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Episode 13: The one with the wrong target

My Beloved – Episode 13:  The one with the Wrong Target

Rico drops by Gimo’s place.  Baddie friend is there too (sorry, still didn’t get his name!) and Rico pleads with Gimo to forgive his kuya for what he did.  Gimo is still angry but lets it pass.  Rico takes the chance to ask Gimo to include him in their next project [racket] as he badly needs the cash.  Gimo tells Rico to warn his kuya Benjie not to show himself for a while after what he had done [return the stolen statue].  Rico again pleads Gimo to forgive his kuya and understand that he has “anesia.” [amnesia]  Again Gimo stresses Benjie better make himself scarce lest he do something to really hurt him, “Wag muna magpapakita, baka kung ano lang magawa ko.”

Rico asks if he can be part of their next racket.  Gimo still stinging from Benjie’s betrayal tells Rico he can’t come as it is not just any simple operation, “Hindi pwede, hindi basta-basta ang lakad na ito.”

But Rico desperately wants in and pleads anew.  Baddie friend backs him up when he said he’d already been part of previous operations before and had done well.

Benjie is looking at his portrait and recalls his past.  Sharina enters and sees him looking at the portrait, asks him what he is doing.  He asks her about the man in the picture, “Sino sya?”  He wonders why he looks like the man in the portrait.  Sharina asks him if he knows the man but Benjie apologizes for Emie’s actions, “Sorry sa nangyari kanina” instead.  Sharina wants to clarify, “Sa panunugod ng girlfriend mo?” whether he is apologizing for his girlfriend but Benjie says Emie is not his girlfriend.  Sharina is uncertain, “Di mo siya girlfriend?  Baka di nya alam,” how can a not-my-girlfriend-girl react like that?

Emie is seething in anger as she relates to her sister what happened.  Lizette asks her why she’s chosen Benjie anyway, “Bakit pinagtitiyagaan mo si Benjie?” But Emie insists she is in love with Benjie.

Sharina wants to know the truth but Benjie insists, “wala kaming relasyon…”  then reverts to “medyo…” sort of.  Sharina is confused, “medyo nakakalito.”  Then tells Benjie she wants time to be alone and think.  “Hayaan mo na muna ako mag-isa.”  Benjie insists he has lots of things to do yet but Sharina asks him to leave.  She closes the door leaving Benjie out.

Lizette tells her sister why settle for some poor guy like Benjie when Emie can have any other man out there, rich men.  She tells Emie that she turned down Rico because he’s no good like his brother Benjie.  But Emie insists , “may nakukuha sa sipag at tiyaga,” you actually get something from hard work and perseverance, to which Lizette’s only reply was a “chos!” [loosely translated as “kidding”]

Baddie friend talks to Rico about the next project, telling him this is big time.  Rico wants in so he could get enough money and maybe Lizette won’t turn him down anymore. 

Sharina looks at the portrait while someone is knocking at the door but Sharina ignores it.  Elsa comes asking who is at thedoor.  Sharina answers, “Si Benjie po.”

Elsa asks why she let Benjie go and Sharina tells her aunt she is so confused she wanted to think.  Elsa admits she overheard the scene just a while back with that woman accusing her niece of stealing her boyfriend.   She asks Sharina why she even accepted Benjie as her new sculptor.  Sharina replied that he was recommended by Mang Tino.  Elsa takes another shot at convincing Sharina to close the workshop as she knows nothing about running a business like this, “Isara mo na, wala kang alam sa ganitong klaseng negosyo.”
There’s a knock at the gate.  A man is looking for Sharina.  He introduces himself as Julio, the one recommended by Mang Tino.    Elsa and Sharina both surpsired.  Julio apologises for not arriving earlier as expected, he wasn’t able to travel as he missed his boat.  Elsa asks, “kung ikaw ang manlililok…”  Sharina completes the question, “Sino si Benjie?”  If you are the sculptor, who [the heck!] is Benjie?
Who indeed.

Elsa, “Sabi ko na sa iyo eh, dapat di ka nagtiwala sa Benjieng yon.”  You shouldn’t have trusted that Benjie.

Sharina agrees, “Manloloko siya, niloko nya ako.”  He was a con artist and he conned me.

Elsa, “Yumaman ka nga pero di ka pa rin natuto, tanga ka pa rin.” You did become rich but you didn’t learn any better, you’re still so gullible.  Elsa suspects that perhaps Benjie even had a hand at stealing the image of the Sto. Rosario.

Benjie talks to Lola Inday.  “Lola, kamukha kop o ba yung tatay ko?”  Do I look like my father?

Lola Inday, “Hawig, pero do masyado.”  There’s a resemblance but not that much.

Benjie, “Eh lolo?” How about my grandfather?

Lola Inday, “Hindi.  Sa akin ka nagmana ng pagka-mestizo mo.”  You take your good looks after me.

Lola Inday asks why he is asking all these questions.  Benjie explains about this picture he saw. 

Lola Inday, “Baka ikaw yon.”  Perhaps it was you.

Benjie, “Luma na ho.”  It’s an old one.

Lola Inday continues to question her grandson, asking him why he is still there when he was supposed to be at work.  Benjie admits he’d been sent home.  Lola Inday is alarmed, telling Benjie that perhaps he had been let go. 

Benjie, “Sabi huwag daw muna pumasok.”  I was told not to come to work.

Lola Inday, “Eh di sinisante ka nga!”  Then you have really been fired!

Lola Inday asks Benjie to go speak to Gimo but Benjie doesn’t want to be part of that gang anymore insisting what they are doing is bad, “masama ginagawa nila!”  To this, Lola Inday wants to knock some sense back into her grandson by saying, “di lahat ng masama ay bawal at di lahat ng bawal ay masama.”  Not everything that is bad is illegal and not everything that is illegal is bad.  She goes to convince Benjie that he is good in conning and being a robber and he should waste his talents.  But Benjie decides he is not going to Gimo, he is going to go talk to Sharina instead.

Junic’s mom asks Lucy whether she’d seen Monica.  When Lucy asked why she looking for her bestfriend, Junic’s mom reminds her that today is Junic’s 9th day [pa siyam is the 9th day that someone died.] Lucy wonders why Monica would forget something important about Junic.

Monica is in her bed, seemingly asleep, dead to the world.  Junic is by her side telling her this is not doing her any food.  Ginella enters asking Monica is she’d seen Sharina’s shoes which she intends on borrowing for an interview.  Ginella sees Monica but seems dead and starts to get alarmed, “Di na ata humihinga ito, baka isama na siya ni Junic…”  She noticed how Monica doesn’t seem to be breathing and maybe Junic had taken her along with him.

But Monica wakes up startled by Ginella’s noises who further screamed, “Multo!” Ghost!

Monica, “Anong ginagawa mo?  Natutulog ang tao…”

Ginella, “Tanghali na.”  It’s late.  Urging Monica to get up and help her find the shoe she wants to wear for another interview.  Junic, upset that Ginella keeps bossing Monica around shouts, “Uupakan na kita.” I’m really going to hit you.  But of course, he is unseen, unheard, unfelt by the ladies.

Benjie is at the gate when Sharina opens it.  He wants to explain, to talk but Sharina refuses to listen.  She tells him she will not be fooled by him anymore, “Hindi ka manlililok, manloloko ka.”

Benjie asks Sharina, “Di ba ikaw ang nagsabi sa akin na manlililok ako?”  Weren’t you the one who told me I was a sculptor?

Sharina gets angry, “Ako pa ngayon ang may kasalanan?”  So now you’re telling me this is all my fault?

Benjie wants to help.  But Sharina is unwilling, too angry to listen or to give another chance, “Pinagkatiwalaan kita pero niloko mo ako. “  She asks, “Sino ka ba talaga?  Bakit mo ba ginugulo ang buhay ko?”  Who are you, really and why are you ruining my life?

She slams the gate closed on Benjie.

Monica is staring at and talking to Junic’s picture.  She seems to have lost it.

It’s the procession.  Benjie is following is slowly from behind, deep in thought.   He recalls the recent events of his life the past few days and asks himself, “Sino ba talaga ako?”  Who am I really?

He sees a man talking on his cellphone.  The man’s head starts to glow.  Benjie is the only one who sees it and he calls the man’s attention, “sandal!”

Rico, Gimo and Baddie friend climb a wall.  Their target is the 16-year old daughter, sole heiress, of the Robles E Corporation.  Gimo instructs them to remember her face well.   

The young girl walks in the garden when we hear someone call her, “Grace!” she changes her airs from one who was like an heiress now to one that serves, the real heiress comes out calling for her assistant.  They memorized the face of the wrong girl!

Monica is looking at the bottle of sleeping pills.  She knew if she overdosed, she’d die.  But this could be the only way for her and Junic to be together.  Junic is watching her and is starting to get alarmed at how his girlfriend is acting lately.  He tells her not to do whatever she’s planning to.  He tries to push the bottle away.

Benjie keeps an eye on the man with the flowing head.  He knows that glow only means one thing.  The man gets electrocuted and a sundo appears.  Suddenly Benjie recalls everthing. 

Sharina asks her aunt if she’d seen Monica.  Elsa replies that Monica had been in her room the whole day.  Ginella adds that she thought Monica was dead, she’d been taking sleeping pills.  This alarms Sharina who runs up to her sister.

Benjie now remembers his old self.  How he fell from the skies and punished to be human.  He affirms, “Ako si Arlan, isa akong sundo.” 

Abangan:  Arben talks to sundo.

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