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Episode 4: The one with the Kiss!

Episode 4:  The one with the Kiss!
Aired in the UAE last 17th February 2012

It was a Friday and I almost didn’t make it to viewing my new addiction!  I missed some bits at the beginning but got most of the scenes on my notes.

Sharina’s spirit stood up from her lying position after their bus fell off the ravine and dropped into another road at the bottom after several turtle turns.  She goes up to Arlan recognizing him, “Ikaw ang nagligtas sa buhay ko” as the one who saved her previously. 

Arlan tries not to react.  Other sundos stop with what they are doing to watch what it going to happen.  [Bakit may mga pangit na sundo?  Shouldn’t they all be gorgeous and heavenly? Please cast handsome extras naman…hehehhe]

The two make eye contact.  Sharina kisses Arlan.  Sundos are shocked!

After they kiss, Sharina wants to kiss Arlan again but Arlan pushes her gently, stopping her.  She touches his cheeks, he does the same.  He asks her why she kissed him.  She replies, “Dahil niligtas mo ang buhay ko.”  Because you saved my life.  Again she tries to kiss him but Arlan backs away.

A survivor goes and gives CPR to Sharina.  The mouth to mouth resuscitation seems to work as Sharina, wanting to follow Arlan and move a step closer towards him is unable to move her feet.  “Bakit hindi gumagalaw ang paa ko?”  She panics, asking what’s going on. “Ano ang nangyayari sa akin?”

Sharina comes to.  The guy who rescued her stops the CPR saying she’s now out of danger, “buhay siya.”  Sharina calls for her friend Desa.  The guy who rescued her told her that her friend survived the crash. 

Meanwhile Monica is in the market when the lady who usually hires her services asks her why she is still working in the market when her elder sister had come by some windfall from the late Lily.  She asks the young woman why she does not try to go to school instead, “Bakit di ka ba lang mag-aral?”  But Monica plans to ask her sister for some capital to start a business herself .  The meat lady jokes that Monica has plans of being her competition.  “Kukumpitensiyahin mo pa ako!” But both laugh good-naturedly.

Bes comes rushing telling Monica that she heard over the radio that a bus met an accident on the road to Baguio.  She hopes it is not the same bus as Sharina is on.   Both really have no way of knowing and fear for Sharina’s safety.

Sharina is in the local hospital in Baguio, a 4-hour drive from Manila up North.  Desa who did not really suffer serious injuries is sitting by her side [how loyal talaga of Desa!] , happy that her friend has gained consciousness. “Bestfriend, buti naman nagkamalay ka na.”

Sharina still in a daze asked her what happened.  She is surpised her friend couldn’t remember anything, “Di mo ba naaalala?”  She tells her they had a terrible accident on the way and many got hurt and there are also many who died.  She adds that she even feared for Sharina’s life, “Akala ko na iiwan mo na ako eh.”  It flashes back to the accident.  How the bus fell.  How Sharina though she too is dying. Arlan…[I think I got the stuff I missed from this flashback ;)]

Desa continues telling her version of the story about the man who saved her friend. “Buti na lang may lalaking nagligtas sa iyo.”

Sharina lights up, thinking of Arlan, their kiss and tells Desa she wants to see her personal hero.  But Desa insists she isn’t strong yet. “Di mo pa kaya, palakas ka muna.”  Even if Sharina wanted to stand and leave her bed, she still feels woozy and heeded the advice of her friend to rest some more.

Up in heaven a fellow sundo asked Arlan why he didn’t take Sharina as it was already her time.  “Bakit hindi mo siya sinundo?  Panahon na niya!”  But Arlan is also affected and still thinking about their kiss.  The conscientious sundo reminds Arlan that it is a grave mistake to not collect someone who has been scheduled for the afterlife, “Malaking kasalanan sa atin ang pagkabigong sunduin ang napapanahon na.”
Arlan remains fascinated about his encounter with Sharina.

Desa enters Sharina’s hospital room telling her that her hero is there and ready to meet her.  Sharina, expecting it to be Arlan is excited and even tries to fuss over her appearance to look really pretty for him.  But it was not Arlan.  It was their fellow passenger who gave her CPR.  Of course, she wasn’t aware of all this as at that time, she was kissing and trying to kiss again the handsome Arlan.  So the disappointment was like a scream on her face and an insulting slap on the poor fellow who was happy to save a pretty damsel in distress.  She denies him as her savior but Desa insists.  “Di siya ang nagligtas sa akin.”  Desa introducing the fellow as Joel and his friend looked like they were insulted by Sharina’s lack of gratitude.

 This was only made worse when Sharina describes her supposedly rescuer, “An nagligtas sa akin gwapo at mahaba ang buhok.”  Joel isn’t very handsome in the looks department although he has a kind heart.  Desa felt really confused as well as embarrassed at how her usually gracious friend is reacting and apologises to the men.  Joel’s friend even tells him that Sharina is just a bratty diva and to don’t mind her and how ungrateful she is acting.  Both men leave as disappointed in Sharina as she is with them.

Desa talks to Monica over the phone assuring her that her sister is fine and that she should stop crying.  She tells her bestfriend’s sister that they plan to get home as soon as Sharina is able.

Up in sundo land, shown as a palace in the skies Arlan is on trial.  Jestoni Alarcon plays lead sundo and asks Arlan why he didn’t do what he was supposed to do.  Arlan admits he felt pity for Sharina, “Naaawa ako sa kanya.”

But sundo-leader reminds Arlan that they should not feel pity.  Their kind, the sundo, should not feel any pity for it is their duty to do what they have to do.  Arlan is sorry for what he did and sundo-leader agrees to give him one more chance.  Another mistake and he will surely be punished.

Desa and Sharina return to Manila.  They got off a tricycle and we see Sharina’s left arm is on a sling [or is it right?]  As they enter the gate, Monica who is waiting with Junic and Bes [ano ba talaga ang name ni Bes?] runs and hugs her elder sister.  Elsa and Ginella are by the door and do not even make an effort to greet Sharina.  Ginella regrets the accident didn’t kill her cousin, “Di pa natuluyan.” [Evil naman talaga ni Ginella!]

Elsa shushes her daughter telling her to watch her mouth as they sister may overhear hear snide remarks. “Huwag kang maingay.  Marinig tayo, baka palayasin tayo dito. “  Their aunt fears being sent out in the streets, homeless, for the remarks Ginella made, should they hear it.  Well, they didn’t. 
Bes, in her usual way blurts out her curiosity about Sharina and Monica’s mother; whether they were successful in finding her as they was what they intended to do up in Baguio anyway.   Sharina’s happy mood changes and she excuses herself from the group.

After Sharina has gone, Desa explained that they did go to the place tipped off by Aling Viring but found out that the lady who was supposed to be their mother, was actually only a look-alike of their mother, not really they mother.  Monica scoffs that it was just her sister who wanted to see their mother in the first place, “Si Ate lang makulit.  Ako matagal ko nang tanggap na di ko na makikita ang babaing yon.”  She adds that she has long accepted the fact that she won’t ever see that woman again.

In her room, Sharin unpacks she stuff and see the angel figurine.  She gets sadder then a bit angry.  She decides to throw the angel in the trash.  She lies on her bed crying.  She sees Arlan’s portrait with the still broken glass and gets up to get it.  She changes her mind and retrieves the angel from the bin and places it on the bedside table.  She looks back at Arlan’s portrait.

Sharina shows the portrait to Monica, telling her sister that he was the one who rescued her during the bus accident.  But Monica, having heard Desa’s accounts tells her sister that it’s not him.  But Sharina insists making her sound like crazy.  Ginella is eavesdropping on the sisters’ conversation and smiles her evil smile, a vile plot coming about.

Monica and Junic are talking about their wedding plans when they come upon Ginella and her friends talking about Sharina and how she is starting to act like a lunatic.  Ginella tells her friends that Sharina is talking to the portrait all the time like it was a real person and adds that Sharina thinks it was the man who rescued her which is an impossibility as the said man in the portrait is probably long dead.  “Bakit naman siya ililigtas noon eh dib a patay na yon?”  Monica is seething in anger as Junic tries to calm her but shouts his disapproval to Ginella, “Hoy, huwag mo nga ichismis and pinsan mo!” reminding her that Sharina is after all, her own cousin and she shouldn’t be spreading evil rumors about her.

Sharina is still talking to Arlan’s portrait, “Sino ka ba talaga?  Sana magpakita ka sa akin.”  She hopes Arlan shows himself to her.

Monica sees her sister and is irked by the portrait Sharina is obviously talking too.  She echos Ginella’s observations, “Kaya ka sinsabihan na baliw ka na, pati larawan kinakausap mo.”

Sharina admits she cannot quite forget about mystery man on the portrait.  Monica asks if she wants to forget about the man, she has a solution.  “Gusto mo mawala siya sa isip mo?  Akin na yan.”  Monica grabs the frame and walks out.  Sharina follows her distressed and asking what her sister intends on doing with it, “Anong gagawin mo?” 

Monica tells her elder sister that she intend to burn it so that Sharina will stop all her the crazy, nonsensical things she had been doing lately.  “Susunugin ko it para tumigil na yang kabaliwan mo!”

Sharina pleads Monica not to do it.  Outside Elsa is burning some dried leaves and s small fire is lit.  Monica drops the portrait into the burning pile as Sharina screams her protest.  Elsa smiles as Monica tells her sister to stop. “Tumigil ka na.”

But Elsa steps in and saves the portrait from totally burning telling Monica that the portrait is the only thing that makes her sister happy and shouldn’t she give in as a good sister, “Eton a nga lang kaligayahan ng ate mo aalisin mo pa.” She hands it back to Sharina who quickly ran away.  Monica gives their aunt dagger looks as she storms away as well.

Ginella asks her mother why she did what she did, saving the burning portrait and returning it to Sharina.  Elsa has her own evil plans, “Para lalo mabaliw. “  She intends on feeding Sharina’s odd ways so she will really get crazy and by then, they only have Monica to worry about and will be one step closer to owning the house.  Ginella calls her mom a genius. [Like the tandem of this evil mother and daughter!  Ano pa kaya ang gagawin nila to make Sharina miserable?]

Monica and Junic again are talking about marriage but instead of wedding plans, Monica is hesitant this time.  With her sister acting weird, she feels that she must prioritize her sister first and not think about leaving her, not in the state she is in.  She fears her sister is going crazy.  Junic suggests they let a specialist see Sharina but Monica had already suggested the same to her sister to which Sharina declares she isn’t crazy.  Junic tells his fiancé that Sharina is in denial, “Wala namang baliw na umaamin na baliw sila” [korek ka jan Junic! Hehehe] 

Monica is sad to lose her sister as it’s only the two of them left and they should look out for one another.  Junic calms her and tells her that he understands and is willing to wait.  “Tahan na.  Ipapagamot natin ang ate mo. “  He assures her that they will try to find a way to seek treatment for Sharina but asks Monica to promise him that she will marry only him. “Basta, ako lang pakakasalan mo ha?”  Monica points to her ring, the one Junic presented her as their engagement ring and promises that as long as she’s got it on, she will love only Junic.  The mood getting a bit overly dramatic, Junic tries to lighten it by a comment, “Naks naman!” [OK what’s the English translation of Naks Naman?!”]

Back in sundo palace, sundo-leader is asking where Arlan is.  He has a scheduled death to attend to.  But Arlan is in Sharina’s bedroom, looking at Sharina who is looking at Arlan’s portrait.  Monica enters telling her sister she’s got a visitor.  Sharina tells her she’s coming down. “Sige bababa na lang ako.”

In the living room, it’s Nelson with flowers!  Nelson hugs Sharina asking if she is alright and apologizing for the delay in him visiting her.  He just heard of Sharina’s accident and got so worried.  He’s glad to see Sharina’s OK now.  Arlas sees Nelson and Sharina hug, a twinge of jealousy is mirrored on his face.

Junic in a security guard’s uniform receives a call.  It’s Monica as she tells Junic that she has changed her mind about their wedding.  She now wants to proceed with it.  Junic asks her about her worries regarding her sister’s mental state.  Monica suggests they can actually live together in the same house.  This will also be a good chance to drive evil mother and daughter to share a room together and Monica and Junic can get the other room for themselves. 

As the couple are busy talking about future plans, a car drives and stops nearby.  Junic is still preoccupied with their conversation that he does not see the car or the men who cam out, they are wearing masks! [uh-oh Junic is doomed! Kaya na nga ba huwag makikipagtelebabad while on duty!!!]  Junic glows, a sure sign that death is near.  His death! 

One of the masked men hits Junic in the head and he falls unconscious to the ground.  On the other end of the line, Monica wonders about Junic’s silence and asks, “Junic?” 

Abangan – Arlan is punished to become a mortal. 

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