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Episode 15 – the one with the ID

Episode 15 – the one with the ID
Aired 5th March 2012, UAE

Arlan/Benjie (Arben!) talks to Sharina.  Sharina is upset, “sira ulo ka pala eh!  Eh ano ngayon kung mahal mo ako?  Ayaw ko sa iyo dahil criminal ka!”  She calls him crazy for revealing his feelings for her.  She can’t accept a criminal like him.

Arben tells her, “di ako kriminal.  Isa akong sundo.” He must still be confused about him as the sundo and the mortal him. 

Sharins threatens, “Pag di mo ako tinigilan, papakulong kita!”  If Arben doesn’t stop stalking her, she’d have him imprisoned.  Arben pleads her no, “mag-aalala ang Lola ko.” 

Their conversation concludes with Sharina telling him to go as she slams the gate door, closing it with a loud sound that only left Arben more unhappy.

Sharina and Monica talk about Benjie and Monica agrees that he sister is right to avoid him.  He’s a bad person and should truly be avoided.  She warns her sister to be more careful and not return to that place anymore.  Sharina says she should talk to the priest, perhaps to make excuses about not being able to return to Benjie’s neighborhood.

Arben on his way home sees Roan.  He asks the sundo what he is doing in that area.  Roan explains there is a soul that still doesn’t want to leave that he is in-charge of.   Arben asks Roan about his advice, to find someone to love but what if that person does not love you back?  Roan says that is part of human emotions, you can feel love.  Maybe, he suggests to Arben, you can still love even if the object of your affections does not return the favor.  Arben realizes he must love the people who love him back, his family.  Flashback on moments with Lola Inday, Pepay and Rico. 

Back in her room, Sharina quietely makes a decision about Benjie, “dapat na kitang kalimutan.”  She must learn to let go and move on.

Arben is woken ny Emie who again sneaks into his room.  He tries to avoid her advances, again, so she tries another approach.  This time she asks if they could make up and forget about their earlier break-up.  “Di ba nakipaghiwalay ka sa akin, pero di naman seryoso yon di ba?  Dahil mahal mo pa rin ako?”

Arben confused calls for a timeout, “sandali.” 

Emie is starting to get pissed.  She tells Arben before, he was the one who would even beg her for her affections but now, it’s not like he didn’t promise her anything because he did, and she drops the M-word.  Emie tells Arben that he promised to marry her.   Flashback to Emie being cautious as she didn’t want to get pregnant and Benjie promising her that if she should get knocked up, he’d marry her.

Emie emotes, “binigay ko na sa iyo ang lahat-lahat sa akin.  Ayaw mo na ba sa akin?”  Arben is in deep thought weighing everything.  He tells her, “Emie, di kita tatalikuran.  Kung ano man pinangako ko sa iyo, tutuparin ko.”  Assuring Emie that Benjie still loves her.  Only her.

Monica is emoting as well on her own, looking at Junic’s picture she tells him, “Kahit na tapos na ang pa-siyam mo, at nasa langit ka na, di kita kakalimutan.  Mahal na mahal kita.”  She promises to never forget him and to continue loving him.

Junic who is just beside her gives the same promise of never leaving her, “Nandito pa rin ako sa tabi mo Monica, mahal na mahal din kite.”  Monica feels a cold wind engulf her, thinking it is Junic’s spirit.  She asks whether Junic is truly there.  Junic tells her yes, whatever it is she is feeling, that is him making his presence felt.  But Monica notices that a window had been opened and attributes the coldness to the wind.  “Bukas lang pala yung bintana.”  Ang goes over to close it.  She dismissed what she felt to the wind.  But Junic tells her not, it is really him.  But then, she cannot hear Junic, not at all.

Nelson visits bringing his Tito Roger who has a funeral parlor business.  They are looking at possible partnership with Sharina’s shop regarding making statues and images.  Sharina invites them in her home so that they could talk about it in more detail.  Desa comments, “Galing ni Nelson no?  Ang layo kung ikukumpara mo sa jabet mong manlililok.”  Nelson is so much better compared to that sculptor of hers.

Lola Inday is being given a massage by Emie and the former is grateful that the latter can do this for her.  She is thankful that her grandson and Emie are now OK again.  Emie is also in good spirits and assures the older lady that when she and Benjie are married, she’d give lola Inday a daily massage.  Benjie who is sort of eavesdropping gets a bit worried.  Suddenly he felt a sharp object by his side, it is Gimo holding a knife to him.  Benjie freezes anticipating Gimo to do the worst.  But Gimo was only kidding, “Binaril ka lang tanggal na pagkasanggano mo”

Benjie is confused.  Just the other day, Gimo was pummeling him with angry punches.  Gimo explains he was just so angry that time, “Mainit lang ulo ko noon. “  He continues he just felt really bad when Benjie tried to go against the gang all for just one chick.  But Benjie assures him that the chapter about Sharina is over as she doesn’t like him.  Gimo says finally he is becoming the Benjie he knew and asks him whether he is not joining their operations.  But Benjie has sworn he will try to be good, try a decent living.  Gimo leaves him with a shrug, “sige, bahala ka,” and goes back to planning their deeds.

Lola Inday is angry that Benjie turned down Gimo’s offer.

Pepay is with Dino and they are talking when Arben asks why he is still there.  Pepay is shocked to see that her kuya who is not her kuya can talk to the dead.   Benjie asks the child’s spirit why he is still there and Dino explains that he had been a victim of a hit and run accident.  The cultprit took his body and threw it in the dumpster. 

The reason why he’s still there is because his parents haven’t seen his remains yet.  He admits he doesn’t know how to do it, to talk to his parents when only Pepay and Benjie can see him.

Benjie found a way to help Dino. 

They are in the dumpsite and Benjie is looking for any signs of Dino’s remains.  Some kids shout at him to leave their territory.  But Arben continues.  He finds the boy’s backpack.  Pepay feels sorry for her friend, “kawawa ka naman pala.”  They also find Dino’s school ID.  The picture looks exactly like the boy. 

Benjie says they must notify the police and Dino’s parents bit not before the boy had a chance to thank him for helping Pepay and Dino find his remains.  “Salamat kuya, makakauwi na ako sa mga magulang ko.”

Pepay hugs Benjie, “Alam ko na di ikaw ang kuya ko pero salamat pa rin, tinulungan mo ang kaibigan ko.

Dino’s parents and the police are at the scene and the parents cry as they see the remains of their child.  The father swear he will bring whoever it is who did this to justice.  Dino tells his parents, through Pepay and Benjie of course, that he recalls the plate number of the car who hit him,  he gives it:  UFC 616.    When the parents asks Benjie how he knew, he said their son’s soul is just around and told him about Dino just being around.  This made both parents cry. 

Roan commends Benjie for what he had done and even went to predict that maybe Arlan was put there for a reason.  He tells Arlan that even when he was still a sundo, he was really fascinated by humans.

Pepey is crying and Benjie is there to comfort her.  She shares that now with Dino gone, she no longer has any friends.  “Andito naman ako, “  Benjie offers himself as Dino’s replacement.  He adds that even if she knows he is not her real brother, they could still be friends.    Pepay is surprised an adult would want her for a friend, hugs her kuya. 

Arben tells Pepay this is the kind of job he wants.  Then asks her if she knew of any place where he can do this, talk to the dead.  Pepay thinks, “saan ba madaming patay?” and recalls the place is a funeral. 

Benjie is at a funeral home and he sees a man whon he asks for any vacant position he can fill in.  Unfortunately that was just one of the spirits and dissipated into thin air.  Then another man comes, doubtful this time, Benjie tried to touch him, make sure he is mortal.

Sharina and Mang Julio are getting out of an office talking about some projects in the workshop.   Sharina sees Benjie and he, her.  Sharina, “Sabihin mo nga ang totoo, sinusundan mo ba ako?”

Benjie, “Di kita sinusundan.  Naghahanap ako ng trabaho.”

Sharina tries to argue, calling Benjie a fake and manloloko when the other man, the mortal one, backs him up. 

Meanwhile Lucy and Monica talk about recent events.  Monica is still missing Junic so badly that Lucy tells her sometimes, souls have unfinished business that keeps them from moving on.  If anything, what happened to Junic was very much unfishined so his soul should be  very much around.    Lucy adds that rumor has it, spread in the marketplace, that there is a child who can speak to the dead.  Monica wants to see the child.  It’s Pepay but she quickly said it’s her kuya who they want, not her. 

Nelson and Sharina talk about Benjie and the former is glad he is not there otherwise he could have punched Benjie.  Sharina defends Benjie and who do they find in the living room?  Benjie.  [The guy is just all over the place.]

Nelson punches him on the face.


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