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My Beloved Episode 14 – The One with the Group Hug

My Beloved Episode 14 – The One with the Group Hug
Aired March 1, UAE

Benjie now remembers all.  He is Arlan.  But how did he become Benjie?  The sundo takes the man who just got electrocuted as the crowd gathers, looking at his remains.  No one but Benjie sees the sundo and the man’s spirit.  He calls the sundo by name, “Roan!” [Played by Fabio Ide from Comedy Bar]

Roan is surprised a mortal can see him, or call him by name.  “Nakikita mo ako?  Paano mo nalaman kung sino ako?”

Junic is happy Sharina made it just in time to stop Monica from taking all the sleeping pills.  Monica is crying, telling her sister she wants to see Junic so badly.  She wants to be with Junic and dying is the only way.  But Sharina tells her that she promised their father that she’s not going to allow anything bad to happen to her.  She tells Monica that if she goes, what will happen to her?  Sharina would be all alone by then.    “Paano naman ako?”  What about me, Sharina asks her sister.  This seems to calm Monica who still says she badly misses Junic and wants to see him.

Roan couldn’t belive it.  How can a sundo become mortal.  We see sundos come and accompany spirits to a boat that crosses worlds, mortals and spirits.  Roans tells Arben that it has been a long time since he had seen Arlan. 

Arben admits he’d been punished but his question is why this, why is he being punished like this?  To be a mortal.    Arlan tells the sundo that he is sorry for his mistakes and asks what he must do to be a sundo again.  But Roan discourages him, “Kalimutan mo na ang pagiging sundo.  Isa ka nang ganap na mortal.”

Monica wants to be with Junic but Sharina reminds her asking her whether she thinks Junic would be happy seeing her like this.    Also her plan to join Junic is wrong.  Suicide is wrong.  Junic calms down, grateful for Sharina’s intervention.  He tells Monica to listen to her sister, “Tama ang ate mo,” what she says is right.  Monica admits she doesn’t know what she’s doing anymore.  Sharina tells her to have patience, she and Junic will be together again, at the right time.  “Balang araw magkikita kayo ni Junic.  May tamang panahon.  May tamang oras.”

Lola Inday reads the news as Rico arrives with a new cellphone given by Gimo which they will use in their next operations.  Lola Inday reminds Rico to be careful as until now, Gimo and Benjie are at the brink of being caught by the police.  Rico assures his grandmother that this time, they won’t even be using any guns.  Lola Inday asks if Benjie is going to go with them to which Rico replies no, not this time as Gimo doesn’t want to see Benjie.  Lola Inday sighs, it seems Benjie is set on being a sculptor.  She doesn’t even see it this is the right thing to do, thinking her grandson had gone over the edge and gone mad.

Arben tells Roan he wants to be a sundo again but Roan makes him see his palms.  They now have lines unlike a sundo’s palms that are blank.  No destiny.  But Arben insists he is Arlan, a sundo and jumps off the bridge.  He falls in the water.  Roan tells him clearly he is now a mortal as any sundo wouldn’t have fallen.  He tells Arben to accept his destiny.  Arben questions his purnishment.  If he had to become mortal, why wasn’t he born?  Why did he have to take over this body, the body of a bad man.  Roan shrugs and says maybe that too is part of his punishment and leaves.  Arben calls to him but he’s gone.  Instead Rico is there, asking him if he swam as he is dripping wet.  Somewhat pissed Arben said he didn’t try to bathe.  When Rico asks why he’s all wet, Arben just answered he’d forgotten he can no longer fly.  Rico attributes all these to hallucinations brought about by hunger and calls his brother to go home and eat.

Monica and Lucy are talking.  Lucy asks Monica why she did what she did and didn’t she know that what she wanted to do was wrong.  Monica accepts her friend’s chastisement and admits she did feel something.  Lucy asks whether it was cold wind.  Monica shares she couldn’t really remember.

Rico lights a cigarette and Arben tells him that smoking is bad.  Rico only laughs reminding his older brother that it was him who taught Rico how to smoke.  Flashback.  Arben asks Rico, “Kaya ka ba naging masama, dahil sa akin?”  So you are bad because of me? 

Rico tells him it’s not bad to be able to put food on the table, to be able to live.  He asks when Arben will be cured of his amnesia as he is already getting tired of answering his queries.

The police are with the rich older brother of one of Lizette’s friends, the one Rico and baddie friend conned and stole his cellphone but Lizetter returned.  He sees Rico with Arben and recognizes him as one of the duo who conned him.  He alerts the police and asks them to catch Rico despite Arben’s attempts to stop them, “Sandali, teka…teka”

Arben gets home and Lola Inday is preparing supper, setting the table and feeding young Pepay.  Arben tells her that Rico had been taken by the police.  Lola Inday panics, instructs Pepay to run to a certain Michael and Pepay runs.  Arben asks where they are going and Lola Inday says they are going to get her grandson, his brother out of jail.  Arben still confused about being mortal denies he has any brother, he is a sundo.  Lola Inday whacks him on the head cursing him for allowing his brother to be taken.  She rushes him to go to the police station at once.

Sharina reminds Monica that Junic will never leave her because in her heart and mind, he will always be there.  She asks her sister if the police have any more lead regading Junic’s shooter but Monica shakes her head, no.

At the Police station Lola Inday talks to the head telling them the stolen phone had been returned so why not let Rico go.  “Naisoli naman pala bakit hinuli pa?”

But the police explains it was returned by other means.  Lola Inday pleads to give this one to her.  The policeman acquiesces  to release Rico.    “Arbor ko na, pakawalan nyo na ang apo ko.”

Lola Inday is a bit peeved at why Arlan allowed his brother to be caught in the first place.  Arlan is confused.  Lola Indat explains Rico is his brother, his family.  You do not leave family.  “Kapatid mo, pamilya tayo, walang iwanan.”

Ricos comes and Lola Inday hugs him telling his she won’t allow him to be in jail.  Lola Inday  calls Benjie to come closer and join the group hug.  She tells her grandchildren that she loves them all.  Arben feels awkward at this display of mortal affection but at the same time feels fascinated by it.

Sharina shares to Monica that she envies what Monica and Junic had.  How they love each other so much and how her sister wants to be with Junic so badly, even to the point of wanting to commit suicide.  She on the one hand has yet to find the one for her.  “Ako, akalo ko nahanap ko na, yun pala, guni-guni ko lang.”  I thought I have found the one, but it wasn’t him, it was only my imagination.

She continues almost to herself.  “Hindi ikaw si Benjie at hindi si Benjie and dapat kong mahalin.” 

It’s back and Lola Inday’s home and everyone is getting ready for bed.  Just to rekindle family bonds, Lola Inday decides everyone will sleep together on the floor. She tells them that since they were kids, they all slept together like this and reminds Rico he owe her for bail money she used to take him out of prison. 

Pepay and Rico are already settled and starting to sleep.  She calls Benjie to sleep beside her and hugs him as they all sleep.    “Lika, higa.  Tulog na.”  Arben is confused.  Why is it that he cannot turn down this human need for affection.  Why does he like to be hugged by his supposed to be grandmother?

Arlan tells this to Roan who confirms he is now indeed mortal as he now has feelings, one thing the sundo does not have, emotions.  Arben is confused about his many different feelings to which Roan reminds him that affection is not only felt for family members but for others as well.  I’m guessing Arben’s feelings for Sharina comes to mind.

Sharina and Desa joined the church community program to spread the good news about God in the community.  Sharina talks to Lola Inday who is a skeptic and tells Sharina that sometime in the past, she badly needed God to hear her prayers but it seemed that she wasn’t heard.  Since then, she had lost the faith.  Desa sees Benjie and calls Sharina’s attention to her ‘poging manlililok’ to which Sharina’s expression suddenly changed.  “Manloloko siya.  Di naman sya talaga manlililok.  Ayaw ko na siya makita.”  She doesn’t want to see him and wants to avoid him. 

But Benjie sees her and recalls their kiss, their moments.  Benjie asks himself, “Mahal ko na si Sharina?” if he loves Sharina. 

Sharina looks around for an excuse to leave.  Desa supports her.   “Alis ka na, ako na magsasabi kay father,”  telling her friend to go ahead.  Sharina leaves.

Police have a sketch of the suspect.  It’s Gimo. 

The bad gang plan their next project.  Gimo tells them that this is important and if anything should happen, no one gets left behind.

Benjie follows Sharina home.  At the gate, he calls her and she runs but Benjie catches up and asks for her to wait.  Sharina asks why he is following her.  He says he just wants to explain the truth.  Benjie tells her he is not a criminal.  But Sharina panics and calls after their neighbors for help in case Benjie tries anything funny.  Benjie in his own panic blurts out, “Isa aking sundo, mahal kita.”

Abangan:  Benjie meets Dino.

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