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Episode 16 The one with another lady in red

Episode 16 – The One with another lady in red
Aired in the UAE on 6th March 2012

Sharina stops Nelson from punching Benjie again while Monica appears and explains why Benjie is in their home.  Monica asked Benjie to come, “Ako ang nagpapunta sa kanya dito.”  Sharina asks her sister when they all know Benjie is a criminal and a con-man but Monica insisted, “ako mismo ang pumunta sa kanya.  Ayaw nga ni Benjie pero pinilit ko siya.”  Benjie didn’t want to come but she pleaded.

Both Nelson and Sharina want Benjie to go, “Umalis ka na.”  But Monica doesn’t want him to leave, “Hindi siya aalis.”

Monica takes Benjie to where she last felt Junic’s presence.  Junic is happy to see that Benjie can see and talk to him.  Junic apologises to Monica, when they first met, “sa tindahan ni Aling Pekya,” when he knew he already liked her but he was “masungit” instead.  He regretted that had he been honest with his feelings then, “sana noon pa lang, girlfriend na kita.” 

Benjie translates this to Monica and adds that Junic will always be by her side. “Nandito lang ako sa tabi mo, hindi kita iiwan.” 

Monica asks Junic to hug her, which he does.  Benjie who can see Junic tells her this and she cries, tears of longing for her departed love.   Monica can only tell him, “Miss na miss na kita Junic.”

Sharina sees all these but kept quiet and kept her distance.

Nelson still doubtful is talking to Sharina as Benjie and Monica are upstairs, conversing with the dead Junic.  “Totoo kaya ang sinasabi ng Benjie na yan?”  Sharina is also unsure but admitted that when she sneaked in on them a few moments earlier, she can see that the whole process is actually doing good for Monica.  She thinks whatever Benjie is doing, is actually improving Monica’s disposition.

But Nelson cautions her to still keep a firm watch as it could cost them Monica’s frustrations again is things do not go well.  If Benjie is just conning Monica, she could be in for another painful experience.  Sharina seems to disagree and thinks Monica will continue to suffer if she doesn’t allow this, “Mas masasaktan si Monica kung pipigilan.”

Elsa and Ginella see Nelson leave.  Elsa feels Nelson is wasted on Sharina. “Sayang talaga yang si Nelson na yan.  Dapat ikaw naging girlfriend nyan.  Kung sila ni Sharina, ewan kung maambunan tayo ng grasya.” 

Ginella agrees with her mother and thinks she and Nelson are more suited to each other, “Mas bagay talaga kami ni Nelson, pero gusto nya si Sharina.”  Seems Ginella accepts that Nelson prefers Sharina over her.

Elsa has another scheme up her sleeves, “Dapat itulak natin sa iba si Sharina para masolo mo si Nelson.”  They should push Sharina’s affections towards another leaving Nelson to Ginella.

Ginella asks, “Sino?”  Who will be better than Nelson in Sharina’s esteem?  Elsa has a clear person in mind, “Eh di kay Benjie at mukhang type naman nya.” She thinks Sharina is already falling for Benjie anyway.
Benjie and Monica are still talking and he asks if she has anything more to tell Junic.  Monica asks if Junic recalls who shot him.  Junic couldn’t see the gunman as they were all wearing bonnets and he was shot from the back, “Di ko nakita ang bumaril kasi nakabonnet at sa likod tinamaan.” 

Having finished their talk, Benjie is about to leave and Monica apologises for taking so long, “Ginabi ka na” it is very late.  But Benjie dismisses it saying all he wants to do is help.  Monica asks him to return tomorrow and Benjie agrees.

As he was about to go, Sharina calls him.  He knows she still doesn’t want him there and he tells her if she wants, he won’t return the next day as Monica asked.  “Pinapapunta ulit ako bukas pero pwede naman akong hindi tumuloy.”

Sharina asks who he is in connivance with, is it Junic’s parents or Lucy who thinks they can help Monica by pretending that he can talk to her dead boyfriend.    But Benjie insists he is not in cahoots with anyone and all he wants is to help.  He adds, “Mahalaga ka sa akin.”  Sharina is important to him and if he is able to help in anyway, even through helping her sister, he’d do it.

Sharina is now confused and asks him, “Sino ka ba talaga?” who he really is.  Benjie replies with a conviction only he understands, “Ako si Benjie, isa akong mortal.”  This only befuddles Sharina more, “Ang labo mo nanam kausap!”  

Benjie can only explain in riddles, “Nakatali ang kapalaran ko sa iyo, dahil siguro mahal kita.”  My destiny is entwined with yours, maybe because I love you.

Sharina is shocked at how easily words that this come to him, how he can say it like it was just that easy, “Bakit napakadali mong sabihin yan?”  Benjie tells her that because of her, he got a second chance at live.  Now all he asks is for her to give him a second chance to show how much he loves her. 

Nelson and Sharina discuss Benjie’s new talent that Monica seems to buy into.  Monica overhears and defends her new friend, telling them that there are things only she and Junic knew about that Benjie also knows, “May mga bagay na sinabi na kami lang ni Junic ang nakakaalam.”

Sharina cautions her sister not to trust him totally.  Monica accepts.  She knows who he is but admits, “Alam kong krimila si Benjie pero noong kausap ko si Junic at Benjie, pakiramdam ko parang anghel ang kausap ko.”

Emie is feeding Pepay and she seems to be in a good mood now that she and Benjie seem to be back together.  Baddie friend, Rico, Lola Inday are also eating.  It seems Emie brought food for everyone.  Only Benjie is by himself, in deep thought.

Benjie asks baddie friend, “Di ba dapat mahal ko si Emie, pero wala akong nararamdaman.”  If he is in love with Emie, how is it that he has no feelings for her.

Baddie friend asks him who is it that he loves. “Sino ba ang mahal mo?”

Benjie admits, “Si Sharina, pero sabi ni Emie, siya ang mahal ko.”  He loves Sharina but Emie says he should love her.

Baddie friend, enjoying the free eats, tells Benjie there’s an easy solution to his problem, “May medaling solusyon dyan.”

Benjie, “Ano?”  Baddie friend, “hiwalayan mo.”  Baddie friend advises Benjie to bite the bullet and break up with Emie.

Benjie is confused, telling baddie friend he promised to marry Emie.  “Nangako ako eh, sabi daw na pakakasalan ko siya.” 

Baddie friend makes a joke, “Ako nangako ako sa nanay ko na uuwi ako ng maaga, pero nandito ba ako.”  He himself promised his mother he’d be home early, still it is late and he’s still there at Benjie’s .  He adds, the food is good and at home there is always trouble that’s why he isn’t home yet.

Sharina is remembering what Benjie just told her earlier.  About how he loves her and how their destinies seem to be entwined.  “Sana bigyan mo ako ng pagkakataong patunayan ko sa iyo na mahal kita.”  She recalls his plea to give him another chance.

Then she recalls what Monica told her about her feeling when she was talking to Benjie.  “Kriminal si Benjie, masama siyang tao.  Pero noong kausap ko siya, parang kausap ko anghel.”

Sharina makes a decision.  For Monica’s sake she is giving Benjie another chance. “Para sa kapatid ko, bibigyan kita ng isa pang pagkakataon Benjie.”

The next day at the wokshop, Sharina asks Mang Julio if everything is in order.  Her main sculptor tells her they need to work overtime to make their deadlines.  It would also help if they get extra hands to speed up the process.  Ginella overhears and reminds Sharina there is one extra hand, a sculptor that she knows, “Hahanap ka pa ba sa malayo eh di ba may kilala kang manlililok?”

Benjie sees Pepay alone and indoors and encourages her to go out and play with kids outside.  Pepay is not really interested in playing with them.  She misses Dino and wants to play with him.  Benjie, feeling sorry for the little girl volunteers to be her playmate for the day.  Excited at having this rare chance to play with her kuya (who she knows is not really her kuya), she decides that they will play jackstones.  She shaid she’ll teach Benjie how to play it.

So while playing jackstones, in pink colour, Benjie asks Pepay how to break up with Emie since this was Tikyo’s advice to him. [Finally baddie friend has a name!  TIKYO!  Tink yu…for naming Tikyo!]

Pepay tells Benjie to go talk to Lola Inday.  The jackstoning continues.

Sharina and Desa goes to Benjie’s house.  Desa admits this act is a bit over the top, “talagang sasadyain”  But Sharina defends that she is in urgent need of an additional sculptor, “kailangan ko ng manlililok” and she also wants to give Benjie the second chance he is asking for.

On their way, they come across Benjie who is being stopped by another woman in a red dress.  She slaps Benjie and tells him how he took advantage of her kindness and generosity.  Flashback to the real Benjie taking favors from many women and making then fall for him while he takes whatever they can give, cellphone, money, phone load, etc.

Sharina’s mistrust of Benjie resurfaces as she regrets having to come there.  “Di na dapat tayo pumunta dito.  Bibigyan ko pa man din sana siya ng pagkakataon.” 

Lola Inday is at her favorite hangout place playing cards.  Benjie arrives and she immediately sees his red cheeks and asks about it.  Benjie said he got slapped real hard by a woman.  Lola Inday advises him to stop his womanizing, “Tigilan mo na kasi yang pambababae mo, andyan naman si Emie.”  She suggests he settles with Emie who she thinks is best for Benjie.  But Benjie tells he he doesn’t love Emie.

Lola Inday, “Eh sino ang mahal mo?  Yung dati mong boss?  Si Sharina? 

Benjie shrugs, “oo ata.”  Yes, maybe.

Lola Inday asks, “Anong ata?  Sa pag-ibig, walang ata-ata!”  There’s no maybe in love.

Benjie sees a man, who is about to leave but his head starts to glow.    His head lights up but Benjie does not see any sundo in the area.  Benjie gets worried, calls the man to wait, “Sandali!”  The man rides his bike.

Meantime, Gimo and the gang are going over their steps for the next kidnap operations they are going to do.  He tells Rico he will be the delivery boy, bringing flowers.  Gimo asks him to avoid making any mistakes.  Rico promises, he is not like his kuya.  He will be perfect.

Benjie sees Sharina and Desa walking and it is straight to the path of the man on his motorcycle.   Desa sees it too and makes a dive but pushing Sharina off the opposite direction.  But Sharina caught offguard doesn’t see the opposite direction is the edge of a bridge, she falls over but manages to hang on the bridge railings.

Trixie the real heiress gives Grace, her assistant, a dress she likes that has a bit of a stain on it.  She orders her to clean it as it is one of her favorites.  Grace also loves the dress and since Trixie is going out, she tries on the dress for herself.  She even exclaims she looks like an heiress herself, “Bagay!  Senorita ang dating.”

The doorbell rings and she goes to open it.  Rico sees her and feels good fortune shine as it is the heiress herself who opens it, well the one he thinks is the heiress anyway.  “Jackpot, senorita pa ang nagbukas.”

Grace receives the flowers and admires how pretty they are.  Suddenly Rico pulls out a hankie with some strong solution to make one faint at one sniff.  Grace loses consciousness in seconds. 

Sharina calls for help.  Suddenly Benjie’s hand takes her.  Sharina pleads for Benjie not to let go. “Benjie huwag mo akong bibitawan!”    Benjie assure her, he’s got her.  “Sige, nakahawak ako sa iyo.”  Sharina thanks him.

But something went wrong that Benjie trips and both of them fall over and off the bridge.

Abangan:  Benjie’s panliligaw to Sharina at may kiss pa!

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