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My Beloved Episode 2 - The one with the car wash

My Beloved Episode 2 – Aired in the UAE on 15th February 2012 

Arlan, the sundo comes for Sharina who is about to be raped by the two men who were earlier customers in the cafeteria she works in. She can see him but he does not talk even when she calls on him to help per. Meanwhile Nelson, a young man, knocks at Lily’s home looking for Sharina. Lily says, “kakaalis lang, maabutan mo pa yon.” Nelson is about to leave when Lily asks, “Sinagot ka na ba ni Sharina?” Nelson shakes his head, “Hindi pa po.”

 In the wet market, Monica asks for her pay from one of the stall owners who told her that her aunt Elsa already came by earlier to collect her pay. This angers Monica who seems to be always outwitted by her aunt when it comes to her money.

 Nelson drives by the scene where Sharina is about to be raped. He sees two men, one holding Sharina’s hand over her head and the other about to remove her pants. Nelson get’s out of the car shouting. “Hoy!” 

The fiend, holding Sharina’s hand tells his mate, “akong bahala dito” as he releases his hold on the young woman and whips out a balisong, a pocket knife and goes to face Nelson. Unprepared, Nelson gets stabbed in the stomach and falls. Arlan witnesses the entire scene but does nothing.

Still in the market, Monica meets her boyfriend whom she complains to about her scheming aunt. “Sawang-sawa na ako eh. Pinaghirapan ko yon tapos sha kukuha ng pera?!” The young man tries to appease her but she continues, now attacking him, “Ano, sasabihin mo na naman sa akin na wag akong mag-alala? Na pakakasal na tayo at ilalayo mo na ako sa tiya kong impakta?” The young man only smiles, and holds Monica’s hands. “Pangako, pag natanggap na ako sa trabaho, pakakasal na talaga tayo.” He tries to cheer her up but Monica still looks upset. He tickles her sides and she relents, screaming in delight. “Di ka ngingiti? Kikilitiin kita!” 

Back in the street, Nelson comes to and calls out, “Sharina?” Arlan continues to just look at the scene enfolding, unable to take any action. The bad guys are about to continue what Nelson had interrupted but then then a police patrol car drives by, probably seeing probably the lights from Nelson’s unmoving car, causing the baddies to make a run for it. As one of the bad guys were running, one of them, the one who asked for a date from Sharina wasn’t looking at where he is running and gets hit by a truck. He falls dead on the ground. However, instead of the sundo who usually collect the dead, black smoke with fire pulls the dead man’s soul into the ground as he screams. [OK so now we know that good dead people fly with the angels and the bad ones, get sucked into the earth by the black smoke and fire. ] 

Monica is now walking home with a female friend as they discuss the impending marriage between Monica and her boyfriend, Junic. “Talaga, ikakasal na kayo ni Junic?” A female tanod (community peace keepers) calls out to her, “Hoy Monica, alam mo na ba ang nangyari sa kapatid mo?”

Cut to the hospital, Monica and her friend see Elsa who blames the fact that Sharina is always going to see Lily at night thus endangering herself to rapists. Monica’s bestie asks, “Di na virigin ate mo?” Elsa clarifies that the rape didn’t actually occur as Nelson somehow arrived at the scene. “Di natuloy and panggagahasa sa ate mo pero si Nelson naman ang napahamak.”

In Sharina’s room, Bes is making coffee when Sharina comes to. [Actually I don't know Bes' name!] Bes wakes Monica up who was sleeping on the vacant bed. Monica comes to Sharina, holding her hand. Monica tells her sister that it was a good thing she got saved, “Niligtas ka ni Nelson.” Bes puts in, “Parang eksena lang sa pelikula. Kapag napapahamak na yung bidang babae, biglang susulpot ang bidang lalaki para sigipin sha.” Sharina asks how Nelson is and Bes blurts, “Ayun labas ang bituka.”

Sharina wants to see Nelson but Monica insists, “Di mo pa kaya ate.” Sharina tries to argue insisting to see her hero but Elsa enters the room and tells everyone that Nelson is out of danger and is recovering, “Ligtas na si Nelson.

In Nelson’s private hospital room, both his parents are there waiting for him to gain consciousness. Sharina comes to visit only to be met with anger from both with the mother demanding, “Anong ginagawa mo rito?” She tells Sharina off, “Tigilan mo na ang paglalandi sa anak ko! Nang dahil sa yo, muntik nang mamatay ang anak ko kaya layuan mo na sha.” Sharina tries to calm her down but then the father also tells her, “Ilalayo na naming si Nelson para din a kayo magkikita pa. Dadalhin namin sya sa Cebu.” [Kala ko naman sa ibang planeta, eh hello, madali lang kayang makapunta Cebu!] The agitated mom continues to shout at her, “Umalis ka na, ayaw kong makita ka pa ni Nelson![Ali Sotto played the mom, and she was screaming at the top of her voice.]

Sharina and Lily walking together with the former assisting the latter who coughs and looks too fragile as she gets older. Lily was sad about what happened between her and Nelson’ parents saying they shouldn’t have done what they had done. They should never be in the way of love. “Di nila dapat nilayo si Nelson.” But Sharina insists she fine with their decision as Nelson parents. Besides, Nelson was only her friend even if it was obvious that the young man had feelings for her. She did not really feel anything romantic towards Nelson. Lily warns her, “Baka matulad ka sa akin, nagging matandang dalaga.”

This prompts Sharina to ask, “Nay Lily wala po ba kayong nagging kasintahan? Di po ba kayo na in-love?

Lily smiles and explains, “Di naman ako bato. Nakaranas din akong magmahal.”

Sharina gets curious asking, “Eh anong nangyari?”

Lily’s reply was vague, “Biglang naglaho.”

She coughs maybe to try to change the topic even saying, “Hirap nitong tumatanda, dumadami ang sakit.” But Sharina is persistent, “Naglaho?”

Lily stops and smiles at her and replies, “Pero magkikita pa rin kami.”

Desa and Sharina who are now in a coffee shop are discussing Lily’s lovelife. Meantime Lily in her home digs up old memorabilias to find a framed illustration of Arlan. Desa and Sharina are still talking about how positive Lily is hoping to still find her one true love. Desa babbles about how Sharina’s mom left them for her true love and realizes this could hurt her friend.

She stops herself and apologizes to Sharina who accepted that what Desa said was completely true. “OK lang totoo naman lahat ng sinabi mo eh.

Desa guiltily asks about Sharina’s mom. “Anong balita sa nanay mo?” Sharina shakes her head, “wala.” She also reveals, “Dati gusto ko siya makita pero ngayon ayaw ko na.” It seems Sharina had lost hope finding her mother or even the willingness to go find her.

Lily sees Arlan’s face as she traces the features on the framed drawing. “Nararamdaman ko, malapit na tayo magkita muli mahal ko.” Sensing her own death coming.

Monica and Sharina are in bed asleep when Monica hears her sister mumbling. She sits up and gently wakes her elder sister, “Ate, ilang gabi ka nang nananaginip, anong pinapanaginipan mo?” Sharina sits up too, “Yung lalaki.” Monica is confused, “Anong lalaki?” Sharina explains, “Ewan ko kung nung nawalan ako ng malay pero may lalaking nakatingin. Nagkatitigan kami sa mata pero di ko makita ang mukha nya ng buo.” It was because of the light behind Arlan that Sharina wasn’t certain about the face but she was sure she saw a man.

Monica is still doubtful, “Baka naman si Nelson yon?” Sharina denies it, saying that the man had long hair. She adds that she is unsure though because of the bright light.

It’s morning ang we hear a scream from outside, “Sharina!” Sharina recognizes the voice of her friend Desa. Desa explains her urgent call, “Si Maam Lily, inatake sa puso.”

In the hospital with Lily, Sharina holds the old woman’s hand. Desa explains that a neighbor wanting to borrow an iron knocked on Lily’s home. When no one came to the door, the neighbor went in seeing as the door was open. There was Lily, lying on the floor. The doctors claim it was heart attack. Flashback to Sharina’s younger days and how Lily had been there for her for most of her life. Sharina hugs Lily as she cries, “Minsan na ako nawalan ng nanay. Nay Lily, ayaw ko nang maulit yon.” Lily’s head glows signaling that her time is really near.

It’s another day and Elsa is out staring at her reliable of owner jeep. She calls Sharina who comes out immediately. She tells her neice to go and clean the jeep. “Ang dumi eh!” Sharina asks if she can do it later, “Pwede bang mamaya na lang, pupunta kse ako sa ospital.” As she’s about to leave for the hospital. Elsa asks why. Sharina explains, “Babantayan kop o kasi si Nay Lily.” She’s going to look after Lily. Elsa get’s sarcastic, “Bakit aalis ba yon?” But Sharina keeps on, “Pwede po bang mamaya na lang?” 

Elsa gets agitated saying, “Nagsasayang ka lang ng oras.” Sharina defends her case, saying that Lily had been there for her, “Tinuruan po nya ako, tinuring na parang sariling apo, minahal, inalagaan, hindi tulad…

When Sharina was about to refer to either her mother or aunt, Elsa explodes. “Sige ituloy mo! Di tulad ko? Manunumbat ka dahil inalila at inalipin kita? Nakita mo ba akong nagsugal gaya ng ibang tiyahin dyan sa TV? Naglasing ba ako? Hindi, nagtrabaho ako para may malamon kayo, para may maisuot kayong mga damit! Ni hindi ko nga kayo kadugo, eh kung ikaw kaya sumbatan ko?” She starts slapping Sharina in her anger.

To appease her aunt, Sharina gives in. “Opo lilinisin ko nap o yung oner, pasensya na po kayo.” Elsa enters the house leaving Sharina crying.

In the hospital, Arlan looks at Lily. He touches her forehead and it glows. The machine monitoring her hear beat flatlines. Lily’s soul sits up. She sees Arlan and she smiles and get up, “Ikaw? Sabi ko na nga ba magkikita tayo muli.

She feels different and marvels at how she no longer feels pain. “Nakakalakad na ako ng maayos.” Nurses rush into her room and she sees her body on the bed. “Patay na ko.” She states without any fear or questioning, only acceptance.

Arlan speaks for the first time, “Oras na Lily.”

Sharina is still cleaning the jeep when her friend Desa arrives crying. Sharina, not really paying attention and busy with her chore tells her friend to wait, “Sandali na lang to” But Desa weeps as she tells Sharina the tragic news, “Patay na si Maam Lily.” Sharina drops her cloth and runs, Desa running after her. She passes by the door and Elsa comes out calling to Sharina, “Hoy saan ka pupunta?”

Sharina and Desa arrive at the hospital. In Lily’s room her body is already covered with a white blanket. Sharina crying uncovers Lily’s face and she hugs her. “Nay Lily, Nay Lily, nandito na po si Sharina. Nay Lily, Nay Lily! Desa, si Nay Lily.” Desa tries to rub her friend's back, to comfort her as she too cries for the old lady.

Arlan and Lily look on. Lily tells Arlan about Sharina, “Napakabait na bata. Siya ang nagmahal sa akin. Di niya ako pinabayaan.” Lily comes near Sharina and tries to soothe her, “Tahan na anak.”

Arlan reminds Lily it’s time to go and speaks for the second time “Oras na Lily.” [same line talaga!] Lily hesitates, “Paano si Sharina?” She touches Sharina’s hair, smoothing it and tells her, “Magkikita din tayo baling araw.” She kisses the young lady and returns to Arlan’s side. Arlan offers his hand and Lily takes it. Hands joined they both fly up to the heavens.

Sharina and Desa at Lily’s house. It looks empty, as dead as its owner. Sharina reminisces her time with Lily. Both girls cry as Sharina points to Desa, Lily’s favorite chair. Sharina looks at the long table that used to be her study table when Lily was teaching her. Sharina cries on Desa’s shoulder. She sees the piano and recalls how Lily tried to teach her. “Diyan tumutugtog si Nay Lily. Alam mo ba, palagi nya akong tinuturuan pero hindi talaga ako matuto.”

Desa reminds her friend the reason why they are there. “Di ba pumunta tayo ditto para kuhaan ng damit si Maam Lily?” But she understands how her friend feels so she suggested, “Sige hahayaan muna kitang mag-emote diyan. Ako na ang kukuha ng damit.” She leaves to find the dress for Lily to wear.

Sharina continues to reminisce and sees Lily now rearranging flowers by the window. She looked so happy.

Sharina looks down and find the framed drawing, with the glass now broken. Lily may have dropped it when she had the heart attack. Sharina picks it up. She sees Arlan’s face. To herself she wonders who the man is. “Nakita ko na anf lalaking eto pero bakit may larawan si Nay Lily ng lalaking ito?”

Abangan : Elsa seemed pleased that Lily left her possessions to Sharina. Monica and Junic gets married. Sharina in a bus accident.

OK, this progresses more into the story but I would have wanted a bit more back story on Lily and Arlan and how does Lily know and love Arlan and why?  Maybe it is coming in the next episodes  so will wait and see...Bes and Elsa has the nicest, read that funny, lines and also Monica.

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