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Episode 3 – The One with the Proposal

Episode 3 – The One with the Proposal, aired in the UAE on 16th February 2012

Sharina is still puzzled with the drawing of the man in the frame and why Lily has it when Desa returns from Lily’s bedroom carrying a dress of Lily’s and asking her friend’s opinion, “Sharina OK nab a itong bestida para kay Maam Lily?” But Sharina seems to be miles away promting Desa to break her reverie, “Hoy kinakausap kita!” She notices the framed illustration and asks, “Sino yan?”  Sharina still in deep thought explains, more to herself, why it’s on the floor and broken, “Hawak siguro ni Nay Lily nung inatake sha.” Desa keeps on about the drawn face in the frame, “Gwapo sya ah.  Sino kaya siya?”

Sharina reveals. “Parang nakita ko na siya nung gabing…”  To which Desa replied in surprise, “Ito ba ang lalaking humalay sa iyo?!”  But Sharina clarifies that it’s not him only he was there and she saw him.  Desa comments, “Echosero lang.” [hahahaha! This cracked me!] And goes back to the reason they are there in the first place, “O so anon a tingin mo dito sa bestida, pwede nab a it okay Maam Lily?” Sharina finally drops whatever’s troubling her and looks at the dress.

It’s Lily’s wake and Sharina greets some guests.  They used to be co-teachers of Lily and one even revealed that Lily used to tell them stories about Sharina and one even marveled that she’s now a grown woman.  Sharina is gracious and asks them to go in and have some refreshments.

Desa comes and tells Sharina, “Friend natatakot akong  pumunta sa CR, baka magmulto si Maam Lily.” But she leaves anyway as nature calls while Sharina comes closer to Lily’s coffin.  She reveals, “Ako gusto ko makita si Nay Lily kahit na multo pa siya.  Nay Lily, miss na miss na kita.”

In what used to be Lily’s bedroom Sharina is still depressed on losing her second mother.  She cries, “Nay Lily, ang sabi po nila, hanggang siyam na araw nadito pa ang kaluluwa ng namatay.  Nay Lily, nadito po ba kayo?” [Di ba fly ever na with Arlan dun pa lang sa hospital? Deadma na yung pa-siyam?]

Sharina is not ready to let Lily go, missing her so much, “Gusto kasi kita makita.  Hindi kasi ako nakapagpaalam sa iyo ng maayos.”  She regrets being such a good and obedient niece to Aunt Elsa who forced her to clean the jeep instead of going to the hospital for Lily.  She tells Lily’s spirit how much she loves her, “Gusto ko lang sanang sabihin na mahal na mahal kita. Na ikaw na ang nanay ko.” 

Monica enters the room and sees her elder sister in such a sorrowful situation she stops herself at the door not wanting to disturb Sharina.  Sharina goes on about how Lily cared and taught her all these years, “ Hindi ako nakapag-aral pero ikaw ang nagturo sa akin – magbasa, magsulat, bumilang.” [ang haba ng dialogue ni Sharina ha, ang hirap humabol ng sulat!]

She continues on about how Lily encouraged her to support Elsa and be obedient towards her aunt even when she is such a tyrant. “Kahit na hirap na hirap na ako kay Tita Elsa, ikaw nagturo sakin na magkaroon ng utang na loob.”  At this point, Monica approaches her sister on the bed as Sharina continues to talk about how Lily gave her support and taught her to be positive in all things despite all her hardships early on in life.  “Ikaw din yung nagturo sa aking kung paano maging masaya kahit na mahirap ang mga pinagdadaana ko.” 

Monica hugs her sister as Sharina laments, “Paano na ngayon yan?  Sino na ang magtuturo sa akin?”  Monica tries to comfort Sharina, “Tama na ate.”

Sharina asks Monica about the belief that the soul is still around for nine days but whys is it that she cannot feel Lily’s presence.  Monica explains that perhaps Lily had been ready to go and that Sharina should be happy for her and not cry anymore, “Dapat nga matuwa ka kasi nasa langit na siya.”  Monica reminds her sister that while Lily was alive, she had been suffering so many illnesses and pains but now, she will no longer feel any of those.

The younger sister also adds that even if the dead are gone, the living will continue to feel them.  She talks about how even after nine days, she could still feel their father.  She pulls her sister up and tells her that she will continue to feel Lily in her mind and heart, pointing to Sharina’s head and heart.  This gives some comfort to Sharina who hugs her sister back.  Monica urges her, “huwag ka nang umiyak.”

Lily is finally buried.  The people are starting to leave but Sharina remains seated.  Ginella and Elsa are there too but Ginella motions her mother that she’s leaving.  Elsa nods assent,  “Mauna ka na, kakausapin ko lang si Sharina.”  She goes towards her grieving niece to talk to her.  She sits beside Sharina and says, “O ayan ha, baka may masabi ka pa.  Nakiramay na ako kahit na hindi ko naman talaga siya kakilala.  Pero dahil sa naging nanay-nanayan mo na rin si Lily…”  Then she reminds Sharina that after this, it’s back to work as they have so many bills to pay and in fact their rental is behind several months.  Sharina remains stoic ignoring her aunts demands.

A man approaches them and introduces himself as Attorney Laktaw.  He asks to see Sharina Quijano in his office [Ay kamag-anak kaya ni tito Douglas Quijano si Sharina?].  This alarms Elsa thinking Sharina had done something illegal, “May kaso ho ba ang pamangkin ko?”  But the lawyer clarifies that he wants to discuss with Sharina the last will and testament of Lily, making her the sole heir of all of Lily’s properties and possessions.  Elsa, money-lover that she is has big smile on her face like she won the lotto.  Sharina just feels more sad, loving and missing the woman who had loved her like a mother.

In the lawyer’s office, Sharina and Elsa talk to Attorney Laktaw and he reveals that all that Lily owned now belongs to Sharina – the house, her business (the saints sculptures), a lot in Batangas, and money amounting to almost 1 million pesos.  Elsa is overjoyed as if it was all hers.  She excitedly screams her delight, “Mayaman na tayo!”  [Haller, Elsa, si Sharina ang pinamahan, hindi ikaw!]

Sharina, Monica, Elsa and Ginella move into Lily’s home.  Elsa is so happy that they no longer have to pay rent. “Sa wakas hindi na tayo uupa, meron na tayong sariling bahay!” Monica is obviously unhappy about this arrangement, bringing along the two to live with them.

Ginella runs up the stairs and immediately, without asking for Sharina’s approval, her being the owner of the house, picks her bedroom. “Akin intong kwarto sa kanan.”  Without any hesitation, Elsa follows suit and picks the one opposite her daughter’s, “akin itong sa kaliwa.”

Monica could not longer hold her opinion and asks Sharina why she had to bring the two witches along.  Sharina says it’s all about the debt of gratitude, utang na loob, for aunt Elsa who took them in when they were orphaned.

But Monica reminded her overly generouse (to a fault!) sister that they were placed in a small bodega, that Elsa made them into workhorses and slaves.  She adds that Sharina should be more firm, it is her house after all. “Bahay mo ito, dapat ikaw ang masusunod.”

So Sharina calls a family meeting and tells her aunt and cousin that they will be sharing one bedroom as Monica wants a room of her own.  Since there are only three bedrooms, Elsa and Ginella will have to share one room. 

Elsa tries to get Sharina’s sympathy by acting all helpless, “Wala tayong magagawa,” talking to Ginella, “Nakikitira lang tayo,”  She also warns her daughter, “Aapihin din tayo ng mga yan” expecting to be treated like slaves as they had done with the sisters.

Sharina explains it’s not like that.  But Elsa gets dramatic and starts reminding the sisters of all she’s done for them.  “Nung pinagtatrabaho ko kayo, ako ba nakita nyong nakaupo lang? Nagtrabaho din ako!”  Sharina tries to calm her down but she continues, “Huwag kayong mag-alala, wala kayong mariring sa akin!” [anoveh, eh super dami mo nang sinabi, anong walang maririnig ka jan?! shaddup!]

Finally, not wanting to upset her aunt further and uneasy about being such an ingrate, Sharina gives is.  She will share the bedroom with Monica and both aunt and cousin can keep their rooms.  Elsa beams, “Sabi ko na nga ba hindi mo ako matitiis.”  Monica smirks her annoyance, angry that her sister could be such a pushover.

Alone in their shared bedroom, Monica chastises her sister, “Hay naku ate, nagpauto ka pa rin kay tita Elsa. “  Sharina dismisses her sister’s comment reminding Monica how their aunt took them in and they should just return the favor.  But Monica insists, “Di mo naman sila pinapatira sa kalye ah” that all she wanted was for Elsa and Ginella to share a room, not live in the streets.

Sharina explains that both bedrooms are smaller and that Lily’s bedroom is actually large and fits two.  Then she changed her tactics, hoping to appeal to her sister’s sentimental side, “Bakit ayaw mo na bang katabi si ate?”  Monica admits she still wants to sleep beside her sister and then both try to tickle one another and get playful on the bed.  Monica is appeased, for now and Sharina is happy.

Monica and Junic  walk the grounds of their new home.  Junic comments that Lily’s house, now Monica and Sharina’s home is really beautiful. “Maganda itong bahay nyo ah.”  But Monica brushes off his comments as she’s not happy with her co-habitants.  “Maganda nga, may kasaman ka namang isang bruha at isang impakta!” [hahaha I like Monica’s tart retorts]

Just then Ginella comes out the door and asks Monica is she’s ironed her clothes yet.  “Monica, naplantsa mo na ba ang damit ko?”  Monica’s asinine retort stops Ginella, “Hindi at wala akong balak plantsahin.”  She reminds her princess of a counsin that the situation has now changed.  They are the ones living with Sharina and her. “Iba nag ang sitwasyon ngayong, kayo na ang nakikitira.”  Ginella, realizing the truth to Monica’s remarks could do nothing but go back inside the house.

Junic tries to soothe Monica and changes the topic to themselves.  He tells her that he can finally take her away from all these as he shows her a small box with a ring.  He reveals that he has found a job and that he is ready to take their relationship to the next level.  Monica is happy and tries to hug Junic but the young man teases her, saying she has not yet agreed to his proposal.  Monica beams and says yes and both young lovers embrace.

Monica and Sharina talk about Monica’s marriage.  Sharina thinks Monica is still too young and that life has so much more to offer for her.  “Monica, bata ka pa.  Pwede kang mag-aral. “  She gives her sister the option to study as she intimates that she really wants to continue her education.  “Ako gusto ko mag-aral.  Gusto mo sabay tayo?”  But Monica explains that this is what she really wants. “Gusto ko na magkaroon ng sarili kong pamilya.”  She promises her sister that her’s and Junic’s marriage will not be like her parents’. 

Sharina wants her sister to be happy so she gives in.  As both sisters hug, Monica wishes, “Sana andito si Tatay no?”  She hoped their father would have been the one to walk her to the altar.   How happy she would really be if that were to happen.

Desa and Sharina are packing stuff into boxes, probably Lily’s personal stuff.  Desa has just heard of Monica and Junic’s engagement.  Desa suggests to her friend to follow suit in her sister’s footsteps.  “Sagutin mo na rin kasi si Nelson para double wedding.”  But Sharina insists that she and Nelson are just friends.  Desa jokes, “Naku kung sa aking nanligaw yang si Nelson, tatlo na ang anak naming ngayon!” had Nelson courted her, they would have had three kids by now! [hahahah funny si Desa]

Sharina finds a diary which Desa excitedly suggests they read, hoping to discover some of Lily’s juicier stories.  But Sharina stops her friend telling her that she will read it, alone , in respect of the woman who was almost her own mother.

In their room, Monica is asleep as Sharina begins to read Lily’s diary.  It flashbacks to when Lily was a young lady wanting to leave her small hometown.  She was on a bus, probably bound for Manila when they got ambushed. [They young Lily is Gwen Zamora while the elder one was played by Rio Locsin.]  She got hit by a gunshot and was expecting to die.  Sundos where all over the place and it was the first time Lily saw Arlan’s face.

When Lily comes to, she is in the hospital.  She asks a fellow survivor on the next bed if she saw a man.  The woman replies that aside from the bandits that attacked them, there is no such man as she described.  Lily insisted on the man who tried to rescue her.  But the woman again straightens the facts, it was the nuns who rescued them.  That was also the last time Lily saw Arlan. But his face lingered in her thoughts and in her heart.  “Di na siya nawala sa isip at puso ko.”

In her free time, Lily recalls Arlan’s face and draws it.  The same illustration that was framed. [Ang talented naman ni Lily, teacher na, cook pa, artist pa at magaling pang business woman, too bad she loved an angel and not a mortal, saying ang genes!]

Lily writes in her diary about her one true love. “Siya ang nag-iisang lalaking tangi kong minahal.  Pero alam ko magkikita rin kami baling araw.  Siguro sa langit.” She is hopeful to see him again, even if not in this world but in heaven.    Sharina glances at the drawing of the man in the frame.  She’s kept it in Lily’s room, now hers.  She goes over to pick it up and asks the image, “Ikaw ba ang nakita ni Nay Lily?  Ang lalaking minahal niya na biglang naglaho? Ikaw din ba ang nakita ko?  Sino ka ba talaga?”  A barrage of questions about the man, whether he’s the same man and who he really is escaped Sharina’s lips. [Ang hirap mag-take notes, ang haba ng lines ni Marian!]

It’s a new day and the scene is the karinderia where Desa and Sharina discuss what the latter had read in the diary.  Desa suggests, “Baka apo ng lalaking nakita ni Maam Lily.”  Sharina uncertain nods, “baka nga,” Maybe he is the grandson of the man that Lily saw. [Anoveh Desa para lang pelikula!]

Desa continues the bizarre train of thought, ”Parang kwento sa komiks” imagine Sharina marrying the grandson of the man that Lily loves. 

Sharina finds her friend really funny, “Nakakatawa ka Desa, isang beses ko lang nakita yung lalaki tapos kasal na kaagad?” as Sharina had only seen the man once and here her friend is already talking about marriage.

A fellow employee reminds the girls that customers are coming and their first customer is up.  Sharina takes the orders only to find that it is Arlan.  She stops in her steps and wakes up from her dreams. [Dang it was all just a dream].

Sharina tells Arlan, “hanggang sa panaginip ba naman sinusundan mo ko” that even in her sleep he keeps following her.

It’s another new day [hopefully not another dream!] and Desa is excited calling on Sharina.  Desa climbs up the stairs and catches her breath.  Sharina asks her friend what the commotion is all about to which Desa happily blurts, “Yung nanay mo, nakita ni Aling Viring sa Baguio!” [Sino naman si Aling Viring at anong ginagawa nya a Baguio?  Oh well…]  Sharina is happy that someone has finally found her mother. “Si inay?” she smiles.

Monica, Sharina and Desa are in their bedroom.  When she heard the news about her mom, Sharina loses no time to pack, deciding immediately to go find her mother.  Monica is unhappy about this and reminds Sharina that it is the same mother who abandoned them.   Desa is just unsure about where to start [ Oo nga naman, ang laki kaya ng Baguio!], “Talagang susunod ka sa Bagiuo?  Saan mo siya hahanapin?”

But Sharina is keen even if she has to knock on each door in each home, “Kahit na kumatok ako sa lahat ng bahay sa lahat ng subdivision, “ she will go and find their mother.

Monica refuses to be supportive, “Kala ko ba galit tayo sa kanya.”  Still angry at their mother for leaving them and running away with her lover, “Iniwan niya tayo.  Sumama siya sa ibang lalaki!” 

But Sharina insists that she is still their mother.  “Gusto ko ng nanay.  Nanay natin siya.”

Monica has hardened her heart a long time ago.  “Hindi, nanay mo lang.  Wala akong nanay!” [Weh, sino nagluwal say o girl?  Ano ka itlog? Hehhee joking lang kse heavy drama eh]

Desa, ever the supportive friend offers to go along with Sharina.  Sharina picks up the angel figurine that her mom gave her many years ago, smiling and excited at the prospect of seeing their mother again after all these years.

Desa and Sharina are on the bus bound for Baguio.  Sharina is looking at the angel in her hand.  Desa asks what she will say to her mother when they do meet.  Sharina shares she had so many questions.  Why did she leave them?  What really happened? But in the end she is also certain that she is going to do one thing, she is going to hug her mother.  She does still care for her after all.

Desa intimates that if she had been in the same shoes, she’d probably react more like Monica.  She’s even considering slapping and pulling the hair of her mother had it been her mother.  But it’s not her, it’s Sharina.  She say’s her friend has a good heart.  “Mabait ka Sharina, martir.  Minsan tanga.  Kulang na lang belo madre ka na.” And if Sharina had a veil and she’s was wearing a habit, she’d already be a nun.
It starts to rain really hard. 

Back in their house, Ginella looks outside at the heavy downpour and asks her mother, “Pag namatay si Sharina, kanino mapupunta ang bahay?”  if Sharina dies, who will get the house.

Elsa replies, “Eh di sa kapatid nya” that the house will belong to Monica.

Ginella asks whether Elsa can take some part in the ownership. “Pwede ka ba humati?” Elsa shrugs maybe and asks why her daughter is asking all these questions.

Ginella points out the ugly weather.  If Sharina met an accident…leaving the statement hanging for Elsa to digest. [Evil Ginella can’t iron her clothes or see her own shoes but can think of schemes like this!?!]

In the bus, some passengers remind the driver to go slower as the roads are getting slippery due to the rains.  But the over-confident driver, a sure sign of impending  doom, replies he’s used to this as he drives this route daily and in all kinds of weather.  Suddenly, another bus speeds from another direction and both busses collide.  Their bus falls into a deep ravine!

Abangan:  Sharina and Arlan kiss!

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