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Episode 8 – The One with the Spirit of the Glass

Episode 8 – The One with the Spirit of the Glass
Aired 23rd February in the UAE

Rico looks on the drunk Arlan slumped on the floor and asks his Lola Inday if maybe his older brother is possessed by some spirit. “Di kaya sinapian na ito?”

Lola Inday, holding Arben’s head from falling tells her other grandson, “Buti pa iupo na natin” to help her put Arben aright on the chair.  Rico helps her grandmother and wanted to go on watching his funny show on TV but she had gone on ahead leaving him with Arben, holding his head from falling back on the floor.

Pepay is talking to her spirit friend, Gino regarding the man in their home that looks like her kuya but is not really her kuya.  Some of her playmates catch her talking to what seemed like air and called her crackers, “Sira ulo.”  Pepay denies this but her friends start calling her Pepay the crazy one, “Si Pepay sira ulo” over and over again.

Elsa sees Sharina doing some accounting for the statue business.  She asks her niece in a condescending manner whether Sharina understands what she’s doing.  Sharina good naturedly answered her aunt that indeed she does, having gotten instructions from Lily before as well as from the fact that she did take a secretarial course to help her manage the books and her small business.  Elsa asked whether Sharina had proceeded with transferring the name of the house to hers from Lily’s and the young woman admitted she hasn’t gotten to it.  Elsa volunteers to do it, so long as Sharina gives her money for bus fares.  Sharina seemed happy at this gesture of her aunt. [If I was Sharina and I knew how scheming my aunt can be for her own gain, I’d be much more careful in my dealings with her!  It’s like Sharina is such a gullible person when she grew up suffering the pains under her tyrant of an aunt.]

Elsa keeps on making conversation asking about Nelson and how his courting her is coming along.  Sharina claims they are just friends.  Elsa suggests if that is the case then Sharina should introduce Nelson to Ginella so that when Nelson and Ginella do get to marry, Ginella will be secured as Nelson is quite a catch being moneyed as well as good-looking.

Still Elsa keeps on about how hard life is for her and her daughter and how she had welcomed the sisters in their home that many years ago, prompting Sharina to ask whether there is anything more Elsa wants.  The truth comes out at last, she needs money to attend a dance at the plaza.  Elsa says she can’t go as she doesn’t have any money to buy clothes for the dance.  Sharina offers her what cash she’s got saved from the workshop and this makes Elsa so happy.  She thanks her niece and goes away.  Desa who just arrived saw the whole set-up scenario and is obviously against the kindness Sharina is showing her aunt.

As Elsa passes Desa with cash in her hand, Desa gives a disapproving look and goes towards her friend who seems in deep thought about her just-concluded conversation with her aunt. 

Meanwhile Arben is awake with a major hangover as Lola Inday gives him coffee.  The older woman tells him it was like his first time drinking when he should be more used to it by now. 

Baddie friend arrives and sees food, he immediately takes part without any invitation asking whether it’s true that Benjie got drunk. “Balita ko nalasing ka daw?”

Back in Sharina’s workshop, Desa tells her to stop being so gullible to their aunt.  Elsa and Ginella are living off her now and she lets them get away with whatever their like.   Desa goes on to point out Ginella being a graduate but still unemployed, indicating that while she, Sharina had not gotten any support from their aunt, but who is not the one feeding them all, earning all the money.

Sharina goes back to the “utang na loob” the debt of gratitude that one must pay for the kindness given them.  Desa reminded her that after all she’s done, she’s more than paid for it, “Kung sa tagal na tiniis mo, matagal ka na bayad, may interes pa!”

Sharina defends her aunt sharing that she offered to do the paperwork to transfer the house title to her name from Lily’s.  Desa is doubtful and warns her friend to be careful, commenting that at the way Sharina is acting, she’s more saintly than all the images of the saints there in the workshop.  Having said this, Desa decides to go home. [Hay buti pa si Desa, hindi tatanga-tanga! Go girl, pagsabihan mo yan si Sharina, over bait parang wala nang bait!]

Sharina stops her friend, asking her that if she sees Monica, to tell her to go home as it is getting late.  Moreover, she is really worried about how her grieving sister had been acting lately.  Desa understands and promises to tell Monica to go home if she does see her.

Gimo arrives at Rico’s and Arben’s home angry that baddie friend, instead of hurrying the brothers up decided to eat with them instead.  “Sabi ko tawagin mo sila hindi makikain ka!”

As they leave, Lola Inday and Pepay at the old woman’s instructions turn their plates around. “Ikot natin ang plato.  Malayo sana sila sa disgrasya.” [It is custom in the Philippines that if you are eating and a family member leaves before the meal is finished to turn the plates round to ensure the family members do not meet any unfortunate accident.]

The baddies stake out Sharina’s home.  Gimo tells everyone to get ready and passes out guns to everyone.  There’s four of them: Gimo, Rico, baddie friend and Arben.  Arben asks why they need guns and Gimo replies that it’s only in case of an emergency.  Better have something than nothing.

Elsa asks Sharina if she’s locked the main gate already and the young woman nods, yes.  However she is worried about Monica who had not returned home yet.  It’s about ten o’clock at night based on the wall clock.  Elsa assures her Monica is alright and will go home and that Sharina should not worry, besides, Monica has her own set of keys.  Still Sharina can’t help but worry about her sister.

Monica is at Lucy’s house [Yey finally learned Bes’ name in the show.]  Monica asks what they’re supposed to be doing when Lucy gets a box like and Ouija board.  Lucy tells her friend that is Monica really wants to speak to Junic’s spirit then they can do so by playing spirit of the glass.

Sharina wishes their mother was with her.  She knows that their mom would know what to do with Monica to comfort her for her loss and maybe help Sharina cope with her many problems.  She is looking at the angel figurine and remains hopeful though that someday she will be reunited with their mother.    She goes to bed and before sleeping, she says goodnight to Arlan’s portrait.

Outside the baddies see the last light switched off blanketing the whole house in darkness.  Gimo says everyone must not be asleep, “Patay na mga ilaw, tulog na ang mga yon.  Tara.”  Signalling for them to move, they get out of the jeep and one by one wore their masks only Arben wore his like a cap instead of fulling covering his face.  Rico had to adjust his brother’s mask so that it’s covered his whole face.  They all climb up the gate and jump to the other side – inside Sharina’s premises.

Monica and Lucy ready the board and put their fingers onto the pointer.  Monica asks whether Junic’s spirit is there.  Junic’s spirit is indeed there and he’s happy to get a chance to talk to Monica.  He tries to put his hand onto the pointer.

The baddies go towards the workshop but Arben trips on a potted plant and it falls making some noise to the ground.  The pot is broken but the baddies decide to keep on but Gimo despite his mask looks really pissed off at Benjie’s clumsiness.

They break the chains that secures the door of the workshop and enter seeking the real image of the Sto. Rosario.  They find it but Benjie steps in telling them what they are doing is not right.  They should not be taking what doesn’t belong to them.  Gimo pushes him aside but the clumsy Arben falls hitting some statues and make a big noise that awakens Sharina.

The baddies hurry up and carry the image out.  Sharina sees them and asks who they are before realizing after a few second later that they are robbers, stealing the image of the Sto. Rosario.  Gimo hits Sharina hard on the face rendering her unconscious.  [Sharina dear nakita mo na nga na naka-mask, siguro no need to ask sino sila di vah?  Buti na lang narealize mo na magnanakaw sila.] 

As she falls, Arben asks what Gino has done, hurting a helpless girl.  He feels sorry for her. “Anong ginawa nyo sa kanya?  Kawawa naman siya.”  Arben kneels down to Sharina but his brother pulls him back up urging him to flee with them and quickly.

In their jeep the baddies make their escape but Arben wants to go back and help the unconscious girl.  No one heeds his pleas and they drive off, successful in their plan to steal off the priceless statue.

Back in the spirit of the glass session, Junic finds out that as a spirit he cannot touch the glass at all therefore communicating with Monica is not possible.  Monica keeps asking and calling Junic’s name but of course nothing happens.  Getting impatient and frustrated she suggests to Lucy that they stop what they’re doing and she’d better get home.  Lucy, ever the positive tells her friend that at least they now know that ‘spirit of the glass’ is only a myth.  “At least alam na nating na di totoo.”  Monica goes home, Lucy deciding to walk her out and leaving the similarly angry and frustrated Junic alone. 

In his anger he tries to kick the board off hitting the glass and make it turn over!  He calls off to Monica that he made it move but no one heard him.   [OK so it will work with only really angry spirits, which would maybe make one think twice before playing with such a toy!]

In the baddies’ safehouse Gimo punches Benjie for his many mistakes during their operations.  Benjie or Arlan (ergo Arben!) is shocked at this.  Gimo still wants to punish Arben but the other guys stops him.  Arben defends himself telling Gimo he shouldn’t have hurt the girl.  But Gimo is adamant, they almost got caught because of Arben’s many blunders. “muntik na tayo napahamak, matitiklo tayo!”

Rico decides to go home with his kuya.  Baddie friend also tells the others that he’s got somewhere to go. 

Monica arrives home, she open the gate and closes it after her.  She sees the fallen pot and gets curious.  She goes towards the workshop and sees her sister there.  She runs and tries to wake Sharina who luckily wakes up as Monica asks her what happened.    

Sharina relays that she was already asleep when she heard some noise.  She went down to see what it was, perhaps maybe even hoping it was her sister but only say the masked me instead.  They stole the image of the Sto. Rosario.  Inside the workshop, Sharina gets a serious headache.  [Well major major headache nga itong pagkawala ng Sto. Rosario image!]

Baddie friend catches up with the brothers Rico and Arben.  He apologizes with them for how Gimo reacted. “Pasensiyahan nyo na si Gimo.  Ganun talaga paminsan-minsan, may topak.”  Rico sides with Gimo admitting that Benjie’s actions tonight were really bad and almost bungled up the operation.  He thinks Gimo has a point.  Arben insists they shouldn’t have hurt the girl.  Baddie friend reminds Arben that had he been careful and not make up all those ruckus, the girl wouldn’t have awoken and found them out.  She would have been safely fast asleep!  So it was really Arben’s fault.

Elsa is upset having woken up when Monica discovered Sharina and that they’ve been robbed.  She and Ginella are with the sisters.  Not one of them even worried about Sharina.  Their main concern was of their own safety. [Kapalmuks naman talaga!] 

Elsa drives home her argument to close the workshop and put up a parlor or store instead.  Monica argues that whether parlor, workshop or store, they are still targets for robbers. “Parlor?  Niloloob pa rin yon!”

Ginella cuts in that her mom isn’t speaking to Monica.  [Monica should have given her a slapping right there and then!]  And dismisses everyone going back to her room stating that she has an interview early the next day.

Monica scoffs at Ginella going to all those interviews when no one is even hiring her. “Pa-interview nang pa-interview, wala namang tumatanggap sa kanya.”

Arben still wants to return to the place of the crime as he want’s to make sure if the girl is OK.  Baddie friend and Rico now suspect Arben likes the girl, “Babae, type mo?”

Monica and Sharina are alone in the kitchen and the younger sister is thankful that all Sharina got was a huge bump on her head.  “Maswerte ka pa rin at bukol lang ang napala mo.  Buti na lang bukol lang.”  Refering perhaps to how Junic got more than a bump…he got a fatal bullet wound.  At least, Sharina is still alive.  Monica is also thankful that perhaps she still has her sister.

Abangan ang muling pagkikita ni Sharina at Arlan now Benjie.

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