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My Beloved Episode 26 – The One with the Tanan (Eloping)

My Beloved Episode 26 – The One with the Tanan (Eloping)
Aired in the UAE, 20th March 2012

Monica hears Sharina’s voice from upstairs and tries to go up and see if it is indeed her sister but Desa stops her from going telling her that it could only be Father who often goes up there to pray the rosary.  She tells Monica that Sharina has already gone.  But Monica insists she heard her sister’s voice.  Still Desa stops her telling her it could only be sister Nancy.  [Aba si father at si sister, parehong nasa bell tower? Kaloka ito!  Mahabaging Diyos!] 

Junic tries to tell Monica that Desa is lying and that Sharina and Benjie are actually up there right now.  But Monica believes Desa and leaves.

After she left, Sharina comes down and Desa tells her about how she barely managed to cover for her.   Monica almost caught them. 

Flashback to Desa seeing Benjie and Sharina meeting in secret.  She chides her friend, “Ikaw Sharina may pa-santo-santo ka pa, si Benjie lang pala!”  Sharina thanks her friend for covering for her but Desa cautions her, reminding her that no secret is ever kept for long especially keeping something from her sister, Monica.  Sharina acknowledges this but how is she to stay away from her own destiny?  She did try to fight it but look where that got her?

Pepay asks Benjie why he is say.  He says he misses Sharina.  Pepay wonders “Di ba kagagaling mo lang sa kanya?”  isn’t it that he just came from being with her?  Benjie nods agreement and adds that’s how he feels, very happy when they are together and when apart, he longs to see her again. He tells his little sister he wants to marry Sharina but Monica is angry with him and Lola Inday is also against Sharina.

Pepay makes a suggestion, why don’t run away together.  “Bakit di na lang kayo magtanan?”  Benjie doesn’t know what this means asks, “Ano yon?”  Pepay exclaims how her brother is so old but still not know anything.  Benjie asks her again, “Ano nga ang tanan?”  Pepay likens it to hide and seek, “Parang taguan pong lang kuya.”  He and Sharina go and hide for a while then when they return, everything will be fine like their neighboir kuya Archie.  She winks at Benjie who smiles back, thinking this could be the solution to his problems.

Benjie surprises Sharina by coming to their home.  Sharina so paranoid that Monica might see Benjie but he insists he wants to talk to her badly.  Sharina rushing to get rid of him tells him to blurt it out, “Sabihin mo na.”  What she didn’t expect are his words, “Magtanan tayo Sharina.”  Benjie asks her to elope with him.

Sharina reasons she cannot leave her sister alone.  Benjie tells her this is the only way for them together, “Di ko na kaya mabuhay na wala ka sa tabi ko.”  Says he can no longer go on living without her by his side.  He dares her, “Kung talagang mahal mo ako, mamayang gabi, magkita tayo sa dating tagpuan."  If she really loves him, she is to meet with him tonight at their usual place.  He leaves.

Benjie is happy at Pepay’s suggestion and is busy preparing his bag for running away with Sharina.  Pepay however cries, fearul that Benjie will no longer come back to them.   But Benjie tells her to stop crying and assures her, “Pagbalik ko, kasama ko na si Sharina.”  He also adds his own wishes, “Sana pagbalik ko matanggap na kami ni Lola Inday.  Sana OK na kami ni Monica.” 

Sharina talks to a sleeping Monica asking her sister to forgive her for running away with Benjie.  She sees a family photo and recalls her promise to their father, that she will never ever abandon her sister.  That she would always be with her and keep her safe.  She recalls how Nanay Lily used to tell her to always heed and never disregard the final wishes of the dead. 

Monica stirs, then wakes up calling her sister.  “Ate?”  She goes to the kitchen hoping to find Sharina there but no, she’s not anywhere at all.  “Saan nagpunta yon?”  Wondering where her sister could have gone.   She sees a butterfly and instantly she’s reminded of Junic.  She talks to him, missing him and the fact that he was the one she’d go to for advice and tell her troubles to.  “Si ate kasi, kunikutuban ako ng masama sa kanya.”  Telling Junic she’s getting bad vibes from her sister.  She asks him to make his presence felt, “Paramdam ka naman sa akin kahit minsan lang.”

Junic tries to tell her he is just there when a butterfly comes.  Monica immediately reacts to it, “Junic ikaw ba yan”?

Junic takes the butterfly and lets it settle on Monica’s shoulders.  [I’d freak out if a huge butterfly landed on me!]  Monica talks to the butterfly, “Junic ikaw na ba yan?  Tulungan mo ako.  Sabihin mo sa akin kung tama ang kutob ko sa ate ko.”  Junic thinks of a way to show Monica where Sharina is.  He lets the butterfly lead the way.  Monica follows.

Benjie is waiting at the church.  Sharina arrives and they hug.  “Akala ko hindi ka na dadating.”  Benjie feared she won’t come.  Urges her to hurry, “Halika na.  Baka iwanan na tayo ng sasakyan.”  Sharina is crying but doesn’t say anything.  Benjie notices she doesn’t even have any bag with her.  “Bakit wala ang mga gamit mo?” 

Sharina speaks, “Dahil hindi ako sasama sa iyo Benjie.”  Tells Benjie she’s not going.  “Di kaya ng kunsyensya ko ang panloloko natin kay Monica.”  What they are doing, fooling her sister, it’s too much for her conscience to bear.  She decided to end it all with Benjie and she came to tell him this.  “Pinuputol ko na ang lahat.”

Benjie couldn’t believe what he is hearing, tells Sharina to stop saying what she is saying.

Sharina continues, “Haggang dito na lang ito.”  It ends here.  Benjie grabs and kisses her but she tries to stop him, “Tama na!”  Enough.  Benjie kisses her harder and she resists.  Still, he is stronger and she is powerless.

The butterfly comes, so does Monica who sees them lip-locked in each other’s arms.  [O di ba, si Monica naka-pajama lang ang layo ng narating, naka-abot sa simbahan?  Anong klaseng location ba itong bahay nina Sharina, malapit sa squatters na walking distance sa simbahan at running distance sa pier! Kakaloka!]

Junic tells Monica, who doesn’t hear him, “Ayan Monica, dito nagkikita si Benjie at ang ate Sharina mo.  Ano, wala ka bang gagawin? Nagsinungaling sa iyo ang ate mo!” [Now I hate Junic, di ba kakatulong lang ni Benjie sa kanya nung napapahamak sina Sharina at Monica, di na nga nag-thank you mapanira pa ng trip!]

Monica couldn’t believe what she is seing, “Ate Sharina?”  Sharina and Benjie stop, look at Monica who is now in tears.  Sharina tries to go to her, “Monica…” But Monica steps back flinging a hateful look at Benjie then at her sister.  “Niloko mo ko eh”  Monica runs away, Sharina on her heels, Benjie left alone as if asking a question to himself, what has he done?  What’s going to happen now?

At home Sharina asks Monica to listen to her, “Sandali lang magpapaliwanag lang ako” explain her side

Monica asks her, “Kelan mo pa ako niloloko?”  How long has she been fooling her.

“Kaya pala lagi kang nawawala, nakikipagkita ka sa lalaking yon.”  No wonder Sharina is often out, she’s secretly seeing Benjie.

Sharina explians she went out tonight to break-up with Benjie.  Monica asks why only now and why did she keep it a secret from her.  Sharina admits she didn’t want to hurt Monica so she decided to keep it secret.  Monica retorts, “Ano sa tingin mo ang nararamdaman ko?”  Asking Sharina what she thinks she is feeling right now.  [I hate Monica!]  She goes on about being so hurt, monologuing about her self pity, how their mother left them, how their father died on them, how Junic also died, now the only person left whom she trusts, her own sister, betrays her.

Sharina tries to hug Monica but gets pushed away.  Monica furious calls her own sister evil.  “Ang sama-sama mo!” [Hoy Monica ikaw ang evil, selfish, self-centered bitch!  Kaloka ka!]

Sharina tries to convince her that she gave up everything for her.  She tried so hard to fight her feelings but they are still there no matter what she does but she did her best to keep away and that very night, had decided to put a stop to it all.

Monica is rabid in her own anger.  “Gusto mo kay Benjie, bahala ka!  Kalimutan mo na na may kapatid ka!”  and walks off, not even giving her sister the chance to explain much more, listen to Sharina’s explanations.  Sharina is left alone, torn between love for sister and love for Benjie, wallowing in tears.
Elsa and Ginella are eavesdropping and heard everything.  Elsa comments she’s never seen the sisters fight like this before.  They agree that they should fan the fires of anger and hate between the sisters some more so they break apart.  “Sulsulan pa natin para lalo pa mag-away.”  Elsa commends Ginella’s suggestion and both share evil smiles.  [Hay naku, Monica and Sharina, etong mag-inang ito ang mga ahas sa buhay nyo, you should stop fighting to notice how these two will ruin you!]

Grace is with Rico and she wonders, “sarap siguro ng may kuya no?”  I would probably be nice to have a big brother.  Rico agrees, telling her that there’s always someone who will protect and defend you.  But adds, “pero nagbago na si Kuya Benjie simula nang makilala si Sharina.”  His brother has changed a lot since meeting Sharina.  Grace admits she misses her little sister.  Rico hands Grace a bit of money but Lizette sees it and seizes the money claiming it hers since Rico still owes her for that iphone she wanted.  She orders Grace to go to sleep and Rico to go home.

Grace notes how Lizette reacts to them and Rico, “Bakit ang sungit non?”  She thinks Lizette really likes Rico and is jealous of the friendship that they have.

Sharina thinks about the argument she just had with Monica and cries.  She recalls her meeting with Benjie.  Benjie arrives and Sharina asks, “Ano na naman ang ginagawa mo dito?  Di pa ba malinaw ang lahat sa iyo?”  Isn’t it all clear yet for you?  Sharina blames him for her argument with her sister “Dahil sa iyo, nag-away kaming magkapatid.”

Benjie says he just came to make sure she’s alright.  Sharina is now angry at Benjie, “Tigilan mo na ako para matapos na ang gulo.”  Benjie thinks of them, “Paano tayo?”  What about us?

Sharina is torn and this is upsetting her.  “Tama na, Nasasaktan na ako, nahihirapan na ako!”

She shares her pains raising Monica on her own and how it hurts her now to see Monica hating her, “Ako ang nag-alaga mula pagkabata, ayaw kong nahihirapan, ayaw kong masaktan, pero dahil sa nararamdaman ko sa iyo, nasaktan ko ang kapatid ko!”  All because of what she is feeling for Benjie.

Benjie offers to talk to Monica, explain everything. “Magpapaliwanag ako kay Monica, kakausapin ko siya.”

Sharina stops him, “Ang dapat mong gawin, layuan mo na ako.  Sa ikakatahimik ng lahat.  Sa ikaka-ayos ng lahat.”  For everyone’s sake, and for everyone’s peace, she asks Benjie to keep away from her.

“Ayaw ko na Benjie, hirap na hirap na ako.”  Sharina wants to end all the fighting and the pain she’s caught in.  She enters the gate and quickly closes it before Benjie could make any move.  Benjie is left outside, hurting as she is.  He walks away leaving Sharina still by the gate crying. [Kelangan ba talaga slow motion ang pag-wa-walk away ni Benjie?]

Abangan:  Monica rebels, gets hit by a car.  [Kala ko this episode na, nasa previous Abangan na rin kasi!]

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