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My Beloved Episode 24 – The one with the near-death experience and all that kissing in the rain!

My Beloved Episode 24 – The one with the near-death experience and all that kissing in the rain!
Aired in the UAE on 16th March 2012

Benjie gets shot.  Sharina is by his side, crying.  Black sundos come and Benjie says, “Ayoko” not wanting to be taken by them, sensing death coming.  Benjie recalls Roan’s words, he is now mortal, in a mortal body, susceptible to a mortal death.  Benjie wards them off, “Lumayo kayo, ayaw ko sumama sa inyo.  Ayoko pa mamatay.  Ayaw ko pumunta sa impyerno.” 

Sharina is confused with what Benjie is mumbling.  “Anong sinasabi mo?”

Benjie tells her, “Sharina, kung huling araw ko na sa mundo, gusto ko malaman mo na ikaw ang pinakamagandang nangyari sa akin.  Na naging tao ako.”  He loses consciousness.  Sharina calls him, “Benjie?” 

Sundo takes the other man who was shot.  Nelson shot him, “Patay na siya. Nabaril ko.” 

Sharina calls Nelson and Monica to help her.  They need to take Benjie to the hospital.

In the hospital, Benjie is being rushed to an emergency room but he still is unconscious.  Sharina tells him to fight, “Lumaban ka Benjie.”  His head glows.  Oh no! 

She turns to Monica to tell her she is worried Benjie may not make it.  Monica seems unaffected and bored, wanting to go home instead.  Sharina loses it, screams she’s not leaving until she is certain Benjie is out of danger. 

Monica shrugs, “Di naman natin kaano-ano yan,” again asks her sister, “uwi na tayo?”

Sharina is now upset, “Naririnig mo ba ang sinasabi mo?  Niligtas ni Benjie and buhay ko!”

Gimo and Tikyo are sake it’s the other rapist baddie that got shot.  Tikyo admits he is worried about Benjie but Gimo punches him.  He is angry with what Benjie did.  “Gagong Benjie yan.  Dapat nga mamatay na siya para wala nang problema!” 

Emie arrives at Lola Inday’s looking for Benjie.  Lola Inday asks if Emie prepared dinner for Benjie but she says “Ayaw ng putaheng inihanda ko sa kanya.”  Lola Inday is preparing dinner herself and suddenly the plate she is holding drops.  She gets a really bad vibe, “Parang may masamang nangyari sa apo ko.”  [Wait ha, Lola Inday overacting kayo, yung totoo nyong apo nasusunog na sa impyerno.  Technically, di mo apo si Arlan dahil mas matanda pa siya sa iyo.]

Benjie in the hospital is hooked to machines.  He flatlines.  Arlan leaves Benjie’s body.

Tikyo also arrives and tells Lola Inday and Emie that Benjie got shot. 

Arlan doesn’t want to go yet, he isn’t ready to die and leave Sharina.  Junic appears to mock him.  “Patay ka na.  Pareho na tayo.  Patas na tayo.”  [Hoy Junic, you should thank him, di ba you ran to ask for his help, di ka pa nga nag-ta-thank you!  Sama ng ugali mong spirito ka, dapat kuhanin ka ng mga itim na sundo eh! In the first place kung di ka nagtetelebabad on duty with Monica, di ha nabaril.  May sikyu bang eetang-etang?! Ay meron…ikaw!]

Benjie tells Junic he is not really Benjie, thus he couldn’t have killed him.  He is not Junic’s killer.  But black sundos come making Arlan panic, he runs away from them.  “Huwag!  Huwag nyo ako sunduin.”

Arlan escapes.  Black sundos take an old woman.  [Aning itong si Arlan, di naman pala siya ang susunduin!]  Arlan keeps running.  The sundo seem to follow him but actually take another man in a stretcher.

Sharina is still at the hospital, Nelson and Monica still with her.  She asks the doctor how Benjie is.  The doctor apologises, looking grim, “Sorry miss, ginawa na namin ang lahat.”

Sharina senses something wrong, prods the doctor to be more clear with his statement, “Wala na si Benjie?  Anong sinasabi ninyo?  Hindi ko maintindihan!”  She cries.  Arlan sees her, tries to touch her.

The nurse is preparing Benjie’s body to be taken to the morgue.  Suddenly, he sits up scaring the nurse who calls for the doctor.

Nelson gives Sharina and Monica coffee.  The doctor comes back to tell them, “This is a rare case.”  It is plain miraculous for Benjie to come back from the dead!  Sharina is very happy.  Benjie lives!

Benjie in bed, Sharina watches over him.  Sharina, “Dalawang beses mo nang niligtas ang buhay ko.  Akala ko mawawala ka na.  Di ko pala kaya.  Mahal kita.  Mahal na mahal kita Benjie” pours her heart out to Benjie, fearing she almost lost him, realising she can’t bear to lose him, knowing for certain she loves him, very, very much.

Benjie smiles.  Sharina thought he is awake, “Benjie?”  But no, he slumbers on.

Lola Inday, Emie, Tikyo, Rico and Pepay all came to the hospital.  They try to find Benjie.  Lola Inday is angry at Benjie for getting shot.  She says, “aatakihin ako sa batang yan, papatayin ko yang Benjie na yan!”  Pepay reminds her granmother why they are there, “Ligtas na nga, papatayin nyo pa.” 

Emie asks Tikyo how Benjie got shot.  Tikyo lies about the real reason for the shooting, that they intended to kills Monica.  What he said was, “Galing ako sa saklaan.  May narinig akong putukan.  Si Benjie, kasama si Sharina.  Nabaril…”

This angers Emie and she attacks Sharina, pulling her hair.  Sharina, surprised at her reaction asks, “Anong kasalanan ko sa iyo?”  Emie tells her she’s the reason why Benjie almost died.  Sharina fights back, “Ginusto ko ba ang nangyari sa kanya?”  She adds she only went there to thank Benjie.  Emie tells her if she’s done that already, she can now leave, “Pwes, umalis ka na.”

Monica to Sharina, “Buti hindi natuloy pagkaka-gahasa at pagpatay sa atin.”  Sharina tells her it was a good thing Benjie saved them.  But Monica reminds her there is one other they should be thankful to, Nelson, who Monica thinks was the one who really saved them.  He shot the man who was trying to kill them.    Sharina insists that it was Benjie who saved them.  Monica sours, comments, “lagi lang naman kasi si Benjie ang nakikita mo eh.”

Monica tells her sister what she thinks.  That Benjie set the whole thing up so that he can “save”  Sharina and Monica and look like the hero to everyone when in fact he set it all up so they’d forget about him being Junic’s killer. 

Benjie is reminiscing what he overheard, Sharina telling him she loves him.  He comes to and sees what he thinks is Sharina sleeping by his side.  He touches her head softly.  “Sharina?”  It’s Emie.

He starts up, “Emie?”  Emie gets sarcastic, “Oo, ako nga.  Ako na nagbabatay sa iyo, si Sharina pa rin hinahanap mo?  Kalimutan mo kasi ang babaing yon.”

The police go through Sharina’s house and finds nothing missing so it wasn’t the usual breaking and entering.  Monica tells them the reason the baddies came was to kill them.  Police wonder who would do it and Monica has a ready answer, “Yung grupo nina Benjie.”  [I’m starting to dislike how Monica is now so selfish, self-centered, narrow-minded bitch!]

Nelson and Monica seem to agree to this theory, that it was all just a setup but Sharina disagrees.  “Imposible, nabaril si Benje para iligtas ako.  Imposible na ilagay nya ang buhay nya sa panganib.”

Nelson boasts, “Nasira lang plano nya nung dumating ako. 

Monica adds, “Palabas nya lang lahat yon, para magmukha siyang bayani.”

The argument threatens to escalate but the police stops it from getting anywhere by assuring them that they will do their best to get to the bottom of this.

Emie asks aloud why Benjie is so in love with Sharina.  Rico adds that Benjie has forgotten all about their gang over that woman.  Lola Inday joins the gripe session adding not just his friends but more his family.  She declares Sharina as a bad influence on Benjie.

Emie fears Benjie might drop them all like a hot potato over Sharina.  Lola Inday swears that day will never come, “Hindi ako papayag.  May naisip akong paraan.  Sa ayaw at sa gusto ng Benjie na yan, ipapakasal ko siya sa iyo.”  Emie smiles, loving Lola Inday’s idea.

Police ask some women about a certain Guillermo Santos.  It’s Gimo.  The ladies are drinking and tell the police that at the time of whatever it is they are investigating, Gimo is also drinking with them.  This covers Gimo, his alibi taken care of. 

Emie comes to visit Benjie at the hospital with a basket of fruits but he’s nit there.  She asks the nurse thinking he might have gotten discharged.  But the nurse says he couldn’t be as his wound is still bleeding and fresh, he has to stay in hospital for a while.  Emie is worried, “Saan nagpunta yon?”

It’s pouring rain.  Benjie is at Sharina’s gate.  Sharina opens the gate.  She’s got an umbrella open.  “Benjie?” 

“Sharina.”  His smile says it all.

Monica and Nelson want the police to capture Benjie.  “Sana mahuli bago magtiwala ate ko sa kanya.”

Sharina is surprised to see him there, “Anong ginagawa mo dito?”  Benjie just wants to know if she is safe, “Gusto ko lang malaman kung ligtas ka.”

Sharina asks if he should be in hospital still.  “Di ba dapat nasa ospital ka? Halika, ihahatid kita.”

Benjie, “Mahal kita.  Mahal mo din ako.”  Sharina asks how he knows about how she feels, asks if he was awake then as she was almost sure he was unconscious.  Benjie reasons, “Tulog ang katawan ko pero hindi ang diwa ko.”

He kisses her.  She raises a leg, like in the movies, like Princess Diaries.  Kids jump and plays in the rain, splashing at each other, jumping into puddles. 

The pair is oblivious to this all, only aware of their kiss.  Other people see the loved up pair and smile, how nice it feels to be in love.  They hug in the rain, both are soaking wet know, the umbrella cast aside.

Benjie looks into Sharina’s eyes, “Ngayon sabihin mo sa akin na hindi mo ako mahal.”

Sharina gives him the sweetest smile, “Mahal na mahal kita Benjie.”

They are both so happy they can only hug each other tight. 

Abangan:  Monica angry at Sharina.  “Di ko mapapatawad yang Benjieng yan!” 

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