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Episode 18 – The One with the Sketch

Episode 18 – The One with the Sketch
March 8, 2012 – UAE

Sharina tells Benjie honestly that she cannot answer his question, “Pasensiya ka na Benjie, kung hindi ko masasagot ang tanong mo sa akin.”

Benjie, “Bakit?”

Sharina admits she is unsure of her feelings.  She needs time to think things over and it’s not easy giving an answer at the moment.

Benjie relents saying he understands her but adds that if what they feel is true love, then they should really not waste any more time, seeing that it seems to be mutual.

But Sharina insists she needs more time.  She tells Benjie she wants to get to know him better but she just couldn’t answer his question that instant.

Gimo talks to Trixie, who is actually Grace, “Hoy babae, ewan kung anong sinasabi ng tatay mo, pero sino ka ba talaga?”  Grace blurts out she is not Trixie and that she’d been telling them since that she is not the heiress but no one seems to pay her any heed. 

Rico covering his tracks so he wouldn’t be blamed for this bungled operations points out that if she is not Trixie, why is she wearing expensive, designer clothing.  Grace shrugs telling them she likes wearing her boss’ clothes, “Type ko isuot ang damit ng amo ko.”

Sharina couldn’t sleep.  She thinks of the kiss she shared with Benjie.  She gets up and takes the portrait.  She tells it that she doesn’t know what her feelings for Benjie are.  Does she like Benjie because he looks like the guy in the portrait, does is she really falling for Benjie?  “Gusto ba kita dahil kamukha mo or dahil mahal na kita?”

Monica is actually awake and teases her sister, “Ate mahal mo na si Benjie.”  You love him.

But Sharina pretends not to know, “Anong sinasabi mo?”

She tells her elder sister that Junic and her were the same and that she used to talk to herself like that too.  But it’s only at the beginning.

Sharina reveals she is confused, “Naguguluhan ako.”

Monica assures her it’s just now but later, it will get sweeter. “Masarap, lalo na kung laging kasama.”

Pepay and Benjie talk and it’s about the flowers he gave Sharina, since he gave her funeral flowers which is a bit funny.  Pepay asks if Sharina liked it, afraid that her kuya got busted for giving the wrong kind of flowers.  But Benjie assured her that Sharina did like them.  To be safe, Pepay advises her kuya to give his lady love chocolates instead.  Lots of chocolates.

The baddie gang is in a bind.  They’ve got the wrong girl and now can’t seem to think what to do with her.  Tikboy points out that they cannot release her lest she run to tell the police and she can identify them, them not wearing any mask.

Rico tells Grace that she was just pretending afterall.  Grace pleads him to let her go.
Gimo tells them they have to get rid of her.  Rico is not comfortable with the suggestion and asks, how.  Gimo tells him since he is the newest member and he was the one who grabbed the wrong girl, them it is up to him how.  All he wants is to not see the girl anymore the next day.  So Rico has to deal with her.

Rico worries as the gang leaves, making him in-charge of poor Grace.

Pepay comes with Benjie at the workshop.  Seems like Lola Inday had to be somewhere and no one is left at home to look after Pepay.  Benjie asks Pepay to forgive him for having to take her with him to work but Pepay doesn’t mind.  He teaches his sister some woodworks as Sharina watches, intrigued all the more with the mysterious Benjie.

Sharina gives water to Benjie and asks about Pepay.  She’d already been picked up by Lola Inday and had gone home.  Sharina asks why the little girl isn’t in school when she seems to be a bright kid.  Benjie admits that Pepay is indeed smart and in fact, she taught him some stuff.  When Sharina asks, which stuff, he tells her it was Pepay who taught him how to court a girl.  He remembers Pepay’s suggestion about the chocolates and gives a pack of it to Sharina.

Sharina is glad to see how close he seems to be with his sibling.  She says she understands as she too is quite close with her sister, Monica.  Emie sees this exchange and gets angry, looking at how Sharina and Benjie getting along and enjoying conversing with one another.

She asks Benjie, “Ano ba meron yang babaeng yan at bakit mo ako pinagpalit sa kanya? What does she have that you dumped me for her?

Benjie simply said he loves Sharina.  “Siya ang mahal ko.”

Emie gives him a scenario, “Eh paano kung sabihin ko sa iyong buntis ako,” What if Emie is pregnant?

Sharina doesn’t want to hear the truth of this so she takes leave, “May mahalaga yata kayong pinaguusapan,” closes the door of her home.

Benjie, a bit disconcerted asks Emie, “Buntis ka ba talaga?”  Are you really pregnant?

Emie answers with another question, “Kung buntis ba ako, babalikan mo ako”  If I was, would you come back to me?

Benjie repeats his first reply, “Si Sharina na ang mahal ko.”  I love Sharina.

Grace wakes up Rico telling him to release her already.  Rico tells her no as she will just go alert the police but she promises not to tell.  Rico is in a pickle what to do with her.  It’s clear he doesn’t really want to kill her.  Maybe he even likes her.

Benjie knocks on Sharina’s door telling her that what Emie was insinuating earlier is not true.  But Sharina is upset.  She claims he is only toying with Monica and her and he’d better put a stop to all of it.  Benjie was about to explain his side but Sharina again closes the door, this time with a loud slam.

He is about to leave when Junic, well his ghost, shows up and comments that it seems they are fighting again, Sharina and Benjie.  Benjie complains that Sharina doesn’t want to believe him.  He asks Junic for advise on what to do.

Benjie and Tikboy are in church.  Tikboy is again uncomfortable being in holy surroundings, him being such a baddie asks what they are doing there.  “Baka magliyab tayo dito.”

Benjie says he needs to talk to Sharina.  Sharina is commentator at the mass and stops when she sees Benjie there.  She pauses but continues reading.

Grace pleads again asking Rico to set her free.  Rico fears Gimo’s wrath if he does so and tells her.  Grace now tells him straight what is going to happen to her, “Ayaw mo akong patayin pero ayaw mo rin akong pakawalan.  Pag dumating sila, tiyak patay ako.”  Telling Rico when Gimo and the other baddies arrive, she will be dead for sure.  They won’t hesitate like Rico.  They will really get rid of her.  She tells Rico that they didn’t have any plans of setting her free in the first place.  They all didn’t wear any masks meaning she could all identify him.  In baddie world, that means they didn’t really plan on letting her live.

Tikboy tells Benjie that Gimo is looking for him so he’s got to go. But before leaving he wishes Benjie goodluck in his efforts to woo Sharina.  “Blowout ka pag sinagot ka.”

Sharina tries to be hard on Benjie, tells him to stop bothering her.  But Benjie says he won’t claiming Sharina was the reason why his life has changed so much.  “Ikaw ang dahilan kung bakit nagbago ang buhay ko.”

Monica arrives bringing a gift for Sharina that Junic had kept at his house.  Benjie tells them that it was Junic who revealed this to him.  He says no one knows about it but Junic plans to give the gift to Sharina on his and Monica’s wedding day.  Sharina opens the box.  It’s an angel.

Flashback to a time when Junic was still alive and had just become Monica’s boyfriend. He was so happy and gave Sharina a gift.  It was a small figurine of an angel as Monica told him, Sharina likes angel figurines.  He tells Sharina it is part of a pair.  He says he’ll give the other one when he and Monica are already married.

Sharina cries.  Monica asks her why.  Sharina hugs Benjie, convinced for now that he can really talk to Junic as no one, not even Monica knew about this.   Benjie hugs Sharina back telling her to stop crying.

He asks if he can walk her home, also asks Monica but she declined, saying she still has somewhere to go, giving Sharina and Benjie the chance to be alone together.

At the Police Station, Monica with Lucy are disappointed at the slow developments of Junic’s case.  After so long, the police still has no leads about the gunman.  Monica suggests to try other places, maybe somewhere near their area as rumor has it that there are a lot of bad elements living there.  The policeman tells them they are already coordinating with other precints about the sketch.  He advises Monica to just wait and be patient, they will have something soon.

The phone rings and Mr. Policeman goes to answer it.  Seeing no one around, Monica grabs the sketch that looks like Gimo and takes it with her.

Benjie and Sharina arrive at the gate of her home.  Nelson is there, waiting for her.  Sharina tells Benjie she needs to talk to Nelson so he leaves.  Nelson looks defeated, asks, “Magkasama kayong dalawa.  Kayo na?”  You’re together.  Are you together?

Sharina tells him what he is thinking is wrong.  Nelson can see through her, tells her, “Pero mahal mo siya.”  He knows she is falling for Benjie.

Sharina cannot deny it, asks for his understanding.  “Pasensiya ka na.  Noon pa man, kaibigan lang talaga ang turing ko sa iyo.”  Eversince they’ve met, she considers Nelson only as a friend.

Nelson shrugs, saying he understands.  To Benjie he gives a warning, “Pare, kapag sinaktan mo si Sharina, ako ang makakalaban mo.”  If you ever hurt Sharina, you will be my enemy.

Benjie is likewise as serious, “Sasaktan ko muna ang sarili ko bago ko magawang saktan si Sharina.”  I will hurt myself first before I can even begin to think about hurting Sharina.  [O di ba ang drama nilang dalawa, pero hu-waw, you got me a sasaktan! hehehehe]

Nelson drives away broken hearted.

Monica and Lucy are in Benjie’s neighborhood.  Monica is certain, “Maraming kriminal dito.”  Lucy reminds her she is now a kriminal herself having stolen the police’s sketch.  They see Pepay whom they’ve already met earlier.  Pepay asks them what they are doing there and why do they have a picture of Kuya Gimo.  Monica realises Pepay knows the man in the sketch.  She asks Pepay if she knows the man in the sketch and she nods, volunteering, “Kaibigan siya ni kuya Benjie.” He is kuya Benjie’s friend.

Nelson is nursing his broken heart at a bar.  Ginella arrives and sees him, “You look so sad naman, bakit?”

Nelson, “Wala na akong pag-asa kay Sharina.”

Ginella sees her opportunity.  She tells Nelson she is there to listen to him. 

Back at home, Elsa pretends to be happy for Sharina and Benjie but Sharina tells her she hasn’t given Benjie her answer yet, to be his girlfriend.  Elsa asks if she doesn’t like Benjie and Sharina admits that she does like him.   Sharina can’t explain and her aunt prompts her, “Ano pa pumupigil sa iyo?”  What else is stopping her from accepting Benjie as her boyfriend?

Benjie, fixing the plumbing in the kitchen sink overhears the conversation and is happy to know that Sharina likes him too.

The baddies arrive headed by Gimo and Rico is all alone in their safehouse.  Tikboy asks where the girl is.  Gimo thinks they can still make the most out of her, maybe turn her over to be one of their hookers or something but Rico states “Wala na siya.”  She is no longer there.  Gimo suspects that Rico made her flee, “Pinatakas…”  But Rico is quick to reply, “Pinatay ko na.”  I killed her already.  He throws the gun to Gimo who smiles, admiring Rico’s cold-bloodedness.  He comments, “Maaasahan ka,”  glad that he is able to depend on Rico.

Monica hurriedly finds her sister to tell her that the man in the sketch, the one who shot Junic, is a friend of Benjie’s.  Both sisters are worried, scared and confused.

Rico finds Grace in her hiding place telling her he’s killed her…collaborating on their story.  Grace thanks him and is about to go on her way when Rico stops her.  He doesn’t want to be jailed again like what recently happened to him so he can’t let Grace go so she can tell the police.  She must also remain dead to Gimo and the gang so she can’t be seen just walking around.  If they knew she was still alive, it will be Rico’s turn to fear for his life as Gimo would certainly kill him for not following orders.

Elsa thanks Benjie for votunteering to fix the plumbing.  However things seem to be getting worse as the dripping water, which started at a trickle is now a full blown shower.  Benjie tries to tighten a screw but only made it worse.  He gets very wet in the process.  Elsa exclaims he is very wet but he assures her it’s okay.  He will just change shirts.  He removes his wet shirt and his tattoo is visible.

Monica enters the kitchen and sees Benjie’s distinct tattoo – wings on his back – and stops.  She recalls the video shown from the police’s CCTV.  The gunman had the same tips, the design on his back.

She shakes as she accuses Benjie, “Mamamatay tao ka.  Ikaw ang pumatay kay Junic.”

Benjie is shocked by her accusation but he cannot really confirm or deny the truth.

ABANGAN – Benjie gets shot as he tries to escape getting caught by the police.  “Di ako papahuli sa inyo ng buhay.”  Sharina screams, “Huwag!”

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