  Questioning whether Emie is the one meant for him and not Sharina.

Elsa and Ginella are in a hurry to leave the house, they’ve sold it again!  Monica tells her sister to let them go but Sharina insists on knowing who the new owner is.  Monica smiles, telling Sharina she doesn’t need to know who the new owner is.  Revealing that it is Sharina.

Nelson arrives, telling Sharina that he bought the house and named it after Sharina.  Now she really is the true owner of Lily’s old home.  [Kayaman naman ni Nelson at katanga talaga ni Sharina for not taking care of the paperwork before, eh di sana di na sha nagka-utang na loob kay Nelson at di na sha nagulangan ng hayop nyang pinsan at tiyahin! ]

At the wedding seminar, Emie looks happy while Benjie is not. 

Meanwhile Nelson and Sharina go on a date.  Sharina seems happy but only on the outside.  Nelson touches her hand.  She pulls back, thinking about Benjie.  This is not missed by Nelson who also knows Sharina well.

Emie and Benjie go to an ukay-ukay to choose their wedding garb.  Benjie seems stoic, not really into what they are doing while Emie is excited and makes some suggestions for Benjie to wear.

Nelson is at the workshop, he hurt himself.  Sharina comes to his rescue and sees that he has carved a wood with her face.  She is genuinely touched knowing Nelson really cares for her.
Sharina and Nelson are out on a date again and she mentions his injury from when he was carving, “Masakit pa ba yang sugat mo?”  Nelson shakes his head, no.  “Di na masyado.”

Sharina chastises him a bit, “Ikaw naman kasi, di ka naman manlililok.” [Yeah and we know another man who isn’t a manlililok who is trying hard to be! ]

Nelson tells her that he wanted to give her something that he made himself.  Sharina knows she owes Nelson a lot and tells him.  “Dami ko nang utang sa iyo.”

Nelson tells her that he owes her whatever happiness that he feels.  Then, as if collecting on the debt that Sharina admits she owes, he asks for her hand in marriage!  He promises her that she’ll be happy with him.  He kneels and pulls out a ring.  [Ay ang bilis ni Nelson!  Carpe diem talaga!]

Sharina is silent, obviously caught off her guard.  He prods her, “Nararamdaman ko na di mo pa tuluyang nakakalimutan si Benjie.”  He asks her to agree, beg really, to marry him and he promises he will make her forget about him.  Then seeing his offensive move is only making Sharina shrink back, he changes tactics, “Pero kung ayaw mo, mauunawaan ko.”  He adds this time getting into sorry puppy-mode , that he won’t take it against Sharina if she says no.

This seems to work, prompting Sharina to admit, she is lucky she has him.  “Napaka-swerte ko nakilala kita.”

Nelson  doesn’t really beat around the bush, he senses victory as he goes for the kills, “Oo o hindi lang ang hinihintay kong sagot.”

Sharina doesn’t disappoint, “Oo Nelson, tinatanggap ko.  Magpapakasal ako sa iyo.”  She smiles and they hug.  Nelson is ecstatic but as soon as her face is hidden from Nelson, we see Sharina in tears.

Emie and Benjie together.  Emie says that according to her doctor, one more month to go before they know the sex of the baby.  She asks Benjie, “Ikaw Benjie, ano ang gusto mo, babae o lalaki?”

Benjie shrugs saying he doesn’t care.  He feels sullen of late and adds, “Di ko kontrolado ang anak natin.”  Somehow complaining of losing control of his own life and wants as well.

Emie stops and tells him, “Buti na lang masaya ako kung hindi papatulan talaga kita.”  Benjie isn’t aware how hurtful his words are to Emie, “Bakit may nasabi ba akong masama?”

Any further argument is forgotten as Lola Ingga comes yelling, “Good news, sa susunod na linggo na ang kasalang bayan!”

Emie smiles, excited about her wedding to Benjie while Benjie looks like he is about to be hanged to death.

Monica notices how Sharina is reacting to all her wedding preparations as well commenting, “Ate ikaw lang ang ikakasal na hindi masyadong masaya.”  Monica notes how Sharina is so calm and somewhat uncaring about the whole thing.

Sharina insists, “Masaya ako.”  She is happy.  Monica challenges her to convince herself.  Sharina stops her pretense and tells Monica truthfully, “Magiging masaya din ako Monica, kasi alam ko na mahal ako ni Nelson.”

Monica tries to cheer up her sister telling her not to be sad, assuring her Nelson loves her.

Sharina and Nelson went to see the parish priest to make final preparations for the wedding.  The priest tells them all is set and expects to see them the next day for the actual wedding.

Sharina looks up at the bell tower.  Nelson cuts her reverie, offering to drive her home.  She insists that  Nelson go ahead as she has forgotten something at the parish office.

Nelson insists he will wait but Sharina reminds him of his stag party, “Mauna ka na, di ba may stag party pa kayo ng barkada mo?”  Nelson acquiesces, “Oo nga pala ano.”  He kisses Sharina and goes.

Grace and Rico are still pretending but Grace seems to enjoy it, apparently falling for Rico.  They are very loved up in the sofa when Lizette enters.  She asks them, “Gusto nyo ng popcorn?”  Rico innocently agrees, “Meron?  Pahingi!”  But Lizette stomps to the TV and switches it off.

She yells at the pretenders, “Gusto nyo gawing sinehan itong bahay ko!”  Rico asks her why she turned it off.  She asks if they are the ones paying her electric bills.  Grace tries to stop the two from arguing, telling Rico, “Hayaan mo na lang Rico, nagseselos lang yan.”

Lizette denies she is jealous, “Di ako nagseselos!”  This seems to challenge Rico and asks her, “Wala?”   Lizette is adamant, “Wala talaga!”

Rico grabs Grace who is only too happy to comply to Rico’s pretense but then he kisses her and Grace wishes their kisses are for real.  Lizette watches, shocked, seething in jealousy, afraid to admit the truth.

Sharina goes up the bell tower as if saying her own goodbyes to a once happy place for her.  Benjie is there too, making his own farewells.  Sharina stops, “Benjie?”  He turns around and his face lights up, happy to see Sharina, “Sharina.”

He goes to her but she hesitates, he says, “Araw-araw akong pumupunta rito, umaasa na pumunta ka dito.  Sinagot na ang panalangin ko.”  He hugs her, missing her so.

But Sharina hardens herself for what she is about to say, “Hindi ako nagpunta rito para makipagbalikan sa iyo.  Ikakasal na ako kay Nelson bukas.”   She is marrying Nelson tomorrow.

Abangan:  Overnight at the Bell Tower.

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