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My Beloved Episode 22 - The one with no evidence but a lot of tattoos

My Beloved Episode 22 -  The one with no evidence but a lot of tattoos
Aired in the UAE on 14th March 2012

Everyone is shocked to see so many tattoos that the the same.  The PIs have no words.  Gimo asks, “so pwede isa sa amin ang pumatay, hindi si Benjie.”  Now it is not beyond reasonable doubt.  Anyone of them can be the said gunman.

Tikyo ceases the moment to further confuse the cops “Ako ang pumatay.”  Admitting to killing Junic.  But Rico says, no, it’s in fact him.  Gimo joins, claiming it is him who killed Junic.  Even Benjie is confused and he asks, “Teka, ako ang pumatay, di ba?” 

Monica cries, justice for Junic is slipping out of her hands, demanding the polis to jail Benjie, “Ikulong nyo si Benjie”.  The police are in a bind unsure of the next step so the chief decides to put all the tattooed guys in jail, “Ikulong lahat yan!”

Lola Inday seems to get on well with Grace and teaches her how to collect the money for the ‘hueteng’ an illegal numbers game famous in the Philippines.   Both are happy at how their arrangement seems to be working well and they’re making good money.  Meanwhile, Lola Inday’s minons, Michael and Jackson arrive to tell her both Rico and Benjie have been imprisoned.

 Sharina can’t believe all the baddies have the same tattoo.  Desa suggests that perhaps it’s a mark of some gang.  Nelson notices that the police now have a hard time pinpointing the killer.  Monica opines that all should be jailed as all of them are bad elements and criminals.  “Dapat, lahat sila makulong.  Lahat sila magnanakaw!”

Tikyo feels it is now the end, as they’ve been locked behind bars, “Naku paano yan, nakulong na tayo?”  But Gimo assures him the police have nothing on them and with no case to keep them, they’ll soon be set free.  They just have to wait a while.

Sharina is at home busy on her laptop.  She’s researching about the gang who put tattoos like wings on their backs to members.  Bagwis Gang.   Monica tells her it’s late and they should all sleep now.  Sharina assures her she’s just finishing up some accounting and will join her soon, keeping her research about the tatooed gang to herself.

The police chief tells one of his men to set the gangsters free.  A PI interrupts telling him he can’t do that.  But the chief says it is orders from upstairs.  “Utos galing sa taas, yun ang order.” It seems Gimo has some heavy contacts at the higher ups.

When they are set free, Gimo even comments, “Sabi na makakalabas din tayo.  Di nila tayo kaya.”  Seemingly boasting they are above the law with his contact.

The chief tells them to go or he might change his mind and keep them locked up.  Benjie doesn’t want to be set free, he wants to stay and pay for what he has done, killing Junic, and tries to stay behind.  Rico tries to talk some sense into him and in the end he was forced to leave with his gang mates. 

Outside the police station, Benjie continues to tell his mates that what they are doing is wrong, “Mali ito.  Ako ang pumatay kay Junic.”  Rico reminds him he has amnesia so he shouldn’t really recall any of those events that night.  So no one is sure who killed Junic.  And now they all have the same tattoo.

Benjie asks who really killed Junic.  Gimo tells him he doesn’t have to know who.  “Di mo na kailangan malaman.”  [So may chance na si Gimo nga pumatay at di si Benjie, even if he was the bad Benjie?]
Nelson and Sharina at the gate, with the latter commenting at the former’s seemingly early visit.  “Ang aga mo naman, halika pasok ka.”  Motioning for Nelson to come inside.

Nelson has bad news for the sisters, “Pinalaya na sina Benjie.”  Benjie and his mates have been set free.
Monica questions him, “Bakit?”  Why?  Nelson tells them that the police lack any real evidence, to which Monica comments that they can’t do such a thing.  Benjie arrives and Monica is immediately incensed and attacks him, “Anong ginagawa mo dito?  Walang hiya ka!”  What are you doing here?  You have no shame to come here!

But Benjie takes it and tells them, he wants to speak to Sharina.  This only further angers Monica yelling at him to leave.  That he is waving his freedom in her face.   “Luamayas ka!  Ang yabang mo!”

Sharina tries to pull Monica stopping her sister from inflicting any more physical attacks on Benjie.

Benjie still wants to talk to Sharina and tells her, “Sharina, gusto lang kita makausap.” 

Monica yells at him to leave, “Lumayas ka!  Ayaw kong makita ang apgmumukha mo!”  She doesn’t want to see him.  Just them Gimo, Tikyo and Rico arrive calling Benjie.  Monica lashes at them too, “A kapal ng mga mukha ninyo.  Mabubulok kayo sa bilangguan!”  How dare you show your faces here.  You’ll all rot in prison!

The four baddies walk away.  Gimo is upset with Benjie.  He doesn’t know what to do with his bestfriend anymore, after helping him out of jail, he is back at the very people who put him there.  “Di ki na alam ang gagawin ko Benjie, tinulungan ka na nga makalabas sa kulungan, andun ka na naman?”

Benjie tells his friends he loves Sharina.  Gimo asks, “Mahal?”  This is all about love?  Gimo orders Tikyo to bang Benjie’s head against a brick wall to put him back in his right mind.  “Iuntog nyo nga ito!”  Tikyo tries to do it too, if Rico hadn’t been there to stop him [this is a funny scene]

Gimo tells Benjie that the object of his affection is the same one who had him jailed.  She doesn’t love you, so stop all this.  “Di mo na nakikita, yang babaeng yan mismo ang nagpakulong sa iyo!  Di ka nya mahal.  Tigilan mo na.”

Rico echoes Gimo’s words, “Tama kuya, tigilan mo na.”  That’s right big brother, stop it.

Monica asks her sister why they let all those baddies, especially Benjie go.  Sharina makes a guess, perhaps Benjie isn’t really the one who killed Junic.  Monica gets irritated by how Sharina seems to be on Benjie’s side instead of hers, “Ano ka ba?  Bakit mas kumakampi ka pa kay Benjie?”

Sharina is hopeful, “Baka hindi sila ang pumatay, “  Maybe it wasn’t them who killed Junic.  Monica is now upset, telling Sharina she’s acting the way she does because she still loves Benjie, “Ano dahil mahal mo pa, ganoon?”  She asks Nelson to accompany her to the police station and leaves still angry at her sister.

Lola Inday is happy her grandsons are home and says she  prepared something special, a special meal, to celebrate their freedom.  She calls everyone for a group hug and although feeling awkward, the boys and Pepay do it.    Then invites everyone to eat.  Rico finds Grace hiding uder the table and calls her to come out.  Grace thought she saw Gimo so she hid.  Rico assures her Gimo isn’t there and Grace comes out.  Benjie sees her and asks who she is.  Pepay whispers to him telling him she’s Rico’s girlfriend.  Rico introduces Grace to his brother.  Lola Inday is happy and feeds her grandchildren.

Monica asks the police if the CCTV footage isn’t enough to condemn the killer, with the tattoo.  The police tells her the tattoo just made it worse but not to worry since the same baddies are still tagged as suspects.
A police that is also a contact of Gimo calls him and warns him about Monica.  He also suggests Gimo should go in hiding, lie low for a while.

Gimo thanks his contact and ends the call.  He is getting angry at Monica and her meddling.  “Napipikon na ako sa Monicang yan ah!  Ayaw tumigil!  Nagpapatulong kung kani-kanino.”

Tikyo suggest they get lost for a while, “Batse muna tayo,”  but Gimo has an idea.  “Di ba gusto nya makasama ang syota na?  Pwede naman silang magsama eh, sa kabilang buhay.”  He can solve Monica’s problem.  If she really wants to be with her dead boyfriend, she call just be dead herself.  Gimo plans his move on silencing Monica and sending her to join Junic in the afterlife.

Desa tries to cheer Sharina up.  But she seems inconsolable because Monica is upset with her.  Desa assures her that it won’t be long until her sister forgives her.  “Di ka naman matitiis non.”

Sharina now sees the error she’s made.  “Tama si Monica, mas kinampihan ko pa si Benjie.”  Desa asks her if she personally believes that Benjie is innocent.  Sharina isn’t sure stating she might be blinded by her feelings for him but she hopes that he is innocent.  She adds that as far as she knows about Benjie, he is no killer and he even saved her life before.

Desa agrees but cautions her that men can pretend to be like angels.  Sharina makes a hard decision, “Para sa ikatatahimik ng lahat, kakalimutan ko na si Benjie.”  For everyone’s sake, she will forget about her feelings for Benjie.

Junic comes for Benjie telling him that the police shouldn’t have let him go.  But Benjie asks Junic if he is 100 per cent sure it was Benjie who shot him.   Junic stops for a few seconds and admits he doesn’t know but he thinks it’s Benjie.  He tells the fallen angel that if not for him, he and Monica would have been married by now.  They would be starting their own family.  He uses his anger to scatter Benjies clothes all over the room.

Monica and Nelson along with some policemen revisit a witness who identified Gimo on a previous interview.  On the night of the ATM robbery, the witness was able to describe a sketch that looks like Gimo.  They show him the same sketch but he retracts saying he might have made a mistake, his description doesn’t look anything like the sketch they are holding.  The PI tells Nelson and Monica that without a witness, they have no case.

Inside, Gimo and Tikyo hide behind the door to keep the man from divulging anything damaging about Gimo and his gang.  Gimo gives his approval, “Tama yan, di ka dapat nakikipag-usap sa mga pulis.”  The scared man nods his head.  Tikyo is glad Gimo’s police contact warned them about a new sketch.
Gimo just gets more angry at Monica. “Sumusobra na yang Monicang yan!”

Grace is about to leave to do her “kubrador” duties when Rico stops her, asking her where she thinks she’s going.  Lola Inday tells him Grace is a fast-learner and she wants to earn some money.  They share in the earnings.  Rico shakes his head and tells them Grace can’t be the collector.  He is hiding him from Gimo and now she is roaming around everywhere collecting money from all these people.  Lola Inday asks him what his plans are for Grace.  Emie arrives looking for Benjie.  She goes upstairs.  Rico gets an idea and pulls Grace along to come with him.

Junic is still lashing out on Benjie who just takes it all.  “Kung di dahil sa iyo, buhay pa ako.”  If not for you, I’d still be alive.  Emie apprears and asks Benjie what he is doing and why all his clothes are in such disarray.  She dismisses all the mess and hugs Benjie happy that he is set free.  She adds that she won’t be able to take it if he was imprisoned.  She professes her love for Benjie.

Sharina is waiting by the gate.  Nelson and Monica arrive and Monica thanks Nelson for all his help as she goes inside not even acknowledging her sister.  Sharina sees that Monica is still upset with her.  Nelson assures her that Monica still feels bad and she should just be patient and understand her sister’s situation.  Like Desa he adds that Monica won’t stay angry with her for long. 

Sharina thanks Nelson for all his help.  Nelson answers, “Basta ikaw Sharina.  Alam mo naman na malakas ka sa akin.”  Telling her he’d do anyhting for her.

The baddies, Gimo and Tikyo and two others are together discussing their move on Monica.  Tikyo asks Gimo if he is really sure they are going to do this.  Gimo says this is the only way.  Tikyo asks what about Sharina.  Gimo is practical, “Pag nang-istorbo  siya, tirahin din natin.”  We’ll kill her if she gives us any trouble.  They wear masks and get ready to break in and enter  Sharina’s house.

ABANGAN:  Gimo shoots Sharina, Benjie calls her name.

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