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My Beloved Episode 25 – The One with the Bell Tower

My Beloved Episode 25 – The One with the Bell Tower
Aired in the UAE, 19th March 2012

Benjie is happy despite being wet with rain that Sharina loves him back.  “Sharina, mahal na mahal kita.  Di ako makapaniwalang sinabi mo sa akin yan,” He tells her now, no one can come between them.  Sharina admits to Benjie that she does love him too but she wants to know one thing:  if he was the one who killed Junic.  Benjie denies it.  Sharina believes him.  Benjie wants to tell her more, but she notices he is bleeding and panics, decides to take him back to the hospital at once.

Desa and Sharina are walking home from church.  Desa is teasing how Sharina is their parish priest’s favorite, being chosen amongst many others to dress their patron saint.  “Ang lakas mo kay Father ha!”  Desa notices that her friend is not paying any attention to what she is saying and tells her so.  Sharina, smiling her silly smile, tells Desa cryptically that she feels as if she is in heaven, “pakiramdam ko parang nasa langit ako”.

Desa also notes her smile, “Ngiting-ngiti ka, kanina pa…” But Sharina mumbles about, “Mula ng ano…siya…”  Desa wants to know, “Mula ng ano?”  Sharina recovers and replies, “Mula ng mahalikan ko ang santo.”  [hahahaha si Arlan/Benjie hinalikan mo, sundo sya Sharina, hindi santo! Hehehehe]

Benjie also deliriously happy despite still being in the hospital and wearing a hospital gown.  “Ang saya-saya!”  The nurse tells him he’ll be happier to know he can already go home, “Mas masaya dahil pwede ka nang lumabas.”  Benjie grabs the nurse and dances with her.  Emie arrives shooing the nurse away and demands to know where Benjie went earlier, leaving the hospital without her knowing.  Benjie admits he went to see Sharina.  Emie gets upset telling him he could have been hurt.  She swears while she lives, she is not going to allow Benjie and Sharina to be together.

Sharina and Monica talk.  There is no evidence to be certain that it was Benjie’s gang who broke in their house and tried to kill them.  But Monica insists her principal suspect is still Benjie.  Sharina points out that he is only a suspect.  This ires Monica, lashing out on her sister, “Ano dahil sinagip nya ang buhay mo?”  Saving your life makes everything OK?  Willit erase all his mistakes?  Then she makes her sister choose, who do you love more…”Sino ang mas matimbang sa iyo, ako o si Benjie?”

Monica cries and talks to Junic.  She feels bad that her sister seems to be more on Benjie’s side than hers.  She tells Junic she still misses him so much.  Sharina by the door can see how this affects her sister and she promises silently, “Huwag kang mag-alala Monica, di ako mawawala sa tabi mo.”

Benjie goes to church to thank God, “Salamat at dinugtungan nyo pa ang buhay ko” for giving him another chance at life.  Also thank God for giving him Sharina, “Di nyo ko binigo.  Mahal din pala ako ni Sharina.” 

Sharina is also at church and they see each other.  Sharina had already decided to avoid Benjie for Monica’s sake but Benjie is just happy to see her.  She tells him, “Benjie mabuti pa itigil na natin ito.”  She tries to leave but Benjie follows her.  She goes up the bell tower.  Benjie, “Sharina sandali!” 

Sharina, “Benjie umalis ka na.  Iwan mo na ako dito.”  But Benjie insists he won’t leave her until she tells him why she seems to be avoiding him.  Sharina tells him. “Dahil di tayo pwede Benjie, tapusin na natin ito.”  But Benjie is confused, “Maayos tayo nung huling nagkita.”  Why the change of heart?  “May problema ba?” he asks.  Sharina tells him about Monica. “Ang kapatid ko.  Itutuloy pa rin ang kaso laban sa iyo.” 

Benjie assures her he is prepared, “handa akong harapin.”  She in time will know that he is innocent.  But Sharina can’t bear to see her sister and the man she loves to be at odds with each other.  She can’t bear it if they are fighting like this.  But Benjie tells her is is more painful if they are going to be apart.  That, he can’t bear.

Sharina has made up her mind, “Pero mahal ko ang kapatid ko.”  She loves Monica.  She is torn.

A church worker sees the gate up to the bell tower open.  He closes and locks it not knowing there are people up the tower.

Emie asks Grace to do some house chores as Lola Inday arrives asking about Benjie.  Emie tells her that Benjie isn’t there and in fact, he is with Sharina.  She also tells the elderly woman about what happened the day before when Benjie, still having fresh wounds, left the hospital to see Sharina.  Lola Inday doesn’t approve of the match, not liking Sharina for being such a goody-goody influence on her grandson.  She wants Emie and Benjie to be together.

Sharina tries to leave so she goes down the tower only to find the gate locked.  She suspects Benjie has something to do with it and tries to call for the parish priest to help her.

Lola Inday has an idea.  There is going to be a mass wedding and she is going to register Emie and Benjie so they can join many others and get married on that day.  Emie smiles, happy to know the grandmother at least is on her side.

Elsa calls everyone, dinner time.  Nelson and Monica are there but both are worried that Sharina isn’t home yet.  Nelson “kapapanloob pa lang sa inyo….” He worries that they’ve just gotten a break-in and Sharina is still out and it is late.  Ginella blurts, “Baka naman kasama si Benjie.”  Planting evil thoughts in everyone’s head.  Monica tries to defend her sister, telling them that Sharina will not betray her.  “May tiwala ako sa ate ko.”  Monica and Nelson decide to go look for Sharina.  Soon as they leave, Elsa tells Ginella how naughty she is, commenting like that.  But she seems to approve how her daughter is stirring things up between the sisters.  Ginella tells her mother it’s good that Monica and Sharina will be fighting so they won’t notice their plans.

Benjie & Sharina are locked in the tower.  Sharina tries to keep her distance determined to end whatever it is she has with Benjie.  He tells Sharina that their being locked up, and in church of all places, could be a sign from God.  Sharina just seems to see the negative side commenting that there are so many hurdles, “Madaming hadlang, daming problema”  so many things going against their relationship.

Benjie tries to come closed to her but she threatens him, she will jump if he comes nearer.  She blames Benjie telling him it’s his fault why they are stuck there.  Benjie starts to shiver and Sharina doesn’t notice at first.  He hugs himself and Sharina asks him if he is fine.  He doesn’t answer but continues to shiver.  She runs to him, touches his forehead.  “Mainit ka.” She tells him he’s got a fever.  Benjie complains his wound is painful and she settles him down and cuddles him.  “Benjie, ang taas ng lagnat mo” Sharina is now panicking, “tulong!  Tulungan nyo ako!”  She calls for help.  She is now worried for Benjie’s sake, “paano makakalabas?  Baka bukas pa tayo makaalis.” 

The two have settled in the tower, expecting to be there for the night.  Sharina’s resolve to avoid Benjie has melted as she talks to him, “ikaw naman kasi, susunod-sunod ka pa sa akin, tingnan mo tuloy nangyari sa iyo, nabinat ka pa!”  Benjie plays at being cheesy, “nasa langit na ba ako?” asking Sharina if he’s in heaven.

Sharina, “Naku nagdedeliryo ka ba?  Are you delirious?  Benjie insists, “totoo ang sinasabi ko, kasi para akong nasa langit pag niyayakap mo ako.”  Sharina smiles but tells him, “Puro ka biro eh!”
Benjie asks her, “paano na?  ayaw mo sa akin.”  Sharina admits this isn’t true, “Di ayaw, di ko kaya na mawala ka.”  Benjie pushes on, “mahal mo pa ako?”  Sharina tells the truth, “Oo, mahal.  Kaya kailangan mong gumaling.” 

Father arrives and sees the pair, he exclaims, “mahabaging Diyos!  Sharina, anong nangyayari rito?”  He demands to know what they are doing.  Sharina explains they got locked and Benjie has fever.  Father says it’s good he forgot his rosary up there or else he wouldn’t have returned and found them.  He calls for help as he won’t be able to carry Benjie. 

Sharina, “Halika na,” telling Benjie they should go.  But he doesn’t want to leave the bell tower, ”Ayaw ko umalis dito baka tuluyan mo na akong iwan.”   Sharina assures him, “Magkikita pa tayo Benjie, pangako.”  Benjie has an idea, why not meet here, “Dito sa bago nating tagpuan.”  The bell tower is their new meeting place.

Lola Inday gives Benjie a hot compress, commenting, “Ang laki-laki mo na, tigas pa rin ng ulo mo.”  She gives Benjie a form.  “Ano po yan?”  Benjie asks.  Lola Inday tells him it’s an application form for the mass wedding.  Pepay who is massaging her brother’s head asks, “Sino ikakasal?”  Lola Inday tells them, Benjie and Emie.  Benjie is as shocked as Pepay as both can’t seem to believe what their grandmother is telling them. “Ha?!”

Sharina finally makes it home.  Monica and Elsa are both waiting for her.  Monica asks, “Bakit ngayon ka lang nakarating?  Bukas pa ba ang simbahan?”  Sharina explains that she got locked and had to wait for someone to open the door.  Monica asked if she wasn’t alone.  She lies, yes she is not alone, “kasama ko yung santo.”  She takes her leave, telling both women that she is tired.

Elsa tells Monica she suspects that Sharina is hiding something from them.  Monica denies it but Elsa wheedles her way into Monica’s brains.  She tells her neice, “Sa akin na kayo lumaki, kilala ko na kayo.”  She knows them well enough to tell if there is something going on.  She suggests to Monica that she follows her sister next time she goes out, to find out what it is she is keeping from them. 

Benjie finds the idea absurd, “Kami ni Emie ikakasal?  Anong kasal?”  Lola Inday tries to define what marriage is [so funny!] “Ang kasal ay isang seremonya kung saan magsasama ang babae at lalaki…”  Pepay blurts, like their neighbors?  But Benjie doesn’t want to marry Emie.  He wants to marry Sharina.  Lola Inday stands her ground telling him, “Ayaw ko diyan sa Sharinang yan.  Gusto ko si Emie.”  Benjie stubbornly declines, “Ayaw ko.”

Lola Inday gives her final word, “Kung hindi mo hihiwalayan yang Sharinang yan, itatakwil talaga kita!”   Ready to disown Benjie is he doesn’t stop seeing Sharina.

Sharina and Benjie secretly meet at the bell tower.  Benjie feels like he is in heaven when they are together.  He asks Sharina if she believes in heaven.  Sharina says she does.  She knows her father is there now and Nanay Lily.  She goes on to tell some of her family history.  How her father may have felt the same, for their family, their mother when they were all together.  But her father may have gone to hell when their mother left him for another man.  But she is sure her father is now up there in heaven.

Benjie surprises her with his suggestion.  He wants to be married with her.  She tells him not now.  She hopes Monica will forgive him first and then they can talk about getting married.  Benjie sees Junic and Sharina can’t believe that he can indeed.  Benjie explains Junic follows Monica around. “Parating sinusundan ni Junic si Monica.”

Sharina is suddenly guarded, if Junic is here then that could only mean Monica is also there!  Her sister can’t see them togerther!

Junic tries to tell Monica that Sharina and Benjie are in the bell tower but of course she cannot hear him.

Sharina tells Benjie he needs to go, before Monica finds them.

Abangan:  Monica and Sharina’s big fight.  Monica get’s hit by a car.  Is she dead?

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