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My Beloved Episode 28 – The One with the Sleeping Potion

My Beloved Episode 28 – The One with the Sleeping Potion
Aired in the UAE, 22nd March 2012

Sharina screams as she saw her sister get hit by a speeding vehicle.  She rushes to her side calling for help.  Several cars just pass them by, not even slowing down.  Sharina stops a van with a driver who is hesitant to help, thinking it is but a con, “Modus lang yan!”  But Sharina slaps him and asks him to come with her. 

Meanwhile Emie is preparing coffer and puts something in the coffee she is making.  Benjie sees her when she enters his room, “Akala ko ba galit ka sa akin?”  Benjie though she is still upset with him.  She dismisses it, “Wala na yon.”  And adds that she is going to help him with Sharina.  Benjie is glad to hear this and Emie asks him to join her for coffee.

Emie hands Benjie the ‘special’ concoction saying, “Tinimpla ko ito para sa iyo.” 

Flashback to an earlier arrangement with Lola Inday.  She says the chairman will come  and he must catch Emie and Benjie doing the deed.  Then they can go and join the mass wedding set to happen in a few days.

Emie urges him to drink, “Sige na Benjie inumin mo na ang kape mo.”

Benjie says it’s still hot and notices she is not drinking hers, “Ikaw, bakit di mo iniinom ang kape mo?”  Emie drinks a sip.  Benjie drinks his coffee too.

After a while he says he is feeling sleepy.  “Inaantok yata ako.  Salamat sa kape ha? Tutulog muna ako.”  And goes off to bed. [Naku parang matutuloy yata ang pikutan! No!]

Lola Inday who is all along hiding somewhere asks Emie, “Ano pumatok ba ang pampatulog?”

Emie smiles and tells her to go ahead and fetch chairman. 

Nelson friend is driving, Nelson in the passenger’s seat.  His friend complains that he just got back from abroad and now Nelson is the one leaving.  Nelson explains he needs to go away for a while.  His friend asks about Sharina and reminds Nelson he shouldn’t give up.  But Nelson acts defeated saying, “Si Benjie na ang mahal niya ngayon.”

Sharina talks to her sister as she is rushed to the emergency room.  She wants to be with her but the nurse tells her she cannot proceed with the team.  Sharina makes a scene in the hospital crying and demanding to allow her to be with her sister.  Desa tries to calm her down, “Di makakatulong kay Monica ang pagwawala mo.”  She blames everything one herself, “Ang sama-sama kong ate.  Kasalanan ko ang lahat ng ito.” [Sharina, na in love ka lang, di mo kasalanan kung gaga at matigas ulo ni Monica at selfish sha!  Anoveh!]

The chairman, who now is called ‘kapitan’ [kala ko ba chairman, ba’t biglang kapitan?  Ano na promote agad-agad?  Teka mas mataas ba captain sa chairman? ] is with Lola Inday  and is asking why the old woman has brought him here in her house.  Lola Inday tells him to wait, she has a surprise for him.  She goes in but finds only Emie fast asleep.  [Si Emie na lang i-surprise niya kay kapitan, baka matuwa pa! hehehehe]

Lola Inday fails, “Palpak!”  She wakes Emie up saying, “Natakasan na naman tayo ng lalaking yon!”

Benjie is on his way to Sharina’s when he sees Desa just leaving Sharina’s home with a huge suitcase.  She tells him about Monica’s accident.

Sharina talks to the doctor who tells her that there are not broken bones but Monica badly banged her head.  They must remove a blood clot otherwise she could become comatose.  The have to do the operation as soon as possible.  Junic listens as Sharina cries.  Desa being a good friend, comforts Sharina.

Emie and Lola Inday wonder how their plan could get bungled up.  Emie recalls when she prepared the coffee; she put a teaspoon on the one with the sleeping potion to make sure she gives Benjie the right mug.  Pepay walks in and they ask her if she did anything to the coffee on the table.  Flashback to Pepay coming in feeling thirsty and finding the mugs.  She tasted one, it’s too strong so she took some sugar and used the teaspoon that was on the other mug to add sugar and stir it.  She took only a few sips and left the teaspoon in the mug that is now too sweet but has no sleeping potion. [Ok how can Pepay drink that when it was supposed to be too hot for Benjie?  Hello writers, may super powers ba si Pepay, able to drink hot liquid in one sip without scalding her lips or tongue?]

Emie exclaims, “Naku ang sakit ng ulo ko, pinagpalit mo pala yung kape!”

Lola Inday can’t undo what happened, “Paano na yan, nabulilyaso tayo?”

Sharina talks to Monica.  “Lumaban ka.  Wag mo iiwan si Ate.”  Fight and please do not leave your sister alone.  Junic also there adds his sentiments, “Kailangan din kita Monica.  Pero gusto ko pa mabuhay ka.”  He wants Monica to live.

Sharina asks forgiveness from her sister. “Patawarin mo ako sa mga nagawa ko sa iyo.”  Junic also asks for forgiveness [Ano ba Junic nakiki-emote ka rin, sumama ka na kasi kay Mikal!]  “Patawarin mo rin ako.  Hanggang nandito ako sa mundong ito, hinding-hindi kita pababayaan.”

Sharina makes a promise, “Pramis pag nagising ka, ibubuhos ko lahat sa iyo. Mahal na mahal kita.”
Junic also says the same thing, “Monica, mahal na mahal din kita.”

Flashback to Sharina’s and Monica’s argument.  When she slapped Monica.  When Monica ran away and when she got hit by that speeding car.  Sharina cries, full of guilt and regrets.

Rico is helping Grace do the laundry by hand.  Grace thanks him for doing this and she tells him she wants to finish so she can get a bit of free time to see her mother and sister.  Grace accidentally wets Rico with sudsy water and he retaliates.  “Ikaw ha, nananadya ka na!” They both are having a great time that it turns into a sudsy fun battle.  Lizette sees them and asks what they’re doing.  She reminds them it’s work time not play time.  She asks Rico why he is there.  He tells her he is helping Grace.    She asks why he is doing that.  He reasons there is nothing wrong with him doing it.  Lizette tells him, “nakaka-abala” he is getting in the way.  Rico tries to get to the bottom of Lizette’s reaction and asks, “Para yun lang galit ka agad?”  Lizette reminds him he has not given her the iphone he promised and Rico teases her, “Nagseselos ka ata eh”  Maybe Lizette is jealous of him and Grace.  Lizette replies, “Never!” and walks away.

Ginella blames Sharina for Monica’s accident and she lets Sharina hear it too.  Elsa pretending to be on Sharina’s side reprimands her daughter.  “May problema nga nga eh.”  Sharina needs to withdraw so they can start operating on Monica but she doesn’t want to leave her sister.  Elsa volunteers to withdraw the money for Sharina to which she is grateful for her aunt’s help.  [Sharina is still not suspecting anything, hay naku!]
Benjie arrives at the hospital.  Sharina reminds him she doesn’t want to see him, “Di ba ayaw na kitang makita?”  But Benjie sees the sundo coming and asks where Monica’s room is. 

Sharina doesn’t understand, “Anong sundo?  Wala naman akong nakikitang sundo?”  He runs before them.  Sharina calls him, “Benjie!”

Benjie talks to them, “Nasaan kayo?  Huwag kayong lalapit.  Huwag nyong kukunin si Monica.”  Sharina is behind him, wondering who he is talking to.  “Natutulog ang kapatid ko!  Wala akong nakikita!  Dati si Junic ang nakikita mo, ngayon mga sundo.  Ano ba talaga?”

Benjie asks for Sharina to believe him, “Maniwala ka sa akin.”  Sharina asks him, where did her belief in him take her?  “Nag-away kami ng kapatid ko, na-aksidente si Monica.”

Gimo shows Tikyo a picture of their next target.  Rico overhears they have a new operation and wants to be in on it.  “Sama ako.”  Gimo declines, “Di pwede, malas ka.”  Reminding him of their bungled up kidnapping.  Rico begs telling Gimo Lizette wants a new iphone.  Gimo agrees but tells him this is the last one if he ever screws this up.

Benjie sees the sundo but took different souls, not Monica’s.  Junic sees Benjie and attacks him, “Hayop ka Benjie!  Pinatay mo na nga ako, pati si Monica mamamatay pa ng dahil sa iyo!”  Benjie tries to explain, “Di ko sinasadya.  Di ko ginusto ang nangyari.”  [Ano ba Junic, tanga ka lang ba or gago ka lang?  Si Monica ang naglayas, bakit mo isisisi kay Benjie yon?  Yung pag-telebabad nyo na dahilang ng pagkakabaril mo, kasalanan din ni Benjie yon?  Gago ka talaga Junic, patay na na nga Ogag ka pa rin!]

Junic tells Benjie, “Tigilan mo na ang magkapatid dahil pag may nangyaring masama kay Monica, di kita patatahimikin!”

Benjie arrives finding Lola Inday in a bad mood.  She notices he’s got some bruises and asks, “Anong nangyari sa mukha mo?”  What happened to your face?  Benjie avoids the question but says, “May sumuntok sa akin kagabi.”  Someone punched him last night.

Lola Inday seems to find comfort in that, “Buti nga sa iyo!”  Serves you right!  “Kung di ka umalis, di ka nasuntok?”  If you didn’t go, you wouldn’t have been punched.

Benjie wants to borrow money from his grandmother to help with the hospital bills for Monica’s operation.  He reasons if he gives them money, maybe their anger for him will be lessened.  Lola Inday says she has no money.  She leaves but before she does, she tells her grandson to put an ice pack on his bruised face.

Rico tells Benjie, “May raket sina Gimo.”  Gimo plans a new operation.  Benjie tells his brother, “Masama yon.”  What they’re doing is bad.  Rico tells him, “Si Gimo na lang ang inaasahan ko.  Kasi kuya, pinabayaan mo kami. “  Gimo is the only one who helps them now, after Benjie left them to fend for themselves.

Elsa comes crying.  Sharina asks what is wrong.  She tells her neice, “Na-hold-up ako!”  She got robbed!

Abagan:  Benjie joins the baddies.

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