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My Beloved Episode 29 – The One with the Bag of Money

My Beloved Episode 29 – The One with the Bag of Money
Aired in the UAE on 23rd March 2012

Sharina couldn’t believe it, all her money gone!  Her aunt Elsa withdrew the money from the bank but she got robbed, or so she says, but her tears and panic-ridden face convinces the trustful Sharina even if Desa is still skeptical about the whole deal.

Desa, “Papaano nangyari na na-hold-up kayo?”  Asks how Elsa got robbed.

Elsa tells her story, “Paglabas ko ng banko, may lalaking sinundan ako, may dalang baril”  She said she tried to fight him off but he took the money anyway.  “Pasensha ka na, napunit ang damit ko kasi nanlaban ako.”  Sharina tries to calm down her aunt, “Tama na tita Elsa.  Iniisip ko na lang po yung operasyon ni Monica.”  Elsa tries to act more believably, saying, “Nanginginig pa ako sa takot.”  She is still shivering from fear [echos!].

Sharina talks to the nurse if it’s possible to proceed with the operation.  She’ll make a promisory note acknowledging that she is responisble to pay for all expenses to the hospital. 

Back at home, Ginella and Elsa count the money they withdrew from Sharina’s bank account.  [Di naman nahold-ap, silang mag-ina ang hold-aper!  Sa impyerno bagsak nyo, sige pakasaya lang kayo!]

Ginella comments, “Tanga-tanga talaga ni Sharina.  Ang daling maniwala na nanakawan kayo.”

Elsa replies, her acting was convincing.  Ginella laughs along ang adds, “Madaling mauto sina Sharina at Monica.  Ang dami na nating pera!  Di ko na kailangan magtrabaho.” 

Elsa adds, “Malapit na lang, magkakaroon na rin tayo ng sarili nating bahay.”

[Haller Ginella, magkano lang pera ni Sharina na naharbat nyo?  Daling ubusin nyan, kelangan mo pa rin mag-work, eh ikaw pala ang tatanga-tanga eh!]

Benjie tries to borrow money from a loan shark but the man does not agree telling him he is not employed and thus won’t be able to make payments.  Gimo arrives and they talk.  Gimo asks about Sharina’s sister, whether she did have an accident.  Benjie admits and adds he needs money for the operation.  Gimo invites him to join their operations, they need one more man.  Benjie is hesitant, telling Gimo what they are doing is bad, “masama yon.”  Gimo gets offended telling him he used to do it before. “Huwag ka mangmalinis Benjie.”  He continues to tell Benjie that it’s better to be able to put food on your family’s table “Di masama ang pakaining mo ang pamilya mo.”

The baddies check out the bank.  Their target is a certain Mr. Kwan.  Benjie hesitates but Gimo gets tough.  Rico is happy to see his brother with them, “Buti nagbago isip mo at sumama ka.”  Benjie admits, if not for Monica he won’t do this, “Kung di lang dahil kay Monica, di ko gagawin ito.”  Everyone is now in position.  Benjie is clearly nervous and prays, “Diyos ko, patawarin niyo ko.  Ginagawa ko lang ito para kay Monica.”  Asking for forgiveness at what he is about to do, he swallows hard and tries to concentrate at the task at hand.

Sharina is worried about her sister wishing out loud for Monica to get better.  Desa is there too and apologises for not being able to help her friend financially being strapped for cash herself.  Sharina decides to mortgage her house, the one she inherited from Lily, to cover all expenses from Monica’s operation.  Desa asks her how she can do it, it’s the one thing Lily left for her.  Sharina admits it is hard but she’d rather lose the house than lose her sister, “Mawala na ang lahat, huwag lang ang kapatid ko.”

Hospital alarm goes off, nurses rushing and someone yelling code blue.  Sharina wonders, “Ano na kaya nangyayari sa kapatid ko?”  How is Monica doing?

The baddies begin their attack on Mr. Kwan.  Gimo and Tikyo punches Mr. Kwan and his companion and take the bag of money passing it to Rico.  Rico runs and after a few blocks passes it to Benjie.  Benjie hides while a back security guards runs after Rico.  The man has a gun and giving up on chasing Rico, looks around the area, searching for any signs of the baddies.

The security passes by Benjie’s hiding place but he does not see the nervous Benjie crouching with the bag of money in his arms.  Benjie is able to walk away with the bag soon as the man goes past him.

Gimo and the others are back at the hideout.  Gimo is already counting his eggs, “Tiba-tiba tayo sigurado!”  certain they have hit the big time with this one.  Rico adds he’d be able to finally buy the cellphone that Lizette wants and had been asking from him.  Also he will have money to give Lola Inday and Pepay. 

Benjie is walking with the bag, confused whether to return it or to take it to the agreed hideout with the baddies.  He passes by a man selling street food who is starting the cooker running with gas.  Benjie see the flames and remembers his trip down to hell with Roan. 

Tikyo gets impatient, saying Benjie is taking too long to get there.  Rico volunteers to wait for his brother outside, “Padating na yon.” Telling everyone Benjie is on his way.

Tikyo goes to Gimo and asks him, “Kala ko ba ayaw mo na kay Benjie?  Bakit sinama mo pa rin?”  Gimo made it clear that after several mistakes from Benjie’s part, he will never include him in the gang again.  Tikyo is curious why Gimo still included him on this one.

Gimo gives a sheepish smile.  “Panabla lang natin si Benjie.  Kung magipit tayo sa pulis, si Benjie ang ituturo.  Di rin natin papartihan, makaganti man lang tayo sa gagong yon!”  So the truth comes out, Gimo is still upset with Benjie.  He is using Benjie as scapegoat in case they got caught and he has no plans of giving Benjie his cut in this deal.

Sharina is worried about her sister.  Desa calms her, telling her, “May awa ang Diyos.”  God is merciful.  But Sharina seems to be at the end of her faith.  She questions, “Awa?”  She dares to ask where is God when her father died, when Monica got hurt?  All she did wrong was fall in love and she has to suffer through all these?  She has put and end to that already.

Benjie returns to the bank.  The guards stop him at the entrance but Mr. Kwan recognises his bag and asks the guards to let Benjie in.  “Bag ko yan ah, papasukin nyo.”

Benjie enters and apologises to Mr. Kwan. “Pasensiya na po sir, sa inyo ho ito”  He hands the bag to the owner.  The security asks him how he came by the bag.  Benjie gives a vague answer, “Iniabot lang ho sa akin.”

Mr. Kwan opens the bad and counts the money.  He tells the guards everything is there, the money is complete.  “Kumpleto ang pera ko.”  To Benjie he says, “Nagkamali ako, may natitirang mabubuting tao pa sa mundo.”  He offers to give a reward for Benjie’s goodness but Benjie, feeling guilty already for being part of the gang who took his bag, declines.  He says, “Di dapat gantihan ang ginawa ko dahil ginawa ko lang naman kung ano ang tama.”  He tells the rich man, if he wants to repay him for his good deed, he should just pay it forward, do another good deed for someone.  Benjie leaves.

The nurse tells Sharina that her sister is OK.  Elated at the good news, Sharina prays and asks for forgiveness for the harsh things she said earlier. 

The baddies are getting impatient, it’s taken too long for Benjie to arrive and they are aleady suspecting he ran off with the money. “Saan na ba yung kuya mo?”  Gimo asks Rico.  Benjie arrives.  Gimo asks where the bag is, “Asan ang maleta?”  Benjie tells the truth, “Sinoli ko dun sa Mr. Kwan.”  Everyone is shocked, even Rico who asks, “Ano?!  Sinoli mo yung pera?”  

Gimo thinks Benjie took the money for himself, “Sinolo mo yata eh!  Asan ang pera?”  He demands Benjie give them the money.

Benjie repeats what he said, “Sinolo ko na nga eh!”  Then begs his friends to stop this lest they all end up in hell.  “Ano gusto nyo, sa impyerno tayo lahat bumagsak?  Itigil na natin ito.”

Gimo is incensed, he puts a knife on Benjie’s neck.  “Eh kung paunahin na kita sa impyerno?”  What if I make you go there earlier?  Rico is scared for his brother’s fate.

Gimo pushes Benjie away, apparently their friendship still means something to him.  He accuses Benjie of screwing up all their operations, “Lahat ng lakad namin, nabubulilyaso dahil sa iyo!”  He wants to attack Benjie again but Tikyo stops him. 

Benjie reasons all he is doing is to save them all, “Lahat ng ginawa ko, para sa inyo.”

Tikyo can sense the tensions rising and asks everyone to “Chill, relak lang.”  Gimo gets even angrier at Benjie’s reasoning saying he wants to end Benjie’s right there and then, “Tutuluyan ko na talaga ito!”

But Rico intercedes for his brother, “Ibalato mo na sa akin ito.”  And Tikyo tells him to keep calm.  “Relak ka lang, pag napatay mo si Benjie, dagdag problema pa yan.”  Adding that if he kills Benjie, that’s another offense and additional problem for him.

Gimo leaves with the rest of the gang save for Rico who stays with Benjie.  Benjie thanks his brother, “Salamat.”  But Rico lashes out on him, “Ano ba talaga ang problema mo?  Na may amnesia ka?  Sana di na lang kita naging kapatid!”  What’s your problem?  That you have amnesia?  I wish you weren’t my brother.  He leaves in anger.

Benjie finds himself in church, praying.  “Diyos ko, ang hirap pala maging tao.  Ang daming tuksong nakapaligid sa iyo.  Minsan di ko na alam ang tama at mali.”  He laments how difficult it is to be human.  How everywhere, temptation abounds that at times, he no longer knows which is right or wrong. 

He prays for Sharina and Monica.  “Tulungan nyo po si Monica.  Ayaw kong makitang nasasaktan si Sharina.  Kayo na po ang bahala kay Monica.”

Sharina is praying the rosary.  Desa comes and gives her coffee.  Sharina shares, “Habang lumilipas ang oras, di ako mapanatag. “  Monica is still undergoing surgery and she fears for the worst.  What asks what if the operation wouldn’t be successful, what’s going to happen to her? 

Desa tries to stop her from being too negative.  Complaining she is getting Sharina’s negative vibes and feeling low herself,”Tigilan mo na ang pagiging negative, nahahawa na rin ako.”

The doctor comes and tells them the operation was successful.  “Nakuha na ang blod clot.”  Making both Sharina and Desa sigh with relief.  The doctor adds, “Sedated pa ang pasyente pero after a few hours, magigising na.”  Monica is asleep as she had been sedated but should awake after a while.  Sharina is clearly happy to hear this news and so is Desa.

Sharina, “Magiging OK na si Monica!”  Desa, “See love ka pa din ni Lord.”  Sharina, “Salamat sa Diyos.”

Sharina wants to give flowers for Monica and is now decided to proceed with the mortgage of Lily’s house telling Desa that Nanay Lily will understand, it’s for her sister.

Rico is still upset with his brother and is at Lizette’s and Emie’s telling Grace all about it.  Grace tries to take his mind off his anger and tells him to taste what she cooked.  “Huwag ka nang magtampo sa kuya mo.  Tikman mo ang luto ko, pag nasarapan ka, mawawala ang tampo mo.”  Rico tastes it and Lizette arrives seeing the two looking closer than ever with Grace feeding Rico.  Lizette gets upset. 

Rico thinks it is still about the i-phone and tells Lizette not to get upset, he’ll do something about it.  Lizette tells him, how can he get her her an iphone when he seems to be preoccupied with something else.  She walks away huffing.

Rico blames his brother for all this but Grace sees through Lizette’s drama. “Di iphone, shempre ikaw.”  Rico doesn’t get it.  “Niloloko mo ba ako?”  Grace explains, Lizette acts that way because she is getting jealous. “Feelings yan, kasi may gusto siya sa yo!”  Then she gets an idea, “Pagselosin natin?”  She will help Rico get Lizette by making Lizette jealous.  She adds that Rico helped her before, now she wants to help Rico.

Sharina is at home.  She tells Elsa and Ginella the good news about Monica but both do not seem interested much less happy at all.  Sharina asks her aunt if she could get the title of the property back.  Elsa lies telling her the documents are still at the city hall and it would take a bit of time to collect it as processing takes a few days.  Sharina is disappointed but remains trustful of her aunt.  She tells her, “Sige maghahanap na lang ako ng ibang mauutangan.”  She’ll just have to find another means to get the money for the hospital.

As she leaves, Ginella asks her mom, “Di ba nasa iyo ang titulo?”  Elsa nods in agreement but she can’t show the new title to Sharina as it now shows that she is the owner of the property.  She managed to change the name from Lily to hers, not Sharina’s!  Ginella reads and smiles.

Abagan, Arlan blames Benjie.  They are now one and the same so should be funny ;)

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