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Episode 19 – The One with the Pregnancy Test

Episode 19 – The One with the Pregnancy Test
Aired 9th March 2012, UAE

Monica attacks Benjie, “Ikaw ang pumatay kay Junic!”  Benjie is confused, “Hindi ko alam ang sinasabi mo.”  Monica has found him out and tells him so.  His tattoo is the exact same  thing shown on the CCTV as the tattoo of the gunman who shot and killed Junic. 

Sharina tries to stop Monica but also questions Benjie’s intentions.  “Monica tama na!  Ano Benjie, kaya ka ba mabait sa amin dahil sa ginawa mo?”  She tells everyone in the house to call the cops.  Elsa screams, “Pulis!  Mga kapitbahay…”  Benjie runs.  Junic tries to stop him but he runs through and out the house.

Grace tells Rico she wants to eat before going home.  She even  comments that all she got fed while kidnapped was cup noodles, “Ang cheap nyo!”  She asks if Rico isn’t hungry?  He gives in, “Sige pero mabilis lang.”

Junic confronts Benjie, “mamamatay tao ka!”  He thought Benjie was helping him and Monica because they are friends but the truth is that he is not what they think at all.

Benjie reasons that Junic doesn’t understand.  He can’t remember what happened.  But Junic already made up his mind, condemning him as his killer.  “Sinira mo ang buhay ko,  Sinira mo ang buhay namin ni Monica.  Ikakasal na kami…”  Junic punches him.  His anger gives him some sort of power that affects mortals.  He hits Benjie and kept going on but Benjie runs away.

Grace eats.  Rico tells her not to try anything funny or else he will go ahead and finish her.  Grace looks really hungry and just eats.  Rico observes how she is eating, “Parang isang taon kang di pinapakain.”  And asks whether she is not being fed by her employers.  Grace reveals that her employers, Trixie’s parents, are really cheapskate and she doesn’t get fed well despite them being rich.  She tells Rico that everyone there, they are all ill-mannered.

Rico asks why she stays on when conditions are bad there.  Grace tells her story, she did not finish school and she has a younger sister that she is supporting through school.  She chokes on her food, eating and talking at the same time.  Rico laughs and tells her, “Takaw mo kasi”  and goes to get water.  When he turns, Grace is gone.  All Rico could say is, “Anak ng tipaklong, tinakasan ako!”

Family forum at Sharina’s with Monica convinced Benjie was really up to no good and he was really Junic’s killer.  Elsa comments that her neices are all so gullible, believing Benjie and taking him in as worker in the workshop.  Monica wants Benjie to pay for his sins. 

Ginella arrives and asks what is going on?  They tell her and she was shocked, “What?  May killer na nakapasok sa bahay?”

Junic is still punching Benjie.  Pepay sees him and tells him to stop punching her brother.  She shoos him away, “Alis!”    She asks Benjie why he was angry?  Benjie tells her.  Lola Inday overhears the conversation and ask who did Benjie kill.   Benjie admits he shot Junic, he was supposed to be married.  Lola Inday tells him the police are on their way and so Benjie needs to go.

Monica and Sharina are both at the police station telling them ther know Junic’s killer is Benjie Castor and they know where he can be found.  The police are ready to go and catch him.

Emie gets a pregnancy test.  She isn’t pregnant.  Lizette asks her sister again, why she is so gaga over Benjie.  Emie insists that she loves Benjie and thinks that getting pregnant is the only way to get him back blaming Sharina for him leaving her in the first place, “Kung di lang umeksena ang mestisang yon!”

Lizette tries to encourage her sister, telling her to fight for her love and there are many ways to catch a man.

The police are set to go and catch Benjie with the sisters helping them .

Lola Inday & Pepay pack for Benjie.  She tells him to spend time hiding at his cousins, Tata or Orson and make a “disappearing act” in the meantime.

She hands him some money but Benjie asks what it is for, “Ano ito?”  Lola Inday flatly tells him, “Pera, gagamitin mo sa pagtakas.”  Money which he needs to escape and go into hiding.

Benjie declines sure to face whatever awaits him.  “Haharapin ko ang problema ko.”

Rico goes looking for Grace.  He was about to give up his search, “natakbuhan yata ako ah,” when he sees Grace’s bracelet.  Then he sees where Grace is hiding and scares her with a cockroach.  She screams.

Rico tells her he saved her life and this is what he gets in return.  “Ganito pa igaganti mo sa akin, pinakain na kita, tatakasan mo pa ako?”  He even fed her.

Grace pleads that he let her go.  She promises not to tell the police about what they did.  But Rico reasons she cannot return to Trixie’s.  What if Gimo and the gang decide to kidnap her again and see Grace there?  They’ll know Rico didn’t kill her like he claimed.   They will surely kill him.

So Grace asks him where are they going.  Rico tells her for now, he’s is taking her home.   Her home.  If she ever returns to Trixie or tell the police, he knows where to find her and her family.

Lola Inday tells Benjie he can’t be imprisoned but he insists he wants to pay for his misdeeds.  Lola Inday tells Benjie that he is selfish, thinking only of himself and not of his family.  What is going to happen to them when he is in jail?  Besides, even if he went to jail, it will not bring Junic back from the dead.

Pepay interrupts, asking Benjie how sure is he that he is the killer, “Eh di ba may amnesia ka?”

The police arrive and the sister point Benjie’s house.  Michael & Jackson overhear them and take another route to Benjie’s house to warn him.

Grace and Rico are almost at her home.  She tries again, asking Rico that she wants to return to Trixie’s because she badly needs a job.   Rico tells her to find another job.  He’ll even help her.  She is a bit hesitant but Rico asks which one is her home.  She points to an open door.  Rico tells he to go inside and not forget what they talked about.  A little girl sees Grace and calls her, “Ate!”  She hugs her sister and Rico smiles at the scene.

Michael and Jackson on their way to warn Lola Inday meet up with Gimo and the gang.  They ask what’s going on the the pair tell them what they overheard.  They hurry off to warn Benjie as Gimo comments, it’s that girl who gave Benjie away, suspecting Sharina. “Yung babaeng yon ang naglaglag kay Benjie.”

Monica leads the police.  “Diretso tayo, malapit na.”  Sharina pleads with the police not to shoot Benjie.  “Baka pwede hulihin, pero huwag babariln.”

Monica is irked by this,”anong nangyayari sa iyo?  Anong problema mo?”  Sharina defends herself, “Baka naman pwedeng kausapin.”

Michael & Jackson in disguise arrive at Lola Inday’s and gives the warning. 

Sharina and Monica stop.  Sharina asks, “Asan ba?”  Monica is confused with her directions.  Junic drops a pot showing them where to go.  Monica sees it and recognizes that is the right way.

Police at the door.  Benjie and Pepay ordered by Lola Inday to go hide upstairs.  Police knock and announce themselves, ordering whoever is inside to open the door.  Lola Inday does so, “Eh ano ngayon kung mga pulis kayo?  Bakit?”  Police look for Benjie Castor which Lola Inday sarcastically declares as not there, “Walang Benjie Castor dito, lumipad!”

Grace is at homehappy to see sister and mother.  But her stepfather asks for her wages and she starts to tremble in fear.  She tells she didn’t get paid and he gets really angry especially when he found out Grace left her job.  He starts hitting her.

Lola Inday repeats, there is not Benjie in her hme.  Sharina tells everyone they should go.  But Monica doesn’t want to.  After all their troubles, they have to find and catch Benjie.  She orders the police to enter the house and search it.  But Lola Inday is quick to ask for any search warrant.

Emie is naked in Benjie’s rooms.  She is shocked to see Pepay with Benjie and the little girl is also shocked to see Emie with nothing but a blanket on.   Pepay nicely tells Emie to do whatever she plans later as the police are downstairs and want to catch her brother.

Monica forces her way in, looks around the small house and goes up the stairs.  Lola Inday tries to stop her but she is already upstairs.  No one is there.  No Benjie.

Rico stops and feels something in his pocket.  He is worried that Gimo will find out about Grace.  He sees Grace’s bracelet still there.  He pocketed it earlier when he was looking for her.  He decides to go back and give her the bracelet.

Lola Inday is relieved to see no one upstairs.  She asks Monica again sarcastically, “O ano, nahuli nyo ba?  Nandyan ba?  Tigas ng ulo nyo eh.”

Outside, Emie helps Benjie escape.  Sharina sees them coming out of the window and points it to the police. Police run after Benjie but stop the sisters from following suit telling them it’s dangerous.

Grace’s stepfather is still at it, hitting her when Rico arrives and challenges him to take on something his own size, insulting him for hitting a woman. 

Sharina catches up with Benjie and so does the police.  She notices Emie only covered with a blanket and comments, “Hinuhuli na nga, nakuha pang mambabae.”  The Police and Benjie are in a standout but Benjie declares they won’t catch him alive and tries to make a run for it.  Sharina screams, no!    It’s only her imagination and she jolts from it.  She asks Monica if Benjie has already been aprehended.  Monica is not upset that till not they haven’t caught him yet and snaps at her sister.

Abangan:  Benjie climbs Sharina’s window and tells her he loves her.


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