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My Beloved Episode 23 – The one with the Pier Scene

My Beloved Episode 23 – The one with the Pier Scene
Aired in the UAE, 15th March 2012

Lizette is talking to one of her rich friends from school.  She’s preteding they live in a condo and not a small apartment in the poorer parts of Manila.  She’s been pretending that they are as rich as her friends, who go to an exclusive school.

There’s a knock on the door, it’s Rico.  She asks him why he is there and he says he needs a favor from her.  She is hesitant, maybe what he’s going to ask would be illegal but he assures her it’s not.   “Baka pwedeng dito muna tumuloy ang kaibigan kong si Grace.”   Perhaps Grace can temporarily stay with them.  Out pops Grace, waving hi to Lizette.  “Hello!”

Monica is getting some clothes from the cabinet when Sharina approaches her to talk.  “Monica sorry ha, wala naman akong kinakampihan.  Ang sa akin lang, paano kung…”  Monica interrupts her sister, “Huwag na lang nating pag-usapan.”  Sharina agrees, “Talagang hindi na natin pag-uusapan, kasi nakapag-desisyon na ako.  Si Benjie man o hindi ang bumaril kay Junic, hindi pa rin – kasi ayaw kong nagkakagalit tayong dalawa.  Tayong dalawa na nga lang di pa tayo nagkakasundo.  Patawarin mo na si ate.”  Sharina tells her she is cutting off any ties with Benjie, whether he is guilty or not.  She wants her and Monica to be in good terms as they are sisters and should be there for one another.

She tells Monica she loves her and Monica softens, telling her sister she loves Sharina too.

Baddies enter their house, they have guns.  Tikyo tells the others to go quietly so the other people in the house don’t waken.  They go up to the bedroom but stop, which room?  Tikyo asks in a whisper, “Alin kaya dito, eto o eto?”  [hahaha funny!]  

They  open Ginella’s room  Ginella about to scream but Gimo shakes her and asks where Monica’s room is.  She points to the other door. 

Monica hears some noises outside.  Sharina can hear it too.  Both sisters make for the door even when Junic warns them not to open it, of course they can’t hear him.    They open the door and the baddies get them, cover their mouths so they can’t scream.

Lizette clarifies Rico’s request, “Tama ba narinig ko na dito mo patitirahin sa condo, este bahay, namin?”

Rico explains it’s only temporary.  Grace butts in that she can work as their housemaid.  She boasts that she’s an expert maid.

Lizette agress but wants a new iphone from Rico, adding that this time, he better give her one that’s not stolen.  Rico agrees, Lizette agrees and Grace thanks her.

In Sharina’s house, all four women are tied and gagged.  Tikyo asks what to do and Gimo says, what they intended to do.  Tikyo asks that all they have to kills is Monica but Gimo changes his mind.  Now he wants them all dead.  “Sori sila, gumising-gising sila.  Patayin lahat yan!”

Junic is angry.  “Di nyo pwedeng gawin yan!”  He drops a vase and it breaks.  Gimo thinks there’s a ghost in the house.  Tikyo asks who do they kill first.  Gimo tells them to kill Monica first.

Sharina uses her body to cover Monica’s as Tikyo points the gun at her.  Junic swipes the gun away and it drops on the floor.  Junic realises he can’t do this with his condition and decides to call for help.

Rico tells Grace, “dito ka muna, mabait naman si Lizette.”  Lizette asks him why he is helping Grace, “Jowa mo?” Is Grace his girlfriend?  Both Rico and Grace deny this together stating they are just friends.  Rico teases Lizette, “Selos ka no?”  That she is jealous which Lizette denies.  Rico again face Grace and tells her this is temporary and he will help her find another job.  Grace thanks Rico telling him he is a good person.  They share a smile.

Gimo tells Monica, “Masyado kang pakialamera.”  She meddles to much, she should just have let it be.  The other two baddies see how beautiful the girls are and asks Gimo if they can rape the sisters first before killing them.  Gimo agrees.  The two are about to take Sharina somewhere to rape her when there’s a knock on the door, “tao po!”

It’s Nelson!  Gimo grabs Ginella to go answer the door but not to let the person in.  She opens the door and says “Ah Nelson, ikaw pala.”  Nelson tells her Monica left her cellphone in his car and just came back to return it.  Ginella takes the phone and asks Nelson to stay.  But Gimo gives her a warning so she changes her line and tells Nelson to go.  She tries to give a hint, “Walang problema, walang kriminal, walang mamamatay-tao”  giving Nelson a hint.  He tries to force the door open and mayhem breaks loose.  Gimo hits Nelson and he falls.

The other baddies with rapist tendencies still have not even started raping the sisters and Gimo hurries them up. 

Emie and Benjie talk.  She tells him to forget Sharina.  “Wala na kayong pag-asa.  Hayaan mo akong tulungan kita.”  They kiss but Junic appears telling Benjie Monica and Sharina are in danger and he needs his help.  Benjie pushes Emi e and leaves in a hurry.  Emie asks, “saan ka pupunta?”  thinking Benjie is acting really weird.

The rapist bad guys take Monica and Sharina in the kitchen.  Tikyo and Gimo realize something.  Why are they the one standing guard there and the other two are having a grand time in the kitchen with two beautiful ladies.  They decided to join them and in fact, go first.  This gives the sisters enough time for a distraction and flee. 

Benjie arrives and takes the gag off Ginella asking her where Sharina is.  Ginella tells him they managed to run away outside and he too runs out leaving Ginella and Elsa still tied up, their hands bound behind them.  She calls for Benjie to come back but it’s too late.

Monica and Sharina run.  They reach the pier.  Well where else do you see stacks of container boxes the ones you see on board large vessels?  [Malapit lang pala bahay nila sa pier?] 

Gimo and the baddies catch up but can’t find where the sisters hid.  Gimo blames the other baddies.  “Kung di dahil sa kamanyakan ninyo, di sana tayo natakasan”

Nelson comes to and also asks where Sharina is.  Ginella tells him she ran out and Nelson runs out after her too.  Ginella complains, “Puro na lang kayo si Sharina, papaano naman ako?”

Nelson is out the gate.  He goes to his car and gets his gun from the glove compartment.

Sharina and Monica are like playing cat and mouse with the baddies.  Gimo tries to intimidate them psychologically, “Alam naming nandito kayo.  Huwag na kayong tumakas dahil wala na kayong matatakbuhan.  Kayang-kaya kayong habulin ng mga bala namin.”

Benjie and Junic too arrive at the pier.  They can’t see the sisters.  Benjie says he needs to go up to see better.    Benjie tells Junic to go up as he can quickly do so, being spirit form.  Junic doesn’t know how.  Benjie tells him to concentrate and think that he is going up like floating upwards.   Junic doesn’t know how to do it.

Benjie tells him to think that Monica is in danger.  This helps Junic and he is able to float up.  Junic sees Monica and Sharina and tells Benjie where to climb so he too can see them.

Benjie climbs, drops and rolls and crouches atop a stack of giant containers.  Gimo has managed to corner the sisters, “ Wala na kayong pupuntahan”  It’s a dead end and the girls are trapped.  Sharina defends Monica, “Hindi ko hahayaang saktan ninyo ang kapatid ko!”

Gimo tells her, “Gusto mo mauna?  Pagbibigyan kita.” 

Benjie screams Sharina’s name.  Gimo shoots.  Benjie jumps from above and lands in front of Sharina, acting a a barrier.  He takes the bullet.  Benjie falls.

Sharina is beside Benjie in a second, “Benjie?”    Nelson arrives and shoots a baddie with a gun.  Sharina calls on Monica and Nelson to help her. 

Gimo and Tikyo decide to make a run for it, failing in their mission.  Benjie loses consciousness and black sundos loom from beneath. [Are they taking Benjie to hell, again?] 

ABANGAN:  Benjie dies.  Arlan wonders, “Ibig sabihin, patay na ako?”

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