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Episode 20 – The One with the Hideout

Episode 20 – The One with the Hideout
Aired 12th March 2012, UAE

Benjie repeats to Emie that he is not going to run away, “Hindi ako tatakas.”  Emie tries to convince Benjie to go with her, as the police are coming, “Halika na kasi, maabutan na tayo.”  But Benjie stubbornly tells her to go ahead.  While they are playing tag, Gimo arrives with his owner jeep and tells both of them to hop on, “Sakay na.”  Benjie tries to argue but Gimo forces him in leaving the police and the sisters behind. 

Monica feels so frustrated as Benjie was right in front of them, “Nasa harapan na natin, nakatakas pa!”  Sharina tries to look at the bright side, hoping Benjie will eventually surrender.  But Monica gets angry, reminding her Benjie is a cold-blooder killer, a criminal.  Him surrendering himself would be next to impossible.  But Sharina tells her sister to keep hope. “Mahuhuli rin.”  Benjie will eventually get caught.  The long arm of the law will eventually get him.

Rico is angry at Grace’s stepfather and challenges him to fight him.  When the man doesn’t accept his challenge he spat, “Babae lang kaya mo?” and grabs Grace’s hand, walking away and out of the house.

Tikboy tells Benjie thank God they came when they did or else he would have ended up in jail.  Gimo softens and tells Benjie, “Kahit nag-away tayo, para na kitang kapatid.  Walang iwanan.”  Explaining that despite their many fights, they are brothers and with them, no one gets left behind.  Gimo wants to show he takes care of his own, especially Benjie and him go way back and have been like brothers.

Tikboy teases Emie, seeing her blanket clothing saying, “pahuli na, nakuha nyo pang…” They are about to get caught and still they managed to…thinking they we doing the down and dirty.

Gimo asks Benjie how the police identified him and he tells them about his tattoo.  Tikboy asks where they are going to hide Benjie for now and Emie remembers a place.  Gimo agrees to take Benjie there.

Grace is still crying, having been hit by her stepfather.  Rico tries to calm her, showing her the bracelet.  “Kaya ako bumalik, para isoli…”  He explains why he came back; he wanted to return her bracelet.

Grace tells her story.  Her stepfather was the one who put her as housemaid with Trixie’s family to pay his debts.  “Pero pag wala akong nabigay, binubugbog ako.”  But if she can’t give him any money, he hits her.  Grace cries, feeling sorry for herself.  Rico feels pity for the young lass asks her why she suffers through all this, why not run away?  Grace explains she’s doing it for her mother and little sister.  She hopes to save enough money to someday be free of her stepfather whom she calls Tsong.

Rico asks her where she is going now.  The young lady shakes her head indicating she doesn’t know yet.  Rico offers to take her home instead.  Grace is shocked, thinking Rico wants to elope with her, “Itatanan mo ako?”  But Rico denies it, explaining he just wants to keep her off the streets and safe. “Bakit kita itatanan?  Gabi na, eh sige gusto mo dito ka sa kalsada, eh kung ma-rape ka? “  He fears she might get raped or meet a bad end and despite him being a gang member, he knows how to treat women.  “Kahit na gago ito, marunong akong mag-alaga ng babae.”

Grace takes time to think, but Rico exasperated starts walking on, “Bahala ka.”  Grace doesn’t want to be left alone and calls for him to wait, saying she was just thinking, nothing wrong with that. “Masama ba mag-isip? Teka!”

Monica demands from Lola Inday, “Asan si Benjie?”.  It seems the sisters returned to her after Benjie managed to escape and are trying to get any information as to the whereabouts of the supposed killer of Junic.  Sharina takes the calm approach trying to talk sense into Lola Inday to reveal any information.  But the old woman accuses her of being the one who turned her grandson’s life upside down.  She claims that eversince Benjie met Sharina, everything went downhill.  “Ikaw ang nanggugulo sa buhay ng apo ko!”  Monica joins the shouting match against Lola Inday and says that now she doesn’t wonder why her grandson is a criminal since she herself is one, “Mana sa iyo ang apo mo, mga kriminal!”  Lola Inday doesn’t tolerate them and orders them to leave her home at once. “Lumayas kayo sa pamamahay ko!”  Sharina pulls Monica out of the house.

The Police assure the sisters that they will not stop until they’ve found Benjie and he is sure to turn up sooner or later.  Monica agrees, “Dapat lang, di ako papayag na makawala siya.”  She won’t allow Benjie to get away with what he did.  Sharina thanks them and adds that if there is any news, just to call them. 

Monica apologises to her sister, “Sorry ha?”  Sharina asks her why she is saying sorry.  Monica explains that if not for her and her desperate need to communicate with Junic, Benjie wouldn’t have had another chance to enter into their lives, their home.  But Sharina assures her it’s not her fault.  In a way it was good that he did come back, otherwise they wouldn’t have known that he is Junic’s killer.

The baddies are now at Emie’s hideaway.  Tikboy checks it out and approves of the place.  Gimo says they better go or they might accidentally alert the police if they stayed.  Emie assures them she’ll take care of Benjie.

Benjie still insists he should go to the police, “Mali ito.  Di dapat ako nagtatago, di dapat ako tumatakas.” 

Emie irritatedly comments if they are going to discuss the same thing again.  Benjie explains he did something bad and he needs to face the consequences.  “May mga pagkakamali ako nga dapat kong harapin.”

Emie dismisses his comments aside and tells him she need to go get food and change clothes.  She warms Benjie not to leave the place.

Monica notices that Sharina seems not too eager for Benjie to get caught.  Sharina has doubts, and shares these with Monica.  What if they are wrong?  Monica reminds Sharina of the evidence, Benjie’s tattoo matches that with the shooter in the CCTV.  She reminds her sister that Benjie is a con-man and a criminal, telling her not to be so gullible, “Huwag kang tanga.”

Nelson and Ginella at home are talking.  Ginella is pleased Nelson is looking for a secretary, hoping he would hire her.  She even teases Nelson that for him, she’d work for free. 

Meantime Emie is back at the hideaway and apologises to Benjie that all she had are noodles.  She promises to return tomorrow with proper home-cooked meals.  She wonders aloud that perhaps she shouldn’t let the carpenters in as they might suspect about Benjie.   Benjie is miles away thinking of Sharina, “Alam ko galit ka sa akin sa ginawa ko.”  I know you hate me for the things I’ve done.
Sharina looks at Arlan’s portrait.  She recalls Benjie’s unorthodox courtship and berates herself for being such a fool.  “Ang tanga-tanga ko talaga!  Napakatanga ko naniwala sa iyo at hinayaan ko ang sarili ko na mahulog s iyo.”  She had been easily duped by Benjie’s charms and she hates it.  She starts cutting the portrait to pieces as she cries for a love that could have been.

Monica enters the room and sees her sister cutting up the portrait of Arlan.  She stops her, “Tama na yan!”  Sharina cries, “Monica ang tanga-tanga ko, nagpaloko ako sa kriminal na yon.  Niloko niya tayong lahat.”  Benjie conned them all making them believe he can talk to the dead, that he is a sculptor,  a good person.   Monica tries to calm her sister telling her it is better she found out early about Benjie, that he doesn’t deserve her.  “Di siya karapat-dapat sa iyo, walang kwenta ang lalaking iyon.”

Sharina agrees, “Walang kwenta talaga!”  She is a mess and she doesn’t know how she got to be like this.  “Di ko na alam kung bakit ako nagkakaganito.”

Monica assures her that her reactions are but normal for one who has fallen in love, “Kasi mahal mo siya.  Ganyan talaga ang puso, hindi natin pwedeng turuan kung sino ang dapat mahalin.  Hindi ito nag-iisip.”  No matter how the mind tries to reason, the heart feels and most often, none can control how it beats.

Monica made her own self as an example.  When Junic died, she wanted to go and kill herself.  She thanks Sharina for not letting her harm herself.  She hugs her sister and tells her it’s now her turn to be there for Sharina telling her how she loves her sister so.

Rico takes Grace home up to his bedroom.  Rico tells her she can sleep there for the night and tomorrow, they’ll worry about where she can stay for a longer time.  He warms her she can’t leave the room.  Grace complains she wants to pee.  Rico tells her to wait, as he’ll check if it’s alright for her to come down and use the bathroom.

He goes down and Lola Inday is there waiting for him, demanding where he had been all night.  She hits him on the head telling him they were all in a frenzy and he was nowhere.  When he asks what happened, his grandmother tells him his brother  was being sought by the police.  “Nagkakagulo na kami rito, hinuhuli na ang kuya Benjie mo.”  Rico gets worried for his brother and asks where he is.  Lola Inday orders him to go and find out as she herself doesn’t know where and is worried sick.

Desa and Sharina are talking about Benjie and she is amazed at how the whole thing is turning more like fiction, like a telenovela.  “In love ka sa taong pumatay sa jowa ng kapatid mo. “  Sharina denies her feelings for Benjie, “Di ako in love no, manloloko siya.”  Desa wonders if Benjie did kill Junic, why would he go through all the trouble to woo Sharina?  Sharina has a ready answer, to know if there are any developments in the police investigation.  Where better to get first hand knowledge than from the victim’s wife to be.  Desa continues to probe the events, reasoning that wouldn’t that be more harmful for Benjie, getting himself exposed like that?  Sharina could only guess his motives.  Perhaps he feels guilty.  Sharina is not certain.  What she is sure though is that she wants justice for what happened to Junic.  For Junic and most importantly for Monica’s sake.

Emie wants her and Benjie to sleep together as she is trying to seduce him like before.  But Benjie appears uninterested and tells Emie to go sleep by herself.

Monica asks Sharina if she is OK now.  Sharina pretends for her sister’s sake, “OK lang ako. “  She finds comfort in the fact that her relationship with Benjie didn’t go deeper, more serious.  “At least di tuluyang nahulog ang loob ko sa kanya.”  She wonders if Benjie was really able to talk Junic or was he just fooling them.  Monica isn’t sure but she thinks Benjie did some research and found a lot of information about Junic and her.  She tells her sister it’s best they get some sleep but Sharina seems unable to, her thoughts filled with doubts, her heart in too much pain.

Emie knows Benjie is thinking about Sharina and taunts him. “Tingin mo gusto ka pa noon?”  Asking Benjie if he thinks Sharina likes him still despite the fact that he killed her sister’s fiance.  She tells him, “Ikaw tanggap kita, kahit mamamatay tao ka pa.”  She accepts Benjie for who he is, even if he is a cold-blooded killer.

Benjie turns to Emie and asks her why she loves him despite everthing.  Emie just shrugs, because that’s how love is and she loves him.  Benjie says he can relate.  He understands how Emie feels because that is exactly how he feels for Sharina.  He loves her, despite everything, even if it was her to told the police about him.

Emie echoes the same, “Eh siya pa mismo nagturo sa pulis na hulihin ka.”  And asks Benjie to love her instead, “Bakit di na lang ako ang mahalin mo?”

Benjie is sad but he can’t lie to Emie.  “Pasensiya ka na Emie.”  He doesn’t love her.  He loves Sharina.

Sharina and Monica are asleept.  Benjie climbs up and is at Sharina’s window calling her name.  She awakens and sees him.  She demands what he’s doing there, “Benjie?  Anong ginagawa mo dito?”

She warns him, “Pag di ka umalis, tatawag ako ng pulis,” she’s going to call the police is he doesn’t leave.

But Benjie pleads with her, tellingher not to call them, that he is innocent. “Wag kang tumawag ng pulis.  Wala akong kasalanan.”

Sharina points to him the evidence against him.  But Benjie insists he is innocent and adds that he loves her. “Mahal kita.”

But Sharina only got upset when he said this, telling him to stop, “Tumigil ka!” 

He kept saying he loves her and she kept telling him to stop, “Tumigil ka na!”

Abangan:  Gimo decides to kill Monica to make her stop meddling.

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